TM WEFT – a Weft Insertion Machine by KARL MAYER

3 jun. 2019

KARL MAYER can supply you with a broad spectrum of warp knitting machines with parallel weft insertion. Our wide range of machines can cater for a large number of different applications. One of them is our TM WEFT, a warp-knitting machine with course-oriented weft-insertion for production of lightweight fabrics, typically finding its application in interlinings.
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Highlight at ITMA 2019 – our new solution for manufacturing composite materials



Something new is coming up for everybody interested in Technical Textiles and Composites: Our completely new technology for manufacturing Continuous Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRT) will be introduced at ITMA Bareclona in June 2019. This marks our latest step along the way to be a systems supplier for dry and impregnated NCFs. The new machine will be delivering continuous fibre spreading technology and high-quality fibre impregnation. Explore the new possibilities at ITMA Barcelona and visit us from 20 to 26 June 2019 at Hall 8.0 / Stand B 107.



KARL MAYER was the meeting-point for the sector at Techtextil

KARL MAYER was exhibiting as an innovative driving force and business partner with a wide range of products at Techtextil, held 14. – 17. 05 .2019 in Frankfurt
KARL MAYER was presenting itself to visitors as an innovative player in the sector involved in a broad portfolio of activities at Techtextil, which was held from 14 to 17 May 2019 in Frankfurt. The company’s stand quickly became a real magnet for the public. In the first three days alone, roughly 140 conversations worthy of being recorded were held. Most of the visitors came from Europe, particularly from Germany, but many visitors were also welcomed from Turkey, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the USA. The level of interest from Korea was also surprisingly high. Many of the Korean technologists also had a stand themselves at Techtextil, with the aim of strengthening their export business with Europe, and they were able the gather information about the latest innovations on KARL MAYER’s stand. A delegation of representatives from well-known federations and companies from the Chinese textile and nonwovens sector also visited KARL MAYER’s exhibition stand.

Exchanging ideas and information at the highest level

The conversations covered a wide range of issues. “Many players in the technical textiles sector are involved in niche segments; they supply quite specific products and came to us with very specific questions,” said Jochen Schmidt, the Managing Director of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH, after the fair. Stephan Fichtner from the Application Technology Department confirms this: “We had some in-depth, technical consultations on Wednesday and Thursday especially.”

As well as these technical exchanges, many informative conversations took place, mainly with newcomers to the sector, regarding the company KARL MAYER and the production capabilities of its machines. Many traditional textile producers are still in search of new business areas, and received some useful impulses from KARL MAYER. This textile machinery manufacturer is an expert in areas that include technical textiles, composites and nonwovens. As well as offering production technology, it also comes up with innovative textile product developments. Examples of the latest trend themes were on show during the fair. A team of experts was on hand to provide more detailed explanations and to answer any questions.

Added value through digital solutions

KARL MAYER was also exhibiting its digital brand, KM.ON, together with its various product offerings. Rapid reaction to customer needs and market demands is also becoming increasingly relevant in the technical textiles sector. KM.ON’s digital solutions help its customers to network their production and make it more intelligent. This system generated a great deal of interest on the stand. “The huge demand and conversations with our enthusiastic customers have shown once again that we have scored a direct hit with KM.ON and our systems, and we can offer them real added value,” says Maximilian Kürig, the Managing Director of KM.ON GmbH. Most of the partners in this mutual exchange of ideas came from companies involved in textile production and finishing. The themes included networked, more efficient, lean production, new business models, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

A successful in-house show was held as a parallel event

To coincide with Techtextil, KARL MAYER was also showing a model in its new RACOP-NW series at an in-house show at its nearby headquarters in Obertshausen. This raschel machine for web bonding, and examples of products, such as a thin textile incorporating electrically conductive yarns, generated many conversations regarding its market potential. The discussions focused on conductive and heatable textiles for the automotive sector, furniture upholstery, smart textiles and interior design applications.

