Mahlo trainees get degree certificate

The first workday of their career is still present in the minds of the five apprentices from Mahlo GmbH. Now, three or three and a half years later, this chapter is already closed. At the end of their successful training, Mahlo CEO Rainer Mestermann handed every junior employee his or her diploma of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


“Now it is in your own hand what you will do with your professional future. With your certificate diploma, you have the adequate tool.” Mestermann directed these words to industrial clerks Franziska Berr and Tamara Schäffer as well as Kevin Schumacher, Thomas Thaler and Resul Yaylagül, who can call themselves Electronic technician for industrial engineering, mechatronics engineer and industrial mechanics for machine and system engineering from now on. All of them have happy memories of their apprenticeship and are sure to have chosen the right profession. They emphasize the good working atmosphere. “We were allowed to work self-reliantly but could always ask more experienced colleagues or our trainers for help”, says Berr. With Resul Yaylagül, his joy in his profession and his apprenticing company has transferred to his family: in September, his sister will also start her training as an industrial mechanic at Mahlo. “Of course it is positive for us as a company if family members join us. That means we are doing something right”, so the CEO.
Mahlo generally focuses on training young skilled staff. At the moment, the machine builder is employing 26 apprentices, in September, eleven more entrants start and the application period for next year is already in full swing.

In order to make the apprenticeship not only educational but also enjoyable, trainers Eva-Maria Markl and Andreas Beil frequently come up with special activities. These include for example a bowling event or the introduction days for getting to know each other at the beginning of the apprenticeship.

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