Mario Crosta in the world:
With the largest global coverage of 70 conuntries and the biggest amount of machined placed all over the world (more than 9.200 units), Mario Crosta is the oldest and biggest producer of textile face finishing company in the world.

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 ZONE A – Mario Crosta Service Headquarter
 ZONE B – Americas
 ZONE C – Brazil
 ZONE D – Middle East
 ZONE E – China and Far East
 ZONE F – India and Southern Asia
 ZONE G – Bangladesh

Danitech è nella lista ATUFS


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Siamo fieri di annunciare che Danitech S.R.L. è stata inserita nella lista ATUFS da parte del Governo Indiano, nell’Annesso III con il numero seriale 213 nella Lista delle Macchine Importate (ottenuto in seguito alla presentazione di tutti i documenti richiesti), grazie al nostro costante impegno nella qualità e nell’innovazione. Ciò consentirà alle aziende che vorranno importare da Ferraro di ottenere una serie di facilitazioni economiche a supporto del settore tessile.



9 – 12 January 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Visit Mahlo at booth 820 (main building)

We are looking forward to meeting you at booth no. 820 (main building), a joint booth with our honored partners Tootal Quality Resources Ltd.

Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition

DTG Logo

Bangladesh is the second largest Ready Made Garments (RMG) exporter in the world. Thus, the textile and garment industry is the most important sector of the South Asian state’s manufacturing industry. Each year, Bangladesh exports textiles worth of 15 billion dollars to European chain of stores. Nine percent of all textile imports to Europe come from Bangladesh with rising tendency.

The Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition is the largest of its kind in Bangladesh. Over 35 000 international experts of the textile sector payed a visit to 880 exhibitors. Leading brands take the opportunity to protome their products further on the Bangladeshi market.

DTG showcases new technology, state-of-the-art equipments, materials and services, as well as an excellent avenue for international suppliers and visitors to expand business to the growing market.

For detailed information about the trade show itself please visit the website of the DTG 2019:

Mahlo systems for the textile industry

In Bangladesh and the South Asian market Mahlo focuses on straightening technologies with weftstraightener Orthopac RVMC. Another focus is on energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC or the drum dryer control system Atmoset SMT.

Featured Mahlo products at DTG 2019

Orthopac RVMC 15

Distortion correction

Product highlights

  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Operator-friendly
  • Informative process visualization

Customer benefits

  •  Online monitoring and regulation of all relevant parameters
  • Increased productivity
  • High production reliability
  • Optimised process repeatability
  • Documentation of quality
  • Providing a comparative basis for the quality standard
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Short amortisation times

Weft straightening the way it should be

The Orthopac RVMC is the universally employable straightening system from Mahlo for the correction of web distortions for nearly all applications. Available with hydraulic or electrical straightening roller adjustment.

The modular construction allows the system to be configured to meet the demands of changing conditions and requirements.


Mahlo GmbH honors jubilees

Being loyal to the Mahlo Gmbh for ten or even 25 years is what nine staff members of the machine builder have done. Now, in 2018, they have celebrated their service anniversary. The management said thank you for their merits with a small celebration.


“Your experience, your know-how and your commitment are extremely valuable to us”, emphasized CEO Rainer Mestermann on behalf of all executives at the honoring, for that the jubilees came together in the company’s cafeteria for a joint veal sausage breakfast. The honourees are from several different departments of the machine builder, from assembly over sales to engineering. “Together you have achieved a lot and contributed to Mahlo’s success”, so Mestermann further. After all, the employees are the most important pillar of a company. Matthias Ziegler, chairman of the work council, and the responsible managers also congratulated.

In addition to the breakfast, everyone received a small present by the management. For their future, Mestermann wished the jubilees all the best: “Health and of course joy in your profession.”


Their 10th anniversary celebrated Florian Brandt, Lisa Fischer, Dominic Frank, Barbara Ipfelkofer, Bastian Köhler, Stefan Medek, Norbert Thom und Monika Weingartner. For 25 years of service, Thomas Fischer was honored.  

News Releases November 20, 2018

First FC Forklift Demonstration Conducted Overseas

Vehicle with FC system manufactured by Toyota Industries Corporation introduced at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi, “Toyota industries”) announced that it will conduct a proving test for two FC*1 forklifts jointly with Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd. (President: Matthew Callachor, “TMCA “), the Australian sales operation of Toyota Motor Corporation (“TMC”), at TMCA’s auto parts warehouse located in Melbourne, starting by the end of 2018.

Toyota Industries FC forklifts are powered with the same FC cells used in Mirai, TMC’s FCEV *2, and are equipped with an FC system designed exclusively for forklifts featuring high power generation efficiency. Since the first production model sales began in Japan in November 2016, its outstanding convenience, including fuel charging in only roughly three minutes, together with its outstanding environmental performance, has led to the use of some 100 units already in production plants and airports in Japan. 
This will be the first proving test overseas for the forklift equipped with Toyota Industries FC system. The FC forklift’s maintenance and operation will be monitored via our sales subsidiary in Australia, Toyota Material Handling Australia, to investigate operation methods and business potential and prepare for wider sales and use in other countries.