Ulrike Schlenker

PRKARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Brühlstraße 2563179 Obertshausen

Know-how improves a company’s profile

Second workshop entitled, “Additive manufacturing for the textile industry”, brought all of KARL MAYER’s technologies together on 13.05.2019

The second workshop, “Additive manufacturing for the textile industry”, showed once again that looking beyond the boundaries of technology creates synergist effects and generates ideas for new products. This series of events was begun successfully in January 2018 and was continued on 13 May 2019. The next event was again organised by the Textilforschungsinstitut Thüringen-Vogtland e.V., TITV (Textile Research Institute Thuringia-Vogtland) and held at KARL MAYER in Obertshausen. “We see real potential in the new technologies. As one of the leading, global textile machinery manufacturers, we believe, therefore, that we have a responsibility to promote their development,” said Arno Gärtner, the CEO of KARL MAYER, in his welcoming address. Opportunities have opened up in the areas of design, construction and product characteristics especially, as well as by shortening the value-added processes and bringing them closer to the consumer. Roughly 80 guests were keen to learn more about the opportunities on offer. They came from companies involved in conventional warp knitting, textile machine building, filament production and the manufacture of 3D printers, as well as from institutes and universities. The guests also included users of textiles and 3D printing processes. The extensive programme of papers certainly gave them their money’s worth. The nine speakers were experts in industry and research, and presented papers on process, machine and materials technology used in 3D printing, and also showed the results of research into end-uses.

During the workshop, KARL MAYER also presented its new TEXTILE MAKERSPACE. Like the workshop, the aim of this innovations platform is to bring together the two worlds of additive manufacturing and the textile industry – a goal that was achieved perfectly on 13 May. The guests listened with great interest to the words of Michael Kieren, the chief organiser of the TEXTILE MAKERSPACE, who spoke on the opportunities and initial results of this new platform for pioneering companies. In particular, these include the customised incorporation of electrically conductive yarns on the warp knitting machine, and the 3D printing of warp-knitted textiles. “In particular, 3D printing is an area in which many companies have already been actively engaged to some extent,” says Michael Kieren, when speaking about the conversations he had had with participants of the workshop in the TEXTILE MAKERSPACE. “Most of their ideas have been directed at products with a unique selling point, but could be transformed just by using suitable technologies.” KARL MAYER would be involved in this process as an expert partner.

Chinese delegation visits innovation leader for information

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH was delighted to welcome a large number of visitors to Techtextil. Renowned representatives of associations and companies from the Chinese textile and nonwovens sector came to the KARL MAYER stand on 15 May 2019 to get to know the important player in the composites and technical textiles sector. The following day, KARL MAYER was given further insights into the company during a factory tour of the Chemnitz site, a journey through the world of applications for the manufacturer’s machines and a presentation of the latest developments. In particular, the innovative weft insertion machine WFTTRONIC® 2G and a new system for the production of thermoplastic UD tapes were crowd-pullers. “Many of the guests were really interested and had numerous technical questions,” said Marcus Kube, COO of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH, summing up the event. The get-together underlined the company’s position in the market and helped to advance the subject of technical textiles.

Finally, Marcus Kube travelled with the Chinese delegation to Dresden to visit the venerable city and the Technical University of Dresden. KARL MAYER Technical Textiles has been working together with the Technical University of Dresden for a long time, for example on the subject of textile reinforced concrete.

The next generation of the KARL MAYER Academy

New premises and a new profile for the KARL MAYER Academy in Obertshausen

Progress through training – especially in the warp knitting sector. Alongside its high-tech machinery, KARL MAYER is also offering its global warp knitting customers extensive know-how and expertise to enable them to optimally use the technical possibilities offered by the machines. This company has been running its own training centre for imparting knowledge and know-how for more than 50 years. The KARL MAYER Academy now operates at locations in Germany, China and India, and is extremely successful. Every year, more than 200 students are trained at the headquarters in Obertshausen alone.

The KARL MAYER Academy moved into its modern training centre at its headquarters in April 2019, and the training courses started up in the following May – with a tried-and-tested concept but at a completely new level. “We are now offering our customers courses to qualify them for manufacturing in a digital world, thus giving them the key to success in the future as well,” says Arno Gärtner, the CEO of KARL MAYER. Furthermore, the KARL MAYER Academy, with its bright, open architecture, is a place that will provide inspiration, “Our guests will feel comfortable here and will be able to get to know each other and exchange ideas,” says Arno Gärtner. Learning will become a real experience and a guarantee of the future success of KARL MAYER’s customers.

