Our Challenging History

Pioneering the Textile Industry Through Technology and Imagination

Over a Century of History

Founder Sakichi Toyoda invented a circular loom dubbed the “dream loom” in 1906. As he noted, “This makes possible quiet weaving of extremely wide fabrics without wasted power.”


Today, as it has since its inception, Toyota Industries Corporation continues the tradition of these revolutionary concepts and viewpoints ahead of their time as it has overcome numerous obstacles and rolled out wide-ranging operations that include automobiles, material-handling equipment, compressors, electronics, and more.

Sakichi held that “dedication to technology and imagination is the source of world trends.” The spirit embodied by these words has taken firm root in the textile-machinery operations that constitute the origin of the Toyota Group. Now and into the future, we will continue to evolve beyond equipment development to contribute to the growth of the textile machinery business through automation of factory systems, network-based operation-control systems, and more.

In 1924, Sakichi Toyoda succeeded with his ultimate target to develop an automatic loom with shuttle change. This first and top-performance loom is his great invention resulting from his long-range research and development.
As he began inventing automatic looms in 1902, Sakichi invented an automatic shuttle change motion and other automated devices, including protectors and safety devices. His deep belief as an inventor was that anything created by man should have to pass an extensive test to prove value and consistency. Thoroughly confirming the practicality of all processes from spinning to weaving enabled him to put an automatic loom with non-stop shuttle change on the market, revealing to the world a loom crafted perfectly in his vision. This automatic loom is the cornerstone of the Toyota group and it is the culmination of Sakichi’s invention which pioneered the industrial modernization of Japan. This automatic loom is the culmination of his inventions, which forms not only the base of our Toyota Group but is also the pioneering machine of Japanese moderm industry.

No.1Global Share

A Trusted 150,000 Units Installed.
Toyota continues to enjoy the No.1 markets share
worldwide for air jet looms. (from year 1997 to 2016 )

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