Mahlo GmbH showcases straightening technology and more atFebratex 2018                                                                       

Worldwide important manufacturer of knitwear, one of the leading producer and consumer of denim and self-sufficient in cotton production: Brazil’s textile industry can barely be beaten in its diversity. For the various demands, the different sectors have, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG has the suitable systems. These will be presented by the German machine builder at Febratex in Blumenau from 21 to 24 August. At booth 39 – Setor 1 the experienced Mahlo trade show team answers every question on straightening technology and process control.

“The main goal of every textile producer is straight goods. No matter what kind of product you make”, says Miguel Lessel, Area Sales Manager at Mahlo. After all, this is a sign for quality and a requirement of customers. Mahlo proves to be a strong partner for textile producers. At Febratex, the world market leader presents its weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15, among others. Based on experience that goes back to the year 1945, the machine impresses with the latest technology for distortion correction. The modular system combines the functionality of a weft straightener with that of a process control system in one compact device. It automatically ensures a straight-thread product before and after the drying or fixing process and optimises the processes all around the stenter.

Another useful tool, the Mahlo-team is going to present at Febratex, is the process control system Optipac VMC-15. With its support, the manufacturer can measure and control critical parameters like dwell time, thread density or residual moisture. “Our solutions have established themselves as first choice for producers all over the world, who want to ensure high-quality goods for their clients”, so Lessel. In addition to that, the systems help to save raw material and reduce energy costs. Due to the modular combination, even in such a diverse textile market like Brazil, there is the right solution for every customer, no matter if denim or knitwear.

Febratex as mainstay

Inside Brazil, you find everything that you need for textile and apparel production – from fibers to ready-to-wear goods. That’s why Mahlo is interesting and important for many key players. Febratex gives over 2,400 national and international companies the chance to get information on the newest developments and talk about the latest trends.


21 – 24 August 2018 in Blumenau, Brazil

Visit Mahlo at booth 39 – Setor1

For the 16th time, the Febratex trade show will take place in Blumenau, Brazil, for 4 days from Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 August.  Be sure to visit us at booth 39 –Setor 1! In Brazil, we concentrate on web gauging with our Qualiscan QMS-12 and our weft straightening technology with our straightener Orthopac RVMC.

Trends and Innovations

The Brazilian textile industry impresses with numbers that reflect its strength and potential for growth: the South American country is not only the second largest producer and third largest consumer of denim worldwide but also the fourth largest producer of knitwear and self-sufficient in cotton production. In contrast to many other countries, you can find everything you need for textile and apparel manufacturing within Brazil – from fiber to finishing.

It is therefore not surprising that this industrial branch with 29 000 companies and 1,5 million jobs as second largest employer is an important economic factor.

The Febratex shows a representative cross section of the Brazilian textile industry. The trade show is a must for all players in the market. Target audience for the fair is expert visitors, who want to get the latest news on technical innovations in the areas of cutting and sewing, punching, weaving, raw material, machines and applications for dry cleaning, automatic cutting, and printing. They have the chance to get in contact with more than 2400 national and international brands that are distributed to five pavilions at the Vila Germanica Park in Blumenau.   

Miguel Lessel

Miguel Lessel
Area Sales Manager Spain, Portugal, Latin America
Tel.: +49-9441-601-113
Fax: +49-9441-601-166


Exhibition: Febratex Brazil
Mahlo: 39 Setor 1
Country: Brazil
City: Blumenau
Venue: Centro de Eventos Vila Germanica
Date:  21 – 24 August 2018
Open: Daily

A company strengthens its presence on the market

Successful technical symposium on sizing technology held by KARL MAYER in India, 23.06.2018

KARL MAYER develops groundbreaking innovations for the warp preparation sector and recently presented a number of specially selected systems at a symposium in Coimbatore. The subject of this technical event on 23 June 2018 was the PROSIZE® technology for efficient and ecological sizing – an extremely interesting topic. More than 100 participants from large weaving and textile companies in southern India travelled to the event, mainly from Coimbatore, Erode, Palladam, Madurai and Namakkal. The welcoming address was accompanied by an introduction to KARL MAYER and a traditional lamp lighting ceremony. The main protagonists in this good-luck ritual were the customers, management and sales representatives of KARL MAYER India and its regional agent, A.T.E.