From left to right: Oliver Mathews, the Vice President Sales and Marekting of the Warp Knitting Business Unit, Arno Gärtner, the CEO, Dr. Helmut Pressl, the CFO, and Christine Wolters, the Head of Corporate Communications at KARL MAYER, at the handover of the new premises to the KARL MAYER Academy

Modern rooms, first-rate equipment, the latest technology and up-to-date knowledge

The KARL MAYER Academy welcomes its guests in Obertshausen in a hall covering an area of 755 m², which offers a bright, learning-friendly atmosphere, modern architecture and technical equipment that has taken a quantum leap forward in terms of quality. Three separate classrooms, equipped with top-of-the-range training equipment, are available for efficiently providing training in small groups.

Specially designed high-tech production machines in the HKS series are available for practical training. “We have invested extensively in the machinery. The more the users understand the possibilities offered by our sophisticated technology, the more benefit they will gain from it,” says Christine Wolters, the Head of the KARL MAYER Academy. The training machines all offer the latest high-tech features, especially with regard to the drive, control and patterning technology. They can also be used to demonstrate the possibilities offered by the digital production of warp-knitted textiles.

The new KARL MAYER Academy also gives an insight into the digital features of KM.ON, and these systems extend the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of the customers’ own production processes. The training machines in the Academy are networked via k.ey – an industry PC combined with the relevant software – and provide access to KM.ON’s secure cloud systems.

Top-of-the range technology for learning and testing covers the entire production process, including warp preparation. A brand-new DS OPTO is used to demonstrate the possibilities of synergistically combining sectional warping used in warp preparation for weaving and direct warping used in warp preparation for warp knitting. This universal, hybrid principle provides maximum flexibility and economic viability when processing beams for warp knitting.

The Academy also profits from being close to the KARL MAYER Development Centre. If there is a demand for market-related courses on special machines equipped with the latest technology, the models in the innovation centre can be used for short-term training.

With its overall concept and equipment, the new premises of the KARL MAYER Academy will provide the know-how and expertise on both the theoretical and practical production of warp-knitted textiles for today and tomorrow. The foundations for additional E-training are also laid here.

Being creative – by exchanging ideas and testing in relation to production

The TEXTILE MAKERSPACE is located very close to the KARL MAYER Academy. The company’s own innovation platform is based on exchanging information and exploiting synergistic effects. It is available to creative pioneers in the textile and new technologies sectors, and provides space for testing, developing and lateral thinking. Its aims are to develop new applications even outside the traditional textile machinery sector, to act as the starting point for new ideas, and to produce the first visualisations of products. “Genuine, new textile applications are generated in an efficient, uniform process in our TEXTILE MAKERSPACE – from the initial thought process to the prototype. This enables product developers to arrive at innovative end-uses much more quickly,” says Michael Kieren, the main initiator of the TEXTILE MAKERSPACE. The proximity to the KARL MAYER Academy ensures that ideas are developed to suit the possibilities offered by industrial production. Fabrics with individual and extremely end-use-specific requirements in terms of yarns, patterns and characteristics can be tested on the production machines used for training, using all the company’s expertise

Michael Kieren and the MAKERSPACE community have already put some new developments in motion. Smart textiles, wearables and 3D printed garments have been the focus of various trade fairs and events for some time now.

Weaving preparation equipment for India from a single supplier

KARL MAYER’s Warp Preparation Business Unit is supporting Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. in the setting-up of a weaving unit

The textile arm of the Indian Ramco Group – part of a US $1 billion group – is an important measure of the national economy and a significant global player. Its turnover is currently in the region of US $183 million, approximately 30% of which is generated by exports. But these results are likely to be surpassed even further. The group is counting on an annual growth rate of 7% to 8% and a doubling of turnover over the next five years. These ambitious plans should be achieved by expanding the associated textile operations. The textile arm of the Ramco Group includes mainly spinning works with a total of about 375,000 spinning units, as well as weaving operations. /1/ These companies focus consistently on high-end products and use high-tech machines to produce them. Textiles for medical applications, woven jacquard fabrics, shirting materials and bedlinen are produced at the Ramco Group’s Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Ltd. The warp beams for these high-quality textile products are processed mainly on KARL MAYER’s direct warpers and sizing machines. This well-known textile machinery manufacturer was also chosen for this latest investment project in the weaving side of the textile business. The company is the sole supplier of a complete production line for weaving preparation to Rajapalayam Mills Ltd.

