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Soluciones destacadas para los sectores textil y de la moda

Hoy en día, la impresión digital se encuentra por todas partes, incluidos el sector textil y de la moda. EFITMcuenta con un ecosistema completo de soluciones para que las empresas de estos segmentos mejoren su productividad y calidad, y optimicen la producción textil. Revolucione su manera de desarrollar, producir y comercializar moda con el software EFI Optitex. Combine Fiery® DesignPro para lograr diseños textiles y preparación de archivos eficientes con los servidores de impresión Fiery para obtener una gestión del color profesional y un procesamiento de imágenes de trama (RIP) de alta calidad en impresoras digitales EFI Reggiani. Además, reduzca el consumo de energía y agua, así como el impacto medioambiental gracias a los productos EFI Reggiani, que cuentan con un respaldo de más de setenta años de experiencia en el tratamiento, la impresión y la terminación textil.


Mastering the challenges of the plastics industry together

Worldwide known, at home in Germany. What applies to the K Show, which takes place from 16 to 23 October in Düsseldorf, also applies to Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. The mechanical engineering company from the Bavarian hall will be presenting its renowned solutions for quality control and regulation of critical process parameters at Stand 10G21 at the world’s most important trade fair for the plastics industry. 


“The challenges for the plastics industry continue to grow,” says Matthias Wulbeck, Area Sales Manager QMS at Mahlo. “Manufacturers should produce more effectively and save resources at the same time”. To make this possible in practice, Mahlo offers concrete solutions with the Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system. The modular system, which is also composed of sensors and measuring frames, measures, records and controls critical parameters such as basis weight, moisture or layer thickness over the entire fabric width. In this way, the energy efficiency of the production systems can be drastically increased, the raw material costs can be optimized and production can be more sustainable.

At the Mahlo booth, visitors can get to know the latest developments “made in Germany” from the comprehensive sensor portfolio. In live operation, the experts will be demonstrating with measurements on various product samples. One sensor used is the Infrascope NIR sensor, which uses infrared radiation to determine measured values. It monitors the absorption of infrared energy of all components on or in the material web in the near-infrared range. “By evaluating different absorption spectra, the moisture content as well as the basis weight of different other materials in the web can be determined simultaneously,” explains Wulbeck.

Answers to challenges in plastics processing

The Optoscope WLI, on the other hand, uses the white light interference method. It can measure minimal application quantities down to 0.4 µm and is therefore the optimum solution for particularly thin layers where other systems reach their limits. In addition, the latest version of the Optoscope WLI offers an even wider range of coating thicknesses thanks to a high-resolution and highly sensitive spectrometer. “The continuous further development of the sensor has ensured that even more accurate measurement results can be obtained,” says Wulbeck. As a representative of the various measurement frames of the Qualiscan QMS system, Mahlo introduces the Webpro XS-II. The measuring bridge is the most compact version of the O-frame. Installation is therefore possible even in confined spaces.

A visit to the Mahlo stand is therefore worthwhile for the trade fair visitors, because: “With our systems, which we would like to explain to the audience at K in more detail, we would like to provide answers to important and urgent questions for the world of plastics processing”.

What a Success at ITMA 2019! EFI Reggiani Sells Fourth Reggiani BOLT Single-Pass Textile Printer

Resultado de imagen para reggiani bolt textile digital printer

GRASSOBBIO, Italy, July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII) honored the first four EFI™ Reggiani BOLT customers for moving to the leading edge of high-volume digital textile production with the groundbreaking, new ultra-high-speed single-pass digital textile printer. EFI Reggiani showed the 72-inch (1.8-meter) wide printer at the June 20-26 ITMA textile industry tradeshow in Barcelona. On June 22, the company presented EFI Reggiani Innovation Pioneer Awards highlighting these customers’ efforts to drive innovation in textile supply chains using the latest technology.

The awards ceremony during ITMA recognized the quartet of customers investing in the Reggiani BOLT – the first commercially available, single-pass inkjet printer capable of direct-to-textile production at speeds up 295 linear feet (90 linear meters) per minute. The first of those customers, Italian digital textile company Texprint s.r.l. has already installed and is operating the world’s first EFI Reggiani BOLT printer.

