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Thank you for visiting our construction site and your interest in our new building. As you can see, we document the construction process with a camera. We feel obliged to data protection and consider transparency in handling personal data very important. That’s why we want to inform you, why we do this and how you can exercise your rights in this case. Opens internal link in current windowFind the relevant information here (only available in German at the moment)



Mahlo employees collect their fitness bandsMahlo employees collect their fitness bands.

Fitness bands for Mahlo employees

Following upon Mahlos 1st Health Day on April 25, Siemens Health Insurance Fund distributed fitness ribbons to Mahlo employees.

During the previous Health Day, Mahlo employees were given the opportunity to individually learn which muscle regions they need to support as part of a back-check. So back problems can be reduced or avoided.

As part of the SBK action “Show Posture!” for a strong back, the Mahlo workers now picked up elastic gymnastic bands with matching instructions. With these flexible fitness bands, everyone can easily perform the exercises that suit them.

“The health day was well received by our employees. In order to further promote the health of our workforce, we are planning similar actions in the future, “says Managing Director Rainer Mestermann.

Marangoni e Lawer insieme per l’innovazione

Marangoni e Lawer insieme per l’innovazione

Marangoni e Lawer insieme per l’innovazione

Nuova tappa nel processo di ammodernamento del reparto mescole all’interno dello stabilimento Marangoni di Rovereto

 Il Gruppo Marangoni è tra i principali operatori a livello mondiale nel settore della ricostruzione degli pneumatici 

Nel 2015 era stato installato un mescolatore Intermix dotato di rotori compenetranti a distanza variabile; ora è la volta di una nuova unità per la dosatura automatica ‘Supersincro’, di ultima generazione, fornita dalla biellese Lawer.

Il completamento di questo investimento – afferma l’azienda – permetterà di innalzare ulteriormente gli standard qualitativi e la precisione di un sistema di mescolatura all’avanguardia a livello nazionale e internazionale.

“Il settore del pneumatico industriale è caratterizzato dal continuo emergere di nuove esigenze da parte degli utilizzatori finali e da una notevole velocità dell’evoluzione tecnologica – commenta Gianluca Merlo, Direttore Operations Italia di Marangoni -. Questo nuovo salto generazionale per la sala mescole di Rovereto eleverà ulteriormente il livello qualitativo garantito dal nostro stabilimento. L’investimento dimostra inoltre, ancora una volta, come Marangoni rappresenti un riferimento per società orientate all’innovazione dei processi produttivi come Lawer, che mirano a realizzare progetti di altissimo valore tecnologico”.

Fondato nel 1947 a Rovereto (TN), il Gruppo Marangoni è tra i principlai operatori a livello mondiale nel settore della ricostruzione degli pneumatici e nello sviluppo di tecnologie e macchinari per la produzione di pneumatici nuovi e ricostruiti, con 10 stabilimenti e 1.300 dipendenti in tutto il mondo.

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama

Date May 23 – 25, 2018
Time Wednesday, May 23 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday, May 24 10:00 – 18:00
Friday, May 25 10:00 – 17:00
Venue Exhibition Hall, Pacifico Yokohama
Organizer Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. (JSAE)

Exposition official site
Booth 218
Products [1] Products for EVs and PHVs 
・Car Air-Conditioning Electric Compressor with Gas-injection Function ESBG27
・On-Board Charger
・DC-DC Converter
・Rear Inverter
・AC Inverter
・Charging stand with Communication Functions for Charging Multiple Vehicles

[2] Products for FCVs
Air Compressor 
・Hydrogen Circulation Pump

[3] Diesel Engine
・Diesel Hybrid Engine for Construction Machinery (Motor Integrated Type)

[4] Turbocharger
VG Turbocharger for GD Engines 
Wider Range Turbocharger Concept (reference exhibit) 
Electric Booster Concept (reference exhibit) 

[5] Plastic Glazing
・Plastic Back Window

Flameproofings Installs BRÜCKNER Line

LEONBERG, Germany — May 2018 — Flameproofings Ltd. is a producer of flame retardant coated fabrics for the upholstery and household textiles markets. The company is part of the John Holden group and a third generation family business, established more than 50 years ago. It installed and commissioned recently a state of the art BRÜCKNER coating plant in its facility in Bolton, England. The line was sold through the Brückner agent John Bradley in Macclesfield, England.

Brückner worked extensively with the Flameproofings team to define requirements and customize the design of the machine to ensure that all expectations were met or exceeded in all regards. Essential requirements were best in class heat and temperature consistency across and throughout the dryer, non-stop batch changeover and exact application as well as control of the coating media according to the customer requirements. Besides the technical features Flameproofings had high expectations in reducing the energy consumption in support of its sustainability initiatives.

Brückner’s design team, in conjunction with Flameproofings, developed a sophisticated line entry concept with two driven unwind stands, followed by a tension controlled roller accumulator to avoid length tensions and providing improved dimensional stability. The coating line is equipped with a vertical pin chain system and has specially designed air plenums for homogenous air distribution to the coated fabric. The direct gas heating system, in combination with Brückner’s staggered chamber arrangement and patented split-flow air circulation design, provide best available temperature consistency across the length and the width of the tenter dryer.