More vertical production – thanks to its own weaving operations

The expansion project at Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. focused on vertical integration, i.e. the existing spinning activities were to be extended to include weaving operations. The company concentrates on the production of yarns in a finer count range of from Ne 30 to Ne 345 by ring spinning, and from Ne 4 to Ne 24 by open-end spinning. Mainly cotton, Lenzing Modal and Tencel fibres are processed. The production repertoire also includes special processes to produce, for example, flame, core-spun, melange and mercerised yarns. These are aimed primarily at premium products and customised solutions rather than at commodity products. The high-quality, uniform yarns are sent to leading fabric producers in India, in other Asian countries and Europe. Many customers source from external companies if their own capacity is not sufficient. This is where Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. comes in. This company wants to become the preferred suppler of high-quality, yarn-dyed raw fabrics for textile producers with order backlogs. For this reason a yarn-dyed weaving unit with an initial capacity of 10 million metres of fabric per annum was to be set up.

High-tech machines for high-quality products

Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. looked at the technology of various different suppliers for equipping its entire weaving preparation plant. After carrying out intensive investigations, the company chose KARL MAYER. Its expertise in factory planning, strong service organisation, but especially the high-tech machines supplied by this innovative textile machinery manufacturer, were extremely impressive. “Quality is an integral part of the strategy of the Ramco Group. As part of the textile operations, Rajapalayam Mills’ weaving unit is also committed to delivering high-end, customised products. KARL MAYER’s warp preparation machines provide the technical perfection and flexibility that we need,” says N. Mohana Rengan, the Chief Operating Officer of Rajapalayam Mills Ltd.

Complete solution, thanks to a network of subsidiaries

KARL MAYER also scores points in terms of its strategy of clean project execution. Everything was provided by the same company, i.e. from the global subsidiaries in the group: a GIR-O-MATIC® sample warping machine and an ISOMATIC sectional warping machine from the German parent company in Obertshausen, a WARPDIRECT® direct warper with GV creel from KARL MAYER (CHINA) and a PROSIZE® sizing machine for processing spun yarns from KARL MAYER ROTAL in Italy.

Two ISOWARP conventional sectional warping machines, including five warping creels from KARL MAYER India, were also delivered. The machines were the first machines to be fully manufactured in India by the group. Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. was able to profit from its geographical location, since this manufacturer was able to study the features of its new acquisition before delivery. The machines in KARL MAYER’s factory in Ahmedabad were built and made ready for operation for approval by the client.

As well as the company’s sites in India, Germany, China and Italy, KARL MAYER Textilmaschinen AG in Switzerland was also involved in the project. The Swiss marketing experts were responsible for the commercial side of the order. “We are pleased that Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. has put its trust in our company. The order has strengthened our position on the Indian market. Thanks to our established inter-corporate processes, cooperative networks and project management structures, we were able to fully meet all the requirements of the project,” says KARL MAYER’s Senior Sales Manager, Peter Obrist.

The execution of the entire project was also actively supported by A.T.E., the machine manufacturer’s agent in the region.

All the machines are scheduled to go into operation in the second quarter of 2019.


Warp knitted alternatives to save water for an environmentally friendly textile production

CLEANER.PRODUCTIONS are intelligent, end-use applicable concepts as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional production methods.

Environmental protection is an important topic for KARL MAYER, and sustainable production is becoming increasingly important in textile production and therefore also at our customers as well as all textile producers. That is why our support is made up of efficient machines that score highly in terms of environmental protection through the latest technological innovations.

Our latest environmental contribution CLEANER.PRODUCTIONS stands for zero water pollution compared to other production methods especially water jet looms. This protects sustainable resources while contributing to a cleaner environment. 

Warp knitted fabrics – ecological advantages for production

Warp knitted fabrics score points, not only with regard to their variety, but also in relation to their ecological benefits.


No water pollution during the production process on TM 3 machines, this also means that no of the sizing agent PVA* is drained. (*Polyvinyl alcohol)


This warp knitting machines operate at an impressive level of efficiency – with a speed of 2.000 rpm, the TM 3 has a daily production rate of about 3206 sqm/d – one waterjet weaving machines produces only 12 % of a TM 3


The total energy consumption to produce the same amount of fabric is 2,7 times less than with waterjet weaving.


