Another new project from Tonello: Denim Gallery, is a bona fide display of “dreams and visions of reality”, as told by 10 Designers from around the world who have used Denim as their canvas for painting, staining, and assaulting in order to express themselves with artistic languages, materials, and concepts. The installation will be one of the coolest events of the 2017 edition of Kingpins and Blueprint, scheduled in Amsterdam from April 19 to 22.

Tonello Denim Gallery

Grace Warland, Matias Sandoval, Serena Conti, Su Kim and Jon Rouleau, Mika Mitarai, Juan Manuel Gomez, Ilinca Trif, Stefan Vella, and Greta Giannini: these are the names of the artists-designers who have tried to answer, very personally and openly, a deceptively simple question: what is reality for you? And Tonello reinterprets these answers, taking full advantage of the latest technologies: from Laser Blaze to ECOfree, from Bohemia to NoStone®, from Ecospray to Core.

Ecology and nature. Fears for an upcoming apocalypse. Cosmological conceptions of the human beings. Investigations of abstract and primordial artistic languages. Contrasts between the natural elements for all manners of living and enjoying life (including excitement). A interweaving of different realities: the past, memories and wars. Realities like slavery that we try to break free from with the force of imagination and our ability to continue trying new escape routes. The bright lights and accelerated times of modern cities. These are the creative ideas that designers have put on canvas, or, rather, “on Denim”.

With the project, Denim Gallery, Tonello wanted to celebrate the thousands of potential expressions of Jeans, emphasizing their multi-directional, multi-sensorial, multi-medial and multi-dimensional expansion with an original combination of art and fashion, painting and performance.

And this is just the beginning, the first installment of a proposed exhibition which will soon have a sequel (that we cannot reveal just yet…).



Mahlo advises Vietnames customers at Saigontex 2017

For several years now, a clear economic growth of the long-stretched coastal state in Southeast Asia has been evident. There are many reasons for this: the young population (average age about 30 years), the stable growth of the gross domestic product of 6%, the current low inflation rate of just 3.65% are only a few of the main factors.

On the other hand, strong corruption still dominates daily events and the weak currency (become a millionaire with only 50 euros) also means that not everyone feels attracted directly to Vietnam. However, the free trade agreements (of which despite the American notice are still many in force) prove the opposite. And this has consequences: in many areas, high capacity is built up and the economy is boosted. This brings more prosperity to Vietnam, which is also shown by the fact that from time to time a Ferrari tries to squeeze through the multitude of scooters or a Rolls-Royce is embellishing the street scene. In addition, prices for housing in Hanoi can easily be measured with Munich.

Textile industry has gained a strong foothold in Vietnam

The textile industry is an industry that has hit the mark on Vietnam. In the recent past, installations in significant sizes have been installed here. The effects are also evident during the trade fair: While the reasons for the change to Vietnam were initially to be found in the low wage structure, nowadays many people are interested in securing their investments with a high quality awareness.

It goes without saying that the name “Mahlo” is at the top of the list of interested parties. Supported by Binh and his team of Thach Anh Vang, Stephan Kehry has answered the questions of the customers about the latest trends and innovations in the area of straightening machine and process control. The Mahlo approach, with high quality to further reduce costs while still achieving better prices, was very well received very in the light of rising energy prices.

To this extent, Vietnam will continue its march towards economic power in the future. And with the help of Mahlo also with improved quality and optimized textile processes.

Saigontex Logo
30th Vietnam Saigon Textile & Garment Industry Expo

Textile and garment are key economic sectors in Vietnam. Both of them have also a lot of potential for further development. The textile and garment industry has been leading the country’s export turnover, creating a number of jobs and contributing significantly to the Vietnam’s economy.

The Vietnam Textile & Garment Industry Expo is the biggest and the most important event in the country’s textile market. It has taken place over 24 times in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi since the 1990s with great success.

Textile process control from Mahlo
The Mahlo-Team at Saigontex 2017
The Mahlo-Team at Saigontex 2017

In the meanwhile quality and sustainability determine Asia’s textile production as much as efficiency and cost awareness do. Proof, that these terms are intertwined directly, are the straightening machines and process control solutions from Mahlo.

Visit us

Your are very welcome to our booth 1E-5 in hall A1 at the Saigontex in Hochiminh City. We run a joint stand together with our honored partner Thach Vang Anh Co., LTD. Experience Mahlo’s latest technologies in textile finishing and drying processes and discuss with us your individual challenges.

Weft straighteners and Process control from Mahlo

In Vietnam we focus mainly on straightening technologies with our weftstraightener Orthopac RVMC or energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC or the drum dryer control system Atmoset SMT.

For detailed information about the trade show please visit

Featured Mahlo products at Saigontex

ORTHOPAC RVMC-15  Quick and accurate straightening
Orthopac RVMC-15
Orthopac RVMC-15

Orthopac RVMC-15 – The new weft straightener generation!

The Orthopac RVMC is the universally employable weft straightening system from Mahlo for the correction of web distortions for nearly all applications.

It is precisely designed for the demands of the textile industry and can be adapted to the individual requirement through its modular make-up. The user obtains a sophisticated straightening system with maximum possible customer benefit with respect to versatility and operating convenience.