Fig. from left to right: a celebration to mark the start of the symposium with Kevin Socha, the Managing Director of KARL MAYER (H.K.) Ltd., Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, the Managing Director of KARL MAYER India Private Limited, Peter Obrist, Senior Sales Manager of KARL MAYER, Milind Mirkar, the Head of Service of KARL MAYER India Private Limited, Navin Agrawal, the Business Head of A.T.E.’s Fabric Forming Division, Beat Schnurrenberger, the Vice President of Spare Parts in the KARL MAYER Business Unit Warp Preparation and Mr. CT. Valathappan President (operations) VSM Weavess India( p) Limited, Erode

A marked interest in efficient technology

Navin Agrawal, the Business Head of A.T.E.’s Fabric Forming Division, was responsible for presenting the PROSIZE® technology and explained its technical features and advantages over previous technologies. The people in the auditorium were clearly impressed by the 10% lower consumption of sizing agent, the much higher yarn coverage zone in the size box, the higher production rate and increased weaving efficiency – and these features have already impressed the Indian market. In fact, Navin Agrawal was proud to say that more than 30 PROSIZE® machines have already been installed in India and this is likely to increase. This speaker illustrated his speech with statements from users of the PROSIZE® technology, who cited the positive effects on their productivity, costs and weaving performance.

The participants in the event also listened very attentively to Navin Agrawal’s second session on the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS system.

Even greater acceptance on an established market

KARL MAYER has a large share of the market in the south of India and enjoys an excellent reputation among commission sizing and weaving companies. The quality and reliability of the machines manufactured by this global market leader are particularly impressive. Some of the participants in the symposium said that models installed in the region 15 and 20 years ago are still running optimally. Nevertheless, there was a great deal of interest in the new technology. The Regional Sales Manager, Peter Obrist, and his sales colleagues at A.T.E. are expecting to receive a large number of enquires about orders following the symposium. The event was a huge success for everyone concerned.

So wide so good

KARL MAYER wowed a Chinese business delegation with the widest HKS in the world.

On 2 July 2018, KARL MAYER, the number one manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, welcomed a 14-member delegation from China’s warp knitting stronghold Haining, Zhejiang province, with the world’s widest high-performance tricot machine.

The record HKS 3-M has a working width of 280″. Compared to the previously available standards, the width expansion makes it possible to produce webs of different widths with a higher number of webs. This performance impressed the visitors.

The delegation consisted of heads of the Haining Economic and Information Technology Bureau and managing directors of companies in the textile industry and other sectors.

KARL MAYER will be showing an HKS 3-M

German Village Park in Blumenau on stand 67/68/81/82, sector 1, street 6 at Febratex, 21.-24.08.2018

Febratex, the Brazilian Textile Industry Fair, will again take place from 21 to 24 August 2018 for the 16th time. This leading textile machinery will is open to visitors in the German Village Park in Blumenau (SC) and will show innovations for the entire global production chain. More than 2,400 national and international companies will be exhibiting, including KARL MAYER. This global company will be showcasing its Warp Knitting Business Unit on the stand 67/68/81/82, sector 1, street 6, of its regional agent, MBR – Máquinas Têxteis Bernhard e Rampani. One of the first high-speed tricot machines, type HKS 3-M, with a working width of 130″ and featuring the KAMCOS® 2 computer platform, will be on show.

The Warp Preparation Business Unit will also be exhibiting at Febratex 2018 on an infostand showcasing products that can be manufactured on a variety of machines and equipment for producing warp beams.

