There is a gas that has been used for over 100 years to disinfect, sterilize, render non-toxic water, air, and surfaces in the fields of food, medicine, pharmaceutical, etc.

This gas is lethal for various pathogens and for most viruses because it alters their RNA and DNA, and, at high concentrations, it also undermines the capsid, or external protein shell. Several authoritative scientific studies show, it is effective in 99% of cases.

We’re talking about Ozone.

Since 2010 we at Tonello have been producing technologies that use ozone reliably and safely. These technologies are also used to sanitize and disinfect garments, accessories, and equipment.

Today, in the midst of the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus, we are particularly happy to present the complete Tonello sanitizing range, from production to the shop: in fact, the disinfecting technology can be installed on all of our washing and dyeing machines, while a specific software upgrade will allow conversion of the ozone technologies already in use for the treatment of denim (Ofree, ECOfree or ECOfree 2) to also allow sanitizing and disinfecting.

And for those who are not yet using Tonello washing and dyeing machines?

Tonello Sanicare Industrial

The upcoming reopening of clothing stores brings with it two fundamental questions: how to make garment try-ons safe for the customers?

And how to give shopkeepers the certainty that they are following a protocol which, beyond the now normal “format” (social distancing – staggered entrance – gloves – masks – sanitizing gel), is actually virus-proof and allows them to go back to work with relative serenity?

In this case, the definitive solution is SaniCare, a new range of static cabinets for sanitizing, and disinfecting garments, accessories, and protective devices. The SaniCare cabinets allow garments to be re-readied for try-on or sale in just minutes.

SaniCare cabinets are safe, easy-to-use, and available in different sizes, in order to meet the needs of various types and sizes of commercial environments: from large spaces in shopping centers to city boutiques, today they can offer their clients an even more salient service. In addition, a more industrial size has been designed for disinfecting during the last phase of garment production, before shipping.

Tonello Ozono Disinfection

In fact, SaniCare neutralizes most known pathogens: the customer in a shop can thus try on garments with complete confidence that there are no dangerous viruses, fungi, dermatitis, or other annoying dermatological contamination, etc. lurking on the garments.

One day, hopefully very soon, the COVID-19 will be defeated, but something has already changed forever, even, and above all in the habits of consumers and the increasingly attentive and aware requests from the final customer.


That is something that for us at Tonello has been our “mantra” forever.

Karl Mayer Enables The Automated Production Of Textile Face Masks

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany — April 20, 2020 — In many places, face masks are now an essential item on the agenda of the compulsory program relating to the exit from the corona lockdown. These masks are required in large quantities, but they are scarce goods. In view of the massive shortage of masks, the textile machinery manufacturer KARL MAYER reacted quickly, and together with partners for production and testing, set up a highly efficient production in record time. One of the used double needle bar raschel machine made by Karl Mayer enables the production of roughly a quarter of a million masks per month.

This innovative company based in Obertshausen initially developed face masks that can be made on Karl Mayer machines in high numbers and in a one-step production cycle. In other words: the masks are produced entirely without the need of any sewing work. Two models are available for the various demands.

Type 1 is produced at short notice and is suitable for everyday life. Due to their 3D shape, these masks have a tight fit and good wearing properties. They offer a convenient air exchange, a soft skin feeling, and prevent friction points on the ears, even after long-term use. The masks can be reused after their utilization. Simply wash and dry them, and the next application can start immediately.

Type 2 provides all the advantages of type 1, but it can be equipped with a replaceable nonwoven lining via a pocket. This increases the filtration capacity, at the same time ensuring minimum waste after use.

Regarding the filtering effect, the certification process is currently underway for a medical standard for both mask types.

To ensure a fast use of the face masks in Germany, Karl Mayer equipped a customer with the required machine technology and the instructions for the production of the masks. The mask manufacture will start at the end of April.

Once the installed Karl Mayer machine is running at full speed, it is possible to produce up to 400 masks per hour or 240,000 pieces per month. At the same time, Karl Mayer is working on reducing the production time for additional machines, so that capacity can be increased as quickly as possible. “By mid-May we can achieve a production of up to half a million masks per month. We are pleased that we can contribute to more safety for people with our know-how and our machines. Further developments, such as mask sizes for children, are in preparation,“ explained Oliver Mathews, sales director of the Warp Knitting Business Unit at Karl Mayer.

Posted April 28, 2020

Source: KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH



We are living in a time of epochal changes that are imposing essential questions on our way of living, working, and producing: questions that we are all asking ourselves, all over the world, all at the same time.

In fact, it has never been so evident that we are all interdependent: we are increasingly aware of this and we cannot pretend that nothing is happening.

Suddenly everything seems older”, a sensational BMW campaign claimed several years ago .

Suddenly everything has changed”, we’re saying today, and that is why we must reflect on this long and hard, in order to find innovative answers and solutions.

At Tonello we’re asking ourselves in particular what “doing business” is going to look like from now on. We are convinced that we’re facing something that is going to accelerate and reorganize the mental processes that were already in progress and that the most forward-looking companies have already been considering.