Through interaction with the suitable scanning system web distortions are corrected exactly and without delay. All this is marked by simple operation of the system and unparalleled rugged construction.

The modular construction allows the system to be configured to meet the demands of changing conditions and requirements.


  • At the feed end of a stenter
  • At the feed end of a levelling stenter
  • On decatisers
  • Ahead of a printing machine
  • Between an open width washing machine and drum dryer
  • On coating ranges ahead of the coater at the feed end of a
    flame laminator
  • At the feed end of wide compactors for knitgoods
  • etc.
Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Ultra-precise realignment
    of weft
  • Quick reacting servo-controller
  • Progressive rate of straightening
  • Maintains tight distortionrelated
  • Helps avoid complaints
  • Improves customer

Alternative Types

  • The Orthopac RVMC-15 is available with a wide range of optional extras

KARL MAYER – 80 Years of Innovations

80 Years of Innovations

Activities and information about 80 years KARL MAYER

KARL MAYER, the market leader in the fields of warp knitting, warp preparation and machinery for technical textiles, will celebrate its 80-year anniversary this year. “We will organize various in-house shows for our business partners, giving them an insight into the future of textile development and production technology. Almost two years after the last ITMA we will show our next innovation steps – responding to the challenges of digitization and conservation of resources,” says Arno Gärtner, KARL MAYER’s CEO


The company history of the KARL MAYER Group:

Techtextil 2017 Exhibitor Preview: BRÜCKNER

Techtextil 2017 Exhibitor Preview: BRÜCKNER

LEONBERG, Germany — March 30, 2017 — Connecting the future — this is the motto of this year’s Techtextil taking place from May 9-12, 2017, in Frankfurt. The German systems supplier and technology market leader BRÜCKNER shows a wide range of application examples for Technical Textiles which can be finished on the tailor-made and resource-saving BRÜCKNER machines. A great number of special machines for very specific purposes show the competence of the creative Brückner team.

The Southwest of Germany is a center for Technical Textiles which amount to about 50 percent of the textile production. The family-owned company Brückner, managed in the second generation by the owner Regina Brückner together with her husband Axel Pieper, is just in the right place in Leonberg in Swabia and Tittmoning in Bavaria. The proximity to textile research institutes such as e.g. the ITV in Denkendorf allows many joint projects and developments which are used in the special machines made by Brückner.

Manifold product examples on the booth invite to discussions with the Brückner experts. Models of a SUPRA-FLOW BX double belt oven for nonwovens and of the innovative ETRO bow-shaped dryer which is particularly suitable for the coating with PVC or adhesives show only two of the machines offered by Brückner for the finishing of nonwovens and foils.

In addition Brückner offers very different application systems for the coating of technical textiles and one of them is the ECO-COAT minimum application unit. In the Technology Center in Leonberg the customers can develop their own innovations on different machines.

Also padders, drying, heat-setting and curing ovens with maximum production capacity and lowest possible energy consumptions and the highest precision in the temperature distribution and air circulation are part of BRÜCKNER’s product range. Various cutting and winding machines to give a shape to Technical Textiles of any kind round the product portfolio.

Here are only some examples for the final applications processed the Brückner finishing lines: Woven glass fabric for circuit boards, carbon textile for textile-reinforced concrete, linings for walls and roofs in the field of automotive and aerospace, airbags, high-tech filters for the medical industry, hygiene articles, geo nonwovens for bank reinforcement. Brückner has for any purpose a solution and a competent team who will attend with great pleasure to the special requirements of the customer.

Armed for the future, solid and oriented towards the future – the textile machinery company and market leader Brückner looks with great confidence into the future.

ITMA 2019 – BARCELONA DEL 20-26 JUNY 2019

ITMA 2019 Webisode 1: Innovating the World of Textiles

We have launched the #ITMA2019 webisode series! Watch our 1st teaser webisode and let us know what you think. 😀

Posted by ITMA 2019 on Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Our trainees are our future!

At Mahlo, this statement is corporate policy!

We already set an important foundation for the future of our company: We train young people for the world of work and as a result we get highly qualified employees for our company.

Our instructors have many years of training experience, and the above-average exam results of our apprentices confirm that we offer the best possible education. In 2000 we have built a new training workshop, which enables us to design your training, especially in the industrial sector, very professional. You will be instructed by a long-term experienced trainer. As a global company, we accordingly provide the commercial sector with an international focus.

To us you are not just an apprentice – for us, you are a future employee! We attach great importance to your individual support and encouragement.

We offer training in the following professions
  • specialist (m/f) for metal technology (cutting technique)
  • industrial electrician (m/f) of industrial engineering
  • industrial mechanic (m/f) for mechanical and plant engineering
  • cutting machine operator (m/f) (milling machine systems)
  • electronic technician (m/f) of industrial engineering
  • mechatronics engineer (m/f)
  • technical product designer (m/f) (mechanical engineering and plant construction)
  • technical systems planer (m/f) (electronical systems)
  • IT-specialist (m/f) (application development)
  • IT-specialist (m/f) (system integration)
  • industrial clerk (m/f)

 If you are looking for an apprenticeship and have fun in learning, come and join us!

P.S.: Please send digital files only as PDF files. Please do not send editable Office documents like Word, Excel & Co. We would very grateful for that!