In Australia, the development of technologies pertaining to production, transport and storage of hydrogen has advanced rapidly in recent years, making use of its abundant natural resources, and setting the stage for them to potentially become one of the world’s largest hydrogen suppliers and exporter *3.

TMCA introduced the FCEV Mirai in 2016 on a trial basis, to build awareness and advocacy of hydrogen fuel cell technology in Australia. The FC forklift was introduced at the opening ceremony for TMCA’s new parts warehouse, which was held on November 19 in Sydney. TMCA President Matthew Callachor declared, “Our commitment, as a mobility company, is to address the environmental challenges that we face, and to contribute to an ever-better society,” and he expressed great expectations for the part that the FC forklift is expected to play.

Going forward, Toyota Industries plans to promote wider sales and use of FC forklifts as the top manufacturer of industrial vehicles and to contribute to the development of a global hydrogen-based society.

*1 FC: Abbreviation for fuel cell. *2 FCEV: Abbreviation for fuel-cell electric vehicle .*3 According to a report done for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency by consultants ACIL Allen (

<The FC forklift unveiled in Australia>
<The opening ceremony for TMCA’s new operation site>

Heimtextil and an in-house show in Obertshausen

KARL MAYER sets the trends with new curtains and environmentally sound terry articles

For the first time after roughly 40 years, KARL MAYER will again take part in Heimtextil in Frankfurt/Main. At the trade fair to be held from 8 to 11 January 2019, this innovative textile machine manufacturer will be introducing some worldwide novelties around the topics of terry fabrics and curtains. For this purpose, the company received from the organizers a stand located in the exhibition’s Trend Forum. There, KARL MAYER will be present on Stand K 65 in Hall 3.0 with an information booth. At the same time from 08 to 11 January 2019, an In-house Show will take place at the company’s headquarters in Obertshausen, which can easily be reached by shuttle bus. Machines and new textile developments will be shown there.

KARL MAYER will pool its new activities in the field of weft warp knits for Heimtextil under the WEFT.FASHION brand. For this purpose, a new weft curtain article will be produced for the in-house show. The trendy pattern is captivating due to an extravagant design in the currently fashionable woven-like look. Sophisticated fancy yarn gives the warp-knitted weft curtain a completely new face. For this article, KARL MAYER announces a new weft-insertion warp knitting machine with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio – entirely in line with WEFT.FASHION: New HOME TEXTILES manufactured with the benefits of WARP KNITTINGefficiency.

Moreover, there will be a machine premiere for the terry segment: for the first time, KARL MAYER will be showing its TM 4 TS-EL in a working width of 193ʺ and in a gauge of E 28 in Germany. This efficient machine will reveal its high performance in Obertshausen by producing a revolutionary textile novelty: a double-face warp-knitted terry fabric with a soft velour layer made from microfibers on the outer face, and an absorbent surface made from cotton on the inner side. This article for bathrobes is not only functional and stylish, it also shows advantages in terms of environmental protection compared to woven counterparts, and this is due to the machine technology used for its manufacture.

KARL MAYER’s solutions for a sustainable production of terry articles can be found under TERRY.ECO, and the company’s entire commitment to a clean production stands under the heading CLEANER.PRODUCTIONS.

Registration In-house Show:

Please register for the in-house show via the following email adress:

Please remember to give us the details for your visit: 
Name, Surname / Company / Country / Day of visit / Shuttle yes/no

For more information about the In-house Show please visit our landing page.

Contact person:

Claudia Haus / Tel.:+49 (0)6104 402 208 / 

Heimtextil 2019

8. – 11. January 2019 / Frankfurt am Main

KARL MAYER sets trends at Heimtextil on Stand K 65 in Hall 3.0 at Messe Frankfurt and during an in-house show in Obertshausen. Topics: New curtains and environmentally friendly terry articles.

At the Heimtextil to be held from 8-11 January 2019, KARL MAYER will be showing two novelties around the topics of terry fabrics and curtains. For this purpose, our company received a stand located in the exhibition’s Trend Forum. There, we will be present on Stand K 65 in Hall 3.0 with an information booth. At the same time, an In-house Show will take place at our headquarter in Obertshausen, which can easily be reached by shuttle bus. Machines and new textile developments will be shown there.

We are looking forward to your visit!


  • Live production of a new weft curtain article with a trendy pattern in the currently fashionable woven-like look
  • TERRY.ECO: solutions for a sustainable production of terry articles
    Machine premiere in Germany: TM 4 TS-EL in a working width of 193ʺ and in a gauge of E 28
    => producing a revolutionary textile novelty: a double-face warp-knitted terry fabric with a soft velour layer made from microfibers on the outer face, and an absorbent surface made from cotton on the inner side.