Perhaps we have a unique, unrepeatable (hopefully), and precious opportunity: to rethink our job in terms of respect, responsibility, and “reliability”.

Tonello Stronger Together

Reliability is a wonderful word, because it encompasses credibility, loyalty, ethics, as well as reliability.

Reliability, understood as trust, as commitment: it means being there, for ourselves, for the people who work with us, for our customers, collaborators, and suppliers. In short, for everyone we work with.

Being a point of reference means a lot to us, reliable people for others: human to human.

In our opinion, Reliability is a value that derives its importance from knowing how to go beyond simple business, and returning to what the company has always been: an organization that provides for people’s well-being, and their economic, cultural, and social growth.

This is an essential asset for the community and for the territory it operates in.


For some time we have already been carrying out an internal process involving and giving value to our people and the time has now come to share this fundamental value with all of you.

Thus we are inaugurating a “Made by People” section of our blog dedicated to our extended family, to everyone, who face the toughest challenges  along with us, with commitment, talent, team spirit, and courage, and with the strength and determination of those who knows they are doing something important and essential: from marketing to production, from administration to “service”, from “sales” to management.

The faces, the stories, the testimonies of our people with become an integral part of our communication because they are Tonello’s “soul”, and day after day they are the ones who literally, “make” the Tonello Brand.

So today we’re happy not to be talking to you about our “machines” (we’ll get back to that subject as soon as possible, obviously), but we’re introducing our “souls” to you: from marketing to production, from administration to “service”, from sales to management.

Tonello Stronger Together




COVID-19 Information for Customers and Partners

Mahlo response to COVID-19 

Mahlos Managing Director Rainer Mestermann in the Home office during COVID-19 crisis

Also CEO Rainer Mestermann retreats back into the Home office during COVID-19 crisis, whenever possible.

Dear Valued Business Partners,

These are unprecedented times, with the global spread and the associated impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Mahlo deeply cares for the safety, health, and wellbeing of its employees and business partners, while continuing to serve our customers.

The proactive steps we have taken over the past weeks were largely ahead of advises from health organizations and governmental guidance. By being proactive, we are working to limit the risk to our team and partners and take care of our customers who we know rely on our ongoing support.

We want to emphasize that as of today Mahlo is continuing its business in all functional areas and we are committed to providing the best service possible to our customers under these challenging circumstances.


To continue operations, we have instituted several policies to reduce the risk of potential transmission.

  1. Remote Work
    All employees who can carry out their work remotely are now operating  from their homes. Our team continues to be available by phone, video messaging, and email. Everybody working from home has full electronic access to all resources required to perform their regular duties.We may be working a little differently these days, but never have been more connected.
  2. Travel Restrictions
    We have suspended business travel until further notice. Exceptions are possible and will be handled restrictively considering the specific situation. During this time, our sales and customer service teams will continue to work remotely to service our customers.
  3. Sales & Customer Service, Order Processing, Project Management and Administration
    Our team members in Germany and all subsidiaries can be reached by their regular phone numbers and emails as usual.
  4. Manufacturing Operations
    At this stage, our plant in Germany is fully operational. We have implemented multiple preventive measures, including social distancing, suspending all non-essential vendor visits and increased cleaning measures to ensure the safety and protection of our associates. Visits by customers to our facility are currently not possible. We will continue to accept customer product samples to be sent to our facilities for test.We want to emphasize that for the time being our supply chain works and there are no shortages of any supplies that cannot be managed. Mahlo’s in-house production depth for many components is a specific advantage in these days. Combined with our multiple source strategy this ensures ongoing operation to the benefit of our global customer base.The only area considered as partly critical is freight forwarding due to routing restrictions in some areas. Please be assured that our experienced team will overcome these potential bottlenecks wherever possible.


We want to use this opportunity to praise the support and hard work from everybody at Mahlo and our global network of business partners who continue to be instrumental for the running of our business during these challenging times.

Together we will get past this. This is a time of uncertainty and it will take our combined efforts to put this pandemic behind us. Thank you very much for your understanding and continuing support.

We greatly value our partnership.



KARL MAYER monitors the continuously developing Covid-19 virus situation closely and has taken and will take measures focused on the needs of our customers and on the health and wellbeing of our employees and business partners all over the world.

We are there to support you!

Your worldwide contact persons at KARL MAYER remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are still here for you!

Keep up to date

This news page will be updated regularly to keep you informed about the measures taken by KARL MAYER.


+++ UPDATE 6 – 04/14/2020 +++

The Indian government has decided that the current nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus will be extended until May 3. Accordingly, our factory in Ahmedabad will remain closed until the next review of the restrictions.

As published in our update 4, your contact persons remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are there to support you!

+++ UPDATE 5 – 04/06/2020 +++

The Italian government has decided that for all non-essential industrial activities throughout Italy the shut down will be extended until 13rd of April. This includes also our factory in Mezzolombardo.

