Mahlo staff completes hydraulic lift training

Safety and responsibility for its staff is written in capital letters at Saal based machine builder Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. Therefore, employees regularly take part in trainings and further education that are necessary to fulfill their tasks safely. Six colleagues from production and facility management now have completed training for hydraulic lifts in accordance with DGUV.


“That’s like the driver’s license for lifts”, says Jochen Zellner, commissioner for work safety at Mahlo. For an entire day, Biberger Company with its staff member Frank Bernhardt has come to Saal to train the Mahloneses on-site. First, theoretical lessons were on the agenda, for example about safety regulations, equipment technology and the dangers dealing with lifts. The newly acquired knowledge was evaluated in a test afterwards. Then, the participants could put what they had learned into practice. In addition to lifting, lowering, rotating and slewing, they also practiced working safely at the platform as well as driving. “With this training, all participants got the so-called System-Card as a certificate”, so Zellner. The certificate is valid for five years. After that, a short-term training and another test are necessary.


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