Cambios en la dirección de Brückner

LEONBURGO, Alemania – 7 de septiembre de 2020 – A partir del 1 de septiembre de 2020, Michael A. Tuschak asumirá el cargo de director de ventas en Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG en Leonberg. Sucede a Gerd Kolmer, quien traspasará la responsabilidad de la gestión después de muchos años de servicio y se centrará en el desarrollo del mercado en países y tecnologías seleccionados. También seguirá estando a disposición de su sucesor y de la empresa con su dilatada experiencia en todos los ámbitos.

Michael A. Tuschak

Tuschak ha trabajado como ingeniero textil y MBA International Marketing durante más de 25 años en la venta de máquinas textiles, textiles técnicos y no tejidos y tiene muchos años de experiencia profesional en posiciones de liderazgo. Durante su carrera profesional, no solo se familiarizó con la industria de la maquinaria textil, sino también con el lado del cliente y fue, entre otras cosas, responsable de la venta de textiles técnicos y no tejidos. Su objetivo en su nuevo puesto como director de ventas es utilizar su amplia experiencia para aprovechar los éxitos existentes y proporcionar un nuevo impulso.

Lars D. Hensen

Además, Lars D. Hensen fue nombrado nuevo director de servicios de Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG el 1 de mayo de 2020. Asume las tareas de Manfred Essig, quien se jubiló el 30 de abril después de muchos años como director de servicios. Hensen fue anteriormente responsable del mercado de América del Norte y del Sur en Brückner durante once años como ingeniero de ventas. Debido a su amplio conocimiento en el acabado y teñido de textiles, también estuvo involucrado en la puesta en marcha de sistemas de termosol y acabado de denim en todo el mundo. Debido a sus extensas actividades de viajes en los últimos años, Hensen está muy familiarizado con las condiciones en las obras de construcción de los clientes y, por lo tanto, está perfectamente preparado para su futura tarea.

Publicado el 8 de septiembre de 2020

Webtalk Maquinaría Textil: Eficiencia Energética en Teñido y Acabado de Textiles

Estimado Socio,

Le hacemos llegar una cordial invitación por parte de la empresa socia Blutec, para participar en la Webtalk Maquinaría Textil: Eficiencia Energética en Teñido y Acabado de Textiles , organizada por VDMA (Confederación Alemana de Ingeniería), impartida por Philipp Hinkerohe de la empresa THIES, Benjamin Schnabel, Área Manager de Latino América de la empresa BRÜCKNER y Fabian Buckenmayer de la empresa PLEVA.

El evento se llevará a cabo el día jueves 27 de agosto a las 7:00 am a 9:00 a.m, sin costo. 

En caso de encontrarse interesado, puede realizar su registro en la siguiente liga :

Esperamos que la información le sea de utilidad. 



desde la izquierda: Fabrício Rampani, Frank Bernhard 

A partir del 1 de julio de 2020, el fabricante alemán de maquinaria textil y líder tecnológico BRÜCKNER estará representado en Brasil por una nueva agencia. Con efecto inmediato, la renombrada empresa MBR Máquinas Têxteis Bernhard e Rampani también dará a los clientes de BRÜCKNER en Brasil asesoramiento y apoyo competentes. Frank Bernhard y Fabrício Rampani, los dos propietarios de MBR, ya se han familiarizado con la cartera de productos de BRÜCKNER y por lo tanto están bien preparados para su futuro trabajo.


Thomas Wiederer, BRÜCKNER Sales Manager (left) and Kevin Harris, responsible Project Manager from DAVID NIEPER Ltd. (right)

DAVID NIEPER partners with BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies

DAVID NIEPER a British fashion house designing and manufacturing luxury women’s clothing, knitwear and nightwear in Derbyshire/ UK for almost 60 years has installed a state of the art dyehouse with the latest BRÜCKNER finishing technology. DAVID NIEPER Ltd. is a family owned fashion house founded in 1961. The company designs and manufacturers its entire women’s fashion collections in Alfreton, Derbyshire/ UK, including both knitting and sewing operations, as well as catalogue printing for its mailorder operations throughout Europe. Superior product quality and customer satisfaction are the key factors for their long lasting success and in order to improve quality further and secure just in time production DAVID NIEPER has decided to introduce dyeing, finishing and printing processes for fabrics. For this, the company acquired a new production site for the installation of a complete new dyeing and finishing and digital printing facility. 

BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies/ Germany supported this approach from the very beginning – as a first step, development trials have been conducted with DAVID NIEPER’s project team in the showroom at BRÜCKNER’s Headquarter in Leonberg near Stuttgart/ Germany to determine together the most suitable machine layout for an excellent preparation for printing process in combination with an extraordinary fabric handle. Key factors to overcome these requirements are a very gentle fabric tension system to avoid any excessive fabric tension during production, followed by a soft, but efficient, compacting process as last step to achieve a unique fabric handle.

The installed 3-bay BRÜCKNER stenter frame is especially designed for running small production lots, but due to the unique BRÜCKNER feature of alternating heating source arrangement every 1.5m, still 6 independent temperature zones can be adjusted according to the individual requirements of each fabric. Furthermore, the 3-bay BRÜCKNER stenter is equipped with newly developed, completely lubrication free vertical chain, which is reducing maintenance efforts, cost and products wastage. After the stenter treatment, the fabrics will be brought to a brand new inkjet printing department, containing the latest digital printers for brilliant images and unmatched colour depth. After the printing process, as a last step, the fabrics will be compacted on a BRÜCKNER rubber belt/ felt belt compacting range. As the only system available on the market, this machine offers the possibility to handle stable woven fabrics but in the same way also knitted fabrics containing very sensitive fibres such as fine cotton, viscose, Lyocell and silk blended with elastane. The felt belt calender, following the rubber belt compacting unit, gives the fabrics an unrivaled appearance and helps the fabric to drape beautifully and have a luxurious feel to satisfy the demands of DAVID NIEPER’s challenging customers. BRÜCKNER thanks DAVID NIEPER for this challenging project!