Before the order had been finalized, Brückner proofed its competence with coating trials at its technological center at the company’s headquarters in Leonberg, Germany. Regina Brückner, owner of the Brückner Group is satisfied: “We are very happy that the Technology Centre gives us the possibility to support our customers in the development of their products. Our technologists are assisting our customers at every time, giving them advice in trying out new products or new machine settings.”

Posted May 15, 2017

Source: Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG




US trade experts can convince themselves at NPE
Over the last years, Mahlo has established itself as a valued player in the American plastics and rubber market. At the NPE trade fair in Orlando, held from 7 to 11 Mai, industry experts can get an overview of the German machine manufacturer’s broad portfolio for quality control technology. The proficient team of Mahlo America Inc. will be happy to advice. At booth W 71 91, the latest Version of Scanner WebPro XS makes its trade fair debut.

The traversing frame of Quality measurement system Qualiscan QMS is characterized by its rugged and compact design. It is used for many applications on running web – even if space is restricted. The WebPro XS accomplishes product widths from 0, 2 to 2 meters and can host one Mahlo-sensor, which determines important parameters such as layer thickness, moisture or basis weight.

The methods used here are quite diverse. The coating thickness of almost all materials can be calculated with beta, infrared or X-rays, which penetrate the product or are reflected by it. Mahlo has developed a process for thin film utilising white light interference. For these special scenarios, for example when the surface is structured, coarse, very smooth or shiny, Mahlo has developed a special sensor with the Calipro DMS, which acts largely independently of the material finish.

Choosing from this broad range of products, plastic producers can get an individual system designed that fits exactly their demands. If they then have the data of their production line, they know where there is a need for optimization and can react. That saves not only raw material and thereby costs but also enhances the product quality.


The “Russky trikotazh” Holding was established in 2002 by Mr. Igor Yushkevich and had at that time four production plants. Their products are today sold under the label “TVOE”, a registered trade mark. The Holding developed actively a retail store chain named “TVOE” comprising today more than 500 stores in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan. TVOE stands for cheerful, fashionable brand name clothing for people full of energy and happiness. 

In 2006 JSC Sharm became a part of the “Russky Trikotazh” group. The high-quality production of the “Sharm” company is defined by the experience of more than 1400 employees and state-of-the-art European machinery. They produce, dye and finish knitted fabric made of cotton and viscose. 

The first BRÜCKNER machines – a stenter and a relaxation dryer – were delivered to Smolensk in 2007. The machines had been chosen in view of quality and high production capacity. But even given the still relatively low energy costs in Russia, energetic and economic efficiency did also play a decisive part when the customer decided in favor of these machines. With this step TVOE came into a position to achieve a very good finishing quality. Above all the uniformity of drying and heat-setting, the hallmark of the BRÜCKNER stenter convinced the customer. 

Another production plant is located in Shuya, a small town in the region of Ivanovo, where a new production site for knitted fabric was established in 2010 based on an old textile factory. 

In a new stage of cooperation between TVOE and BRÜCKNER more machines were sold in 2010 to the factory in Shuya. Beside an 8 compartment POWER-FRAME stenter BRÜCKNER supplied another POWER-RELAX relaxation dryer and a combination of rubber belt compactor and felt belt compactor. This machine, known as POWER-COMPACT COMBI is mainly used for knitted fabric treated with double mercerization. While the rubber belt unit provides for a high shrinkage of the product, the felt belt calender ensures a smooth surface and a good hand of the fabric. 

TVOE is the only textile producer with a fully integrated production in Russia giving a response to the high quantity of importations from China and Turkey. The company produces mainly high-quality knitted fabric made of cotton for every day. There are quality controls in any stage of the production beginning with the selection of yarn to the packing of the end product. 

With their products finished on these machines TVOE could establish themselves successfully as exporter to the European markets. Beyond the usual training of the operators BRÜCKNER organized a training of the team in a well-known finishing factory. With ongoing production, the technological process and the optimization of the machine was explained and trained. 

The last BRÜCKNER machines have been supplied in 2017, a stenter for the factory in Smolensk and a stenter for the factory in Shuya. Currently the machines are being set into operation. When designing these new machines some complements and adaptations have been made compared to the previous machines. The aim is to implement the latest design and marketing trends in the production of TVOE. 

A training and formation package was planned with these supplies, too. A training on site after the commissioning is planned but also further measures either in BRÜCKNER’s Technology Center or in a finishing plant with ongoing production. In addition, the TVOE technicians will be trained by BRÜCKNER in view of telediagnostics and telemaintenance. This will allow in future a faster reaction in case of possible failures, shorter standstills and technological support. 

These measures are a part of BRÜCKNER’s overall concept: BRÜCKNER is not only a supplier of machines for their customers but also a strong technology and service partner. This is the basis for continuity in the successful partnership between BRÜCKNER and their customers.

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