Scoring points with country-specific machines

For KARL MAYER, Brazil is a market with a long tradition. Many small warp knitting companies are located there, as well as many larger ones that are becoming increasingly well established, thanks to their vertical production strategies and willingness to invest. “We also want to appeal to smaller customers in order to increase the range of products on offer,” says Nelson Da Cruz, a Regional Sales Manager at KARL MAYER. As a result of national protectionist policies, most of the products manufactured in Brazilian warp knitting companies are sold on the domestic market. The market been experiencing a recession since 2015, but this now seems to have bottomed out. “We are hoping for a recovery in the near future,” says Nelson Da Cruz. His expectations are supported by the number of orders placed for tricot machines over the last few months. This Sales Manager hopes to get an even better understanding of the market, so that he can offer his customers new business opportunities. “We must supply products for niche sectors and meet the specific requirements of this country,” explains Nelson Da Cruz, since domestic manufacturers do not focus on mass production, nor are they innovative pioneers. Instead of this, they tend to follow trends in areas that are already well established and where there is no strong competition.

KARL MAYER is also targeting its exhibits at weft knitting companies at Febratex. In Blumenau, an HKS 3-M will be processing elastane to produce a stretch filet fabric for use in sportswear. This product and the performance of the machine are designed to offer producers of weft-knitted fabrics an attractive, alternative technology.


TOYOTA – Exhibitions – Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Nagoya


Date July 11 – 13, 2018
Time Wednesday, July 11 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday, July 12 10:00 – 18:00
Friday, July 13 10:00 – 17:00
Venue Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya International Exhibition Hall)
Organizer Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. (JSAE)

Exposition official site
Booth 50
Products [1] Products for EVs and PHVs 
・Car Air-Conditioning Electric Compressor with Gas-injection Function ESBG27 Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [875.1 KB/10 pages]
・On-Board Charger Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [590.7 KB/9 pages]
・DC-DC Converter Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [412.6 KB/9 pages]
・Rear Inverter Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [318.6 KB/7 pages]
・AC Inverter Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [417.8 KB/8 pages]
・Charging stand with Communication Functions for Charging Multiple Vehicles Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [174.6 KB/6 pages][2] Products for FCVs
Air Compressor Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [497.5 KB/7 pages] 
・Hydrogen Circulation Pump Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [515.0 KB/7 pages]

[3] Diesel Engine
・Diesel Hybrid Engine for Construction Machinery (Motor Integrated Type) Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [253.8 KB/1 page]

[4] Turbocharger
VG Turbocharger for GD Engines Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [3.5 MB/7 pages] 
Wider Range Turbocharger Concept (reference exhibit) 
Electric Booster Concept (reference exhibit) 

[5] Plastic Glazing
・Plastic Back Window Open this PDF file in a new window. PDF [241.5 KB/6 pages]

News Releases – TOYOTA – Notice Concerning Transactions with Affiliates






Controls from Toyota Motor Corporation(“TMC”)

(As of March 31, 2018)
Name Class Owning shares with voting rights Stock exchange


Directly held Indirectly held Total
Toyota Motor
Other affiliate 24.69% 0.24% 24.92% Tokyo, Nagoya,
New York(U.S.A), London(U.K)

Relationship to TMC of Toyota Industries Corporation

(1) Business relationship to TMC

Toyota Motor Corporation held 24.92% of the Toyota Industries Corporation’s total voting rights. Toyota Industries Corporation is a TMC affiliate accounted for by the equity method.
Toyota Industries Corporation assembles certain cars and produces automobile engines under the consignment from TMC and our sales to TMC accounted for 59.1% of our net sales.

(2) Risk information for principal customers

TMC held 24.92% of the Toyota Industries Corporation’s total voting rights. Toyota Industries Corporation maintains close relationship with TMC in terms of capital and business dealings. Under the consignment from TMC, Toyota Industries Corporation has no negative conditions and limitations from TMC. The sales to TMC accounted for 59.1% of our net sales, so TMC’s vehicle sales could have an impact on Toyota Industries Corporation’s business results.