Christoper Nieper OBE, Chief Executive DAVID NIEPER Ltd. says: “This is an exciting opportunity for our business. Working in partnership with BRÜCKNER means that we are able to harness new technology which will make DAVID NIEPER the first fashion manufacturer in the UK to digitally print onto cotton jersey. The digital print factory is the latest and largest investment our company has made in sustainable production. We challenged BRÜCKNER to provide us with a system that would offer superb quality, while upholding our commitment to sustainable textile production.”



from the left: Thomas Wiederer (BRÜCKNER Sales), Elmar Kraus (Owner KRAUS TEXTILVEREDLUNG), Verena Ruckh (Marketing BRÜCKNER), Nicole D’Ambrosio (Projekt management BRÜCKNER)

The company Kraus Textilveredlung in Rottenburg, established in 1959 and taken over by Elmar Kraus in 2005, dyes, bleaches and finishes since more than 60 years a wide variety of fabrics for well-known textile producers. With great passion the owner directs the textile company at the Neckar river together with his wife, his son and currently 23 employees. 

The structure of the textile industry has changed considerably in recent years. Today, the requirements of the end customers are completely different than 10 or 20 years ago. Fashion gets faster and faster and often several collections are presented each year. The manufacturers’ product range is much wider than before and the trend gets more and more towards functionalization and high-quality textiles made of different fibre blends. This presents enormous challenges also to KRAUS TEXTILVEREDLUNG. In order to react even more flexible in future and to supply at the same time high quality, Elmar Kraus recently invested in a new stenter made by BRÜCKNER and is very satisfied: “The decision for BRÜCKNER was made for several reasons. On the one hand I felt very competently advised and attended during the whole offering phase and the BRÜCKNER technology is simply mature. Beside the reliable and qualified staff, the machine technology is just as decisive for a company’s success. In the end, of course, also the geographical proximity to BRÜCKNER played an important role”.

A two-stage heat-recovery and exhaust air cleaning system also made by BRÜCKNER is integrated in the new stenter. The exhaust air heat of the stenter can be used by KRAUS TEXTILVEREDLUNG to heat up fresh water. This covers a part of the warm water requirements of the washing, bleaching and dyeing ranges in the company. The exhaust air purification system cleans the remaining cooled exhaust air so that more than 90 % of all aerosols are removed from the exhaust air. For the residents this means no visible smoke from the chimney and no odour nuisance.

Every day around 3.5 tons of fabric for clothing, underwear and wellness are finished at KRAUS, about half of which are already processed by the new stenter. As soon as the integration of a new automatic batcher is completed, the capacity will be increased further. The new line allows a clearly faster processing than the existing stenter frames. Productivity has increased by approx. 25%, of course while maintaining the same high fabric quality. The finished articles are mainly knitwear made of cotton-polyester or cotton-polyamide blends with or without elastane, but Kraus Textilveredlung also finishes pure cotton or wool or silk blends for its customers. Despite the constant challenges and the currently somewhat weakening economy, Elmar Kraus is optimistic about the future.



Thomas Wiederer, Brückner (left) and David Whitehead, H&C Whitehead (right)


Family owned textile finisher H&C Whitehead Ltd. was founded in 1925 by Harold and Carl Whitehead.  The company is a recognized world class textile finisher with more than ninety years of experience in coating and finishing an extensive and varied range of textiles. Within recent months they have successfully commissioned several BRÜCKNER machines.

As part of an ongoing capital upgrade strategy, a new state of the art BRÜCKNER finishing stenter with an ECO-HEAT air/air heat recovery unit has recently been installed in their factory in Brighouse, UK.  This complements two other Bruckner stenter lines, both of which have heat recovery systems installed. Essential requirements were the highest performance heat setting consistency across and throughout the oven for delicate woven fabrics and minimal energy consumption in support of Whitehead’s sustainability initiatives. The stenter frame is mainly designed to process fabrics for the apparel industry with anti-pilling, stain resistant or anti-microbial finishes, but also flame-retardant chemistry is applied onto upholstery fabrics to meet fire safety regulations.

The BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT back pack heat-recovery unit is integrated into the stenter structure, which does not require a separate support structure, but provides for safe access to the unit. It significantly reduces the stenter heating energy requirement up to 20 %. The unit is equipped with several cassette type heat exchangers, which can be removed easily for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

One of the other existing BRÜCKNER lines has been retrofitted with a BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT air/water heat recovery plant on the exhaust system. It is used to heat up process water for their new open width washing range and can, depending on the heat requirement of the process, regain up to 85 % of the stenter exhaust air heat.

Mr. David Whitehead, Owner and CEO, has successfully led the company for many years and has invested a great deal of effort in preparing the company for the future.  Next to the investment into the new BRÜCKNER machines and the new washing range he has had a new production building built to house these new lines.

Mr. Whitehead states: “BRÜCKNER have been instrumental in the transformation in the quality of our end product over the last ten years. The reliability of their machinery has also proven essential to the “just in time” nature of our business.  I cannot fault the company and their flexibility in finding solutions to our specific requirements, especially floor space limitations. I hope that BRÜCKNER continue to go from strength to strength and that the textile industry will continue to benefit from their programme of research and development and continual improvement into energy reduction systems and many other areas that will help the environment and improve the quality and consistency of the finished fabric.”