By using Warp Knitting instead of Waterjet Weaving less than one third of  factory space is needed. This means a 3 times higher GDP value per square meter of factor space (for the same output as with waterjet weaving). It means also less amount of sealed industrial land surface, and less investment cost for purchasing the land!

TRICOT MACHINES – your environmental  friendly alternative compared to water jet loom machines 


Sustainable Production of Terry fabrics. See below how you can save up to 30% of cost with the production of warp knitted terry instead of woven and at the same time contribute in preserving the planet for our children.

KARL MAYER offers a complete range of machines for the production of warp knitted terry fabrics:

  • Warp knitted machines with online brushing
  • Warping machines for filament yarns
  • Warping machines for staple fiber yarns

KARL MAYER is launching KM.ON – a new brand for delivering digital solutions at a market leader level – and is also showcasing its own software start-up

Conquering the digital world – with KM.ON

On 15 October 2018, KARL MAYER is unveiling its new digital brand at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Shanghai. KM.ON stands for “digital driven innovation”. This brand brings together the digital solutions portfolio of the KARL MAYER Digital Factory, a new software start-up, and the entire KARL MAYER Group.

KARL MAYER is systematically driving the topic of digitisation forward in order to seize the opportunities offered by the upheavals of our time. “Digitisation is a basic component of our company strategy. With our corporate start-up, the KARL MAYER Digital Factory, we have a software company at our disposal that can act quickly and customer-oriented on the market. Another integral part of KARL MAYER’s digitisation strategy is its participation in ADAMOS, a strategic alliance of German global market leaders in machine construction and the Software AG. On the basis of the ADAMOS technology, and as part of this network for developments, KARL MAYER is living up with the product portfolio of the new KM.ON brand to its claim of being a global market leader also in terms of digital Solutions,“ says KARL MAYER’s Managing Director, Arno Gärtner.

The KARL MAYER Digital Factory is a pioneering company operating alongside this innovative market leader. It employs a team of software specialists and technology experts in a new, creative environment away from the main company headquarters. When speaking about the objectives, Maximilian Kürig who, together with Antonia Gottschalk is one of the managing directors, says, “This new venture should develop efficient digital solutions quickly and flexibly for the benefit of our customers and deliver them under its own, new umbrella brand,” since “Digital solutions are expanding the possibilities of considerably improving the efficiency of our customers’ production processes and giving them unparalleled competitive advantages.”

KM.ON’s digital portfolio of services will support customers in selected areas and is made up of eight solution categories. k.ey – a conventional industry PC together with an appropriate software – provides access to the solutions. The platform of hardware and software can be installed easily and links the machines securely to the protected cloud. This is based on the expertise gained by participating in ADAMOS with regard to the use of an open IIoT environment which is specifically focused on the needs of machinery and plant construction. This enables the benefits of KM.ON to be exploited easily and securely.


At ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, the system, which is made up of eight KM.ON solution categories, together with the first apps and solutions covering the three areas of Management, Maintenance and Service, are being presented.

  • enables the customer to look at the current production process, regardless of location and in real time. The production data are displayed clearly on a dashboard. This simple way of delivering information improves process transparency and acts as a valid database for decision-making and planning. These advantages are based on KARL MAYER’s own system of machine networking.
  • The solutions in the k.maintenance category are designed to support customers in their own maintenance operations. As the first solution, KARL MAYER is showcasing the CHECK PARTS app for testing the authenticity of the spare parts, with expanded functions. Above all, the scan-to-order feature is new and makes it even easier to order spare parts online. Automatic data transfer improves the customers’ day-to-day operations when ordering on site, as well as for warehousing.
  • k.service’s product world will, in the long term, include all the functions that manage the communication between the customer and KARL MAYER, should the client require assistance. The ability to make contact quickly, together with efficient communication procedures, guarantees a high level of machine availability. In Shanghai, KARL MAYER is showcasing the latest developments in this system, which is based on the tried-and-tested CONNECT app.

Steps will be taken in the near future to expand the offers of KM.ON. Other solutions and the expansion phases for existing products are already being planned, e.g. in the areas of data analysis, condition monitoring and the digital machine logbook.