Successful conference entitled „Additive manufacturing for the textile industry“ held at KARL MAYER in Obertshausen, on 11. January 2018

Successful conference entitled „Additive manufacturing for the textile industry“ held at KARL MAYER in Obertshausen, on 11. January 2018

The organizer of this event was the Textile Research Institute Thüringen-Vogtland e.V. (TITV), the cooperation partner was KARL MAYER. With this meeting the two innovation drivers of the textile industry have really hit the mark. „We want to create the exchange between the two worlds, namely between the additive manufacture as a young discipline of production and the textile sector as an industrial branch with a long tradition“, explained KARL MAYER Product Manager, Michael Kieren, in the run-up to this event. Together with his team, he organized a programme that attracted roughly 100 specialists from different fields to Obertshausen. The invited guests included manufacturers of textiles for the automotive, sports and medical sectors, finishing professionals and yarn manufacturers as well as experts from science and research. The interest in the meeting exceeded all expectations. „I am very surprised by the high response to our conference and by the wide range of different areas from which our guests come. Both aspects show the importance of this topic, and the significance of events of this kind“, said Arno Gärtner, KARL MAYER’s CEO, during the conference. Dr. Uwe Möhring, Managing Director of TITV, also expressed his satisfaction with the course of the meeting. „I think it’s great that so many people have come , and that so many different discussions arise, especially in view of the high event density at the beginning of the year. The contributions with real topics but also the size and mix of the audience encourage a successful exchange.“

The agenda included lectures held by 3D-printer manufacturers as well as by companies that have already been working with additive manufacturing methods; they informed about their experiences with various possibilities but also about still existing limitations. Two experts presented first combinations of textile and 3D-print. Besides, a service provider in this business also took the floor: Tatcraft from Frankfurt presented with Maker Space its capacities for 3D-print, wood working, water jet cutting and other technologies to experiment and explore different possibilities without major investments.


Industrial mechanic Tobias Hierl on his first weeks of training.

On 1 September, Tobias has started his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic for machinery and plant engineering at our company. After three months, he has gained an impression of its future profession and already learned a lot.

Definitely craft!

It was always a given for me that I am going to learn a technical profession. Both my father and brother work and manufacture timber products, I wanted to do the same with metal. When our instructor Mr. Beil presented the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanics in the course of an orientation day, I was sure: this is it! The field of duty sounded pretty interesting. So I submitted my application to Mahlo and started here in September after finishing my ‘Mittlere Reife’.   

Let’s get started

In the training workshop, all of us apprentices were allowed to work hands-on right from the beginning. For example, we have learned to cut workpieces to size, file and mill them. You should therefore have a certain degree of skill if you decide to become an industrial mechanic. Equally important are commitment and stamina. Filing for a longer stretch is more exhausting than you might think. When milling, you have to really concentrate to get the desired outcome. But this is also what I really enjoy. That and of course the companionship with my colleagues. We are six first-year industrial trainees and we get all along really well. In addition to that, you can always ask the older apprentices for help. The same goes for our instructors. No matter if it is about praxis or study matter.

Setting goals

Of course I sometimes think about what I want to do after my apprenticeship. I definitely want to educate myself further. Mahlo offers several options here. Prerequisite for that is a successful training as well as a good degree from vocational school. So far, vocational school is very diverse, interesting and funny. I especially enjoy the subjects Maintenance, Components and Production Technology. You just know, you later will use what you have learned now. That’s probably why it is more interesting.

I for sure am looking forward to the coming years of my apprenticeship and am curious what will happen next.   




Después del éxito obtenido en Ámsterdam y Nueva York, todo el proyecto “Denim Gallery” lleva a la última etapa de Combiatex 2018, la feria de la innovación y creatividad en los sectores textil y de la moda más importante de América Latina.

Tonello Denim Gallery en Colombiatex 2018

Grace Warland, Matias Sandoval, Serena Conti, Su Kim y Jon Rouleau, Mika Mitarai, Juan Manuel Gomez, Ilinca Trif, Stefan Vella, y Greta Giannini: estos son los nombres de los 10 talentos creativos que libremente han expresado sus interpretaciones personales de los conceptos de Realidad y Visión utilizando las últimas tecnologías Tonello: del Láser Blaze al ECOfree 2, del Bohemia al NoStone®, del Robot Ecospray al Core.

El Denim literalmente se ha transformado en una tela sobre la cual expresar sueños y visiones, conceptos y estilos, para dar vida a creaciones impredecibles, evocativas y matéricas.

Hoy nos enorgullece llevar el resultado de este “concurso” también a Colombiatex, para continuar enfatizando  la visión de la empresa, cada vez menos productora de máquinas y cada vez más orientada al diálogo con marcas, para “inspirar” al mundo textil con soluciones de acabado que den sustancia técnica al genio de los diseñadores.

Y para destacar  el valor de la investigación, una actividad cada vez más estratégica para Tonello, de la cual nacen propuestas que apuntan a una nueva forma de concebir la prenda y los procesos de producción: la primera siempre más saludable para el usuario final, los segundos siempre más sostenibles.


After Amsterdam, Dhaka, Munich and New York, the Tonello Denim Gallery lands next month in Medellín. From January 23 to 25, join us at Colombiatex de las Américas and discover the collection celebrating the limitless potential of jeans, combining art and fashion, painting and performance, in a kaleidoscopic mix of contemporary languages.