As published in our update 3, your contact persons remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are there to support you!

+++ UPDATE 4 – 03/31/2020 +++

The Prime Minister of India announced a complete and total shutdown of the country, including a very strict curfew like measures. Until April 14, the population is not allowed to leave their homes except for purchasing groceries, medicines and visit to hospitals. All shops and businesses must remain closed except essential humanitarian services as notified by Government of India. This also applies to our organizations in India.

We have closed the productions until further notice. As recommended by the Indian government, all employees will work from home as best as possible and will continue to be available to customers, business partners and colleagues via telephone and e-mail.

+++ UPDATE 3 – 03/25/2020 +++

Despite the very difficult situation in Italy, KARL MAYER ROTAL remained open and fully operational the last weeks. We have constantly monitored the development of the Covid-19 virus and have taken measures at our Italian site focused on our customer’s needs but more importantly safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees and suppliers.

Production in Mezzolombardo shuts down
The Italian government has now decided to implement even more stringent measures to reduce the spread of the virus. All non-essential industrial activities throughout Italy will shut down starting from 26th of March until 3rd of April. This includes also our factory in Mezzolombardo.

Availability still ensured 
While considering the state of emergency as well as the need to ensure the continuation of all our business activities, the employees of many of KARL MAYER ROTAL’s departments work mobile from home: administration, sales, helpdesk and service, product management as well as design & development.

Your contact persons remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are there to support you!

+++ UPDATE 2 – 03/13/2020 +++

Flexible working
For some time now, many employees have had the opportunity to work to a certain extent at locations other than their permanent workplace, i.e. also from home.

Taking into account the increasing restrictions on public life in Europe and the United States (e.g. closure of schools and daycare centers, closure of shops, restriction of public transport, etc.), we have extended these opportunities, especially for employees at the locations affected by this in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. This allows for a high degree of flexibility to maintain business operations even in these times.

+++ UPDATE 1 – 03/09/2020 +++

At the end of January, KARL MAYER started to set up various task forces in its subsidiaries around the world in order to monitor and analyse the rapidly developing situation, first in China and now also worldwide, and to take appropriate action if necessary. 

We are following the recommendations and guidelines issued by the authorities in the respective countries to contain the coronavirus, and have taken appropriate measures to minimize the risk of infection with the virus for our employees and our business partners worldwide.

Use of virtual channels
Restrictions on business travel to and from China have been in effect since the end of January. These are constantly updated in line with the international spread of the coronavirus. In general, business trips to the risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute are prohibited. All other business trips are only possible if absolutely necessary for operational reasons in individual cases. All meetings – both internal with colleagues and external with business partners – should, as far as possible, take place via virtual communication channels. 

Production continues
Our plant in China resumed production on February 14, 2020 after successful inspection by the local authorities. Our plants in Italy and Germany also continue their production. As of today, our ability to deliver from our sites on schedule is assured. We are in contact with all partners in our supply chain to be informed about possible effects at an early stage and to be able to react to possible delays.

We are closely monitoring the current situation and will provide information here on possible further measures.

Textile solutions for mouth and nose masks

The coronavirus infection rates are rapidly increasing worldwide, and require readily available solutions.

In this context, the Robert Koch Institute has recently re-evaluated the wearing of mouth protection, including non-certified face masks: “If people – even without symptoms – wear a mask as a precautionary measure, this could reduce the risk of virus transmission to others,” the RKI website states.

With its warp knitting and knitting machines, the KARL MAYER Group offers production technologies for manufacturing textile solutions to contain the spread of pathogens.


Gabriela Schellner
Senior Manager Textile Development

Warp knitted face masks – highly efficient production
  • KARL MAYER offers a manufacturing technology for the highly efficient production of mouth and nose masks.

    These masks have been developed at KARL MAYER, and are manufactured during a highly productive one-step production in large quantities.

    In other words: the masks are made in one piece, without the need of any sewing work. Depending on the machine type, an output of up to 400 pieces per hour is possible on a 138″ machine.

KARL MAYER developed various models, for different requirements. We provid some examples of warp knitted face masks in our virtual showroom:

Machines for the highly efficient production of face masks

Quick textile help – provided by KARL MAYER

The coronavirus infection rates are rapidly increasing worldwide, and require readily available solutions. With its raschel machines, KARL MAYER offers a manufacturing technology for the highly efficient production of mouth and nose masks. These masks have been developed at KARL MAYER, and are manufactured during a highly productive one-step production in large quantities. In other words: the masks are made in one piece, without the need of any sewing work. Depending on the machine type, an output of up to 280 pieces per hour is possible. KARL MAYER developed various models, for different requirements.

You can find the relevant examples and contact persons in our Virtual Showroom.

We provide our customers with all the pattern data required for the manufacturing process. The seamless solutions are comfortable to wear and can be reused. The masks had not yet been medically tested and certified, but they can render good services for the protection of fellow human beings. Work is currently being carried out on the further development and certification of these articles.