(3) Conditions of transactions and determination policies

For the conditions of transactions and determination policies, Toyota Industries Corporation offers prices on such products based on their overall costs, considering conditions on arm’s-length transactions, and negotiates prices for each fiscal year as for the sales of automobiles and engines etc.
As for the purchase of parts of automobiles and engines etc., Toyota Industries Corporation negotiates prices for each fiscal year, considering offered prices on such products and conditions on arm’s-length transactions.
Conditions other than the prices are determined based on arm’s-length transactions.

(4) Status of policy for business independency

Toyota Industries Corporation keeps the independency on business without any limitations from TMC.

3. Parent company and major corporate shareholder

Inauguration of the new BRÜCKNER production facility in Tittmoning

On Saturday, 23 June 2018 the new production facility of BRÜCKNER, the world market leader in dry finishing machines for textiles and technical textiles, was officially opened in Tittmoning, Bavaria. Representatives from politics, the church, banks and industry were present when Regina Brückner inaugurated the new, generously dimensioned production plant together with Dr. Peter Ramsauer, former Minister of Transport and approx. 800 other guests.

Pic 1: New BRUCKNER production site in Tittmoning, Bavaria

“Our old factory simply became too small. Increased incoming orders and ever-increasing demands on machine sizes and delivery dates were the reason for planning a new plant in 2014. We were not able to start construction until November 2016, as many hurdles in the approval process and with regard to nature conservation had to be overcome in advance. With the new plant with 25,000 m² of production space and a spacious office wing, we will continue to meet the high expectations of our customers in the future. The possibility of producing components
with a height of up to 12 m and a working width of up to 8.80 m offers us great potential for the future.
Our employees are also pleased about the new, more spacious workplaces, more effective logistics and more powerful lifting gear. With a large number of new, highly automated processing machines, we are in a position to manufacture and supply even larger machines as before, and we will also be able to increase our delivery volume and significantly shorten delivery times,” emphasized Regina Brückner in her address.

Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Benzstrasse 8-10, 71229 Leonberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 7152 120 Fax: +49 7152 12 9254

In her speech, she explained the many advantages of the new plant and presented details of the highly automated and efficiently organized production: the new modern CNC machine tools, the additional welding robots
and the new highlight of the plant: the highly automated powder coating and wet coating system. She emphasized that the installation and commissioning times can be further reduced thanks to the significantly improved lifting, transport and assembly options. The now ceremonially opened new plant in Tittmoning is another forward- looking step of BRÜCKNER to reposition itself in the world market for the finishing of textiles and technical textiles as a system supplier with great future potential.
The former German Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer emphasized in his speech the importance of the manufacturing industry in Germany and expressed his joy that BRÜCKNER, the leading manufacturer of textile machines, is so clearly committed to the location Germany and does not transfer jobs abroad. He congratulated BRÜCKNER on the successful move to the new plant and emphasized the outstanding importance of such tradition-conscious family companies as BRÜCKNER for the German industry and the location Bavaria in particular. He once again emphasized the considerable investment of 40 million at BRÜCKNER’s long-term production site in Tittmoning and expressed his pleasure that great importance was attached to a sustainable and environmentally friendly implementation already during the planning phase.
The celebrations were preceded by a BRÜCKNER agency conference in which more than 90 Brückner representatives  worldwide were informed and trained about new technical developments. Representatives from industry, trade, banks and politics as well as invited planners, architects, neighbours and staff members focused on the new plant for a total of four days. Executing companies and local residents as well as many of the numerous employees present will be pleased when “calm has returned” and BRÜCKNER can concentrate again on the essential:
the production of textile machines of the highest quality “made in Germany”.

Pic 2: Company owner Regina Brückner honors the employees involved in the construction