Grace Warland, Matias Sandoval, Serena Conti, Su Kim and Jon Rouleau, Mika Mitarai, Juan Manuel Gomez, Ilinca Trif, Stefan Vella, and Greta Giannini: these are the names of the artists-designers who have freely expressed their “emotions”. In the first part of the project, they expressed cathartic representations of the reality we live in. The second part is devoted to the vision of possible worlds. With their works the designers wanted to write their hopes and fears on denim, but also to weave dreams of a better future, made up of connections between people, a relaunching of deep and human values, as the only antidote to a reality that offers more and more disturbing prospects. And Tonello reinterprets these answers, taking full advantage of the latest technologies: from Laser Blaze to ECOfree 2, from Bohemia to NoStone®, from Ecospray to Core.

The winner of the contest had already been selected during the “Inspiring” event by a jury that included some of the most important denim makers in the world. On the first day of New York Denim Days, Serena Conti was acclaimed as the first place winner, followed by Matias Sandoval, second, and Mika Mitarai, third. As the winner, Serena won an entire week of “creative freedom” at our Creative Area, where she could develop her own collection, experimenting without limits.


TAYAL – textile mega project in Algeria


BRÜCKNER supplies the dry finishing lines for stage 1
(Denim, non-Denim, knitted fabric)
A joint venture between the state-owned Algerian companies Groupe C&H, TEXALG, SNTA and the Turkish Group TAY with more than forty years of experience in the textile area, founded to build one of the biggest textile mills of the world. This mega project comprises several stages which will be realized within the next years. The project has far-reaching and multi-purpose aims: Algeria shall become as independent as possible of the textile imports in medium terms and this project will create a great number of jobs. On a ground of about 2.500.000 sqm and with an investment volume of 800.000.000 USD, several vertically structured textile plants will be built in the next years, specializing in various categories of textile end products. What is especially great is that the new company is going to have also a huge internal service and training centre for many new workers.
It was a long way before BRÜCKNER was awarded the contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of so many machines for dry finishing. The coordination team for the project was selected very carefully. The result was a highly experienced and competent crew, compiled with the aim to select the suppliers according to many different criteria and always striving for the highest standards.
First of all, the technological concept, the number and the individual specifications of the required machines had to be chosen. Many meetings and a comprehensive exchange of opinions and experiences led to an optimization of specifications. On the one hand, the machines should allow an easy operation and on the other hand they have to be able to offer many possibilities for automation, quality control and remote maintenance. The selection of possible machine suppliers was made according to three main criteria: productivity, quality of the products and highest possible energy efficiency. In addition, the team focused on the available local service as well as on fast and flexible after sales services.

BRÜCKNER was chosen in dry finishing as best option in all the above mentioned points and could convince the coordinators with a long-lasting and reliable cooperation in the past. As family-owned and family-run company BRÜCKNER imparts trust and confidence in a faithful cooperation in future, too.
The first step of the project has been divided into a Denim, a non-Denim and a knitwear section. The machinery in question are complete, fully integrated production lines for the production of 12 million trousers, 6 million shirts and 12 million t-shirts each year. The scope of supply comprises several stenters, sanfor ranges, thermosol dyeing and highly flexible Denim finishing lines. All these machines are custom-made and are provided with many options.
The preparations to realize the next stage, which comprises the production of home textiles, are already under way.

Press Contact: Verena Ruckh – Head of Advertising & Marketing Department

Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Benzstrasse 8-10, 71229 Leonberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 7152 120 Fax: +49 7152 12 9254


Damos la mas cordial bienvenida a la Sede del Consulado Honorario  de Italia en Puebla , Mexico .

Nos complace    informar   que  Blutec S.A. de C.V. a   puesto   a disposición del Consulado Honorario  Italiano en Puebla,  una área especifica para su sede.


(circoscrizione: Stato di Puebla e Tlaxcala)

Sr. Stefano STORTONI
Calzada Zavaleta n. 3920, local 2
Col. Sta. Cruz Buenavista
C.P. 72170 Puebla, Puebla
Tel.: (222) 2834.169

Sr. Stefano STORTONI
Calzada Zavaleta n. 3920, local 2
Col. Sta. Cruz Buenavista
C.P. 72170 Puebla, Puebla
Tel.: (222) 2834.169


International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, and will next be held in Frankfurt am Main from 9 to 12 January 2018. The first trade fair of the year for its sector, it is a climate and trend barometer for the new business year.

What you can expect at Heimtextil

What you can expect at Heimtextil


Everyone comes to us: Architects, bed retailers, designers, internal decorators, project planners, interior decorators, visual merchandisers.
Discover the trends of the coming season: Our expertly curated Theme Park is the perfect source of inspiration for your next product collection.
Here you’ll meet key decision makers: High-calibre buyers from over 130 countries visit Heimtextil each year.
Big but clearly organised: Exhibitor directories and easy-to-follow signage in the exhibition halls provide excellent orientation.

That was Heimtextil 2017

We took a tour of the halls at Heimtextil 2017 and gathered numerous views on the products, events and special moments. Watch the Heimtextil film, which presents a review of some of the highlights of the trade fair in Frankfurt.