Resultado de imagen para reggiani bolt textile digital printer

The second and third honorees in the EFI Reggiani awards ceremony were Hunbul Tex Pvt. Ltd. – one of Pakistan’s leading digital textile printing businesses – and Pakistan-based apparel brand and retailer Firdous Cloth Mill Pvt. Ltd. both chose the Reggiani BOLT to produce designs for men’s and women’s fashions. The fourth honoree, Zaman Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., purchased the Reggiani BOLT printer on display at ITMA; the Pakistan-based company will use the printer to produce textiles for home décor and apparel.

Growing digital printing with sustainable, high-end single-pass innovation
“These four customers deserve our Innovation Pioneer Award for their investment in state-of-the-art technology, and they will show the world just how much more efficient and profitable digital can be using the new breakthroughs the Reggiani BOLT provides,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “We wish to thank them for their trust and we look forward to working with these customers and future EFI Reggiani BOLT users on creating a better, greener future for the textile industry.”

As the fastest inkjet textile printer product at ITMA, the Reggiani BOLT was the star digital solution, featuring a cutting-edge, high-performance printhead system with highly efficient recirculation features, giving users reliable, superior-quality printing for a full range of design needs. Printing in resolutions from 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) up to 600 x 4,800 dpi, users benefit from direct-to-textile imaging with variable drop sizes from 5 to 30 picoliters for accurate, high-end image quality. It is a robust, industrial platform designed for 24/7 operation, with superior printhead life and minimal maintenance needs. Plus, the printer can include one or more analog printing stations as an option, integrated into the digital printer for special effects.

Resultado de imagen para reggiani bolt textile digital printer itma bcn

The Reggiani BOLT printer includes the new EFI Fiery® BT-1000 digital front end (DFE) – a professional color management and RIP solution featuring superior screening and fine dithering algorithms for high-quality print results, with excellent detail reproduction, smooth gradations, clean solid colors, deep blacks, and high saturation. With the speed of the printer and its robust Fiery DFE, users can stream jobs to production in real time, reducing the cost per meter of digitally printed textiles while creating a broader range of designs quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the Reggiani BOLT, the entire digital product lineup of EFI technologies on display was well received by ITMA visitors from around the world. The EFI Reggiani ITMA showcase of advanced technologies also included the EFI Reggiani COLORS, a high-quality, highly productive printer with up to 12 colors and unmatched printing  quality and uniformity. The exhibit also featured a complete range of water-based EFI Reggiani inks as well as EFI Mezzera indigo and dyeing technologies that provide deeper shades and superior fastness while reducing chemical usage by up to 40% compared with other dyeing technologies.

In addition, EFI showed a complete textile ecosystem for end-to-end digital textile production incorporating EFI Fiery DesignPro software for streamlined design of textile repeats, colorways, wovens and knits, and a new version of EFI Optitex® 2D/3D textile CAD software offering streamlined Print & Cut workflow integration with Reggiani printers for up to 15% greater efficiency in textile usage. To learn more about of EFI’s products and services for the textile and apparel industries, visit www.efi.com.

About EFI
EFI™ is a global technology company, based in Silicon Valley, and is leading the worldwide transformation from analog to digital imaging. We are passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. To do that, we develop breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process. (www.efi.com)

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ITMA Barcellona 2019 – FERRARO SPA

FERRARO S.P.A. - logo

Mille grazie dall’intero team Ferraro a tutti gli amici e i visitatori che ci hanno onorato con la loro presenza nel nostro stand ITMA.Grazie per tutto l’affetto e l’enorme contributo mostrato nel renderci uno dei maggiori leader mondiali nella compattazione e nel finissaggio. Grazie!

ITMA Barcellona 2019



The employees’ summer party was a real success

It has already become a small tradition: the summer party for the employees of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. Also this year the event was a complete success.

Around 100 Mahlonese came together in perfect summer weather to celebrate a “Bavarian Evening”. That was the motto of this year’s party, which was organised by the works council and supported by the management and the owner family Greenwood-Mahlo. It is meant to be a small thank-you for the work the team does for the company throughout the year.


Matthias Ziegler, Chairman of the Works Council, was pleased to welcome the large number of colleagues and wished them a good atmosphere. This was not long in coming. After all, a traditional Bavarian company knows how to spend a good evening. The catering was based on the classics of Bavarian cuisine. The visitors – most of them in traditional costume – enjoyed roast pork, potato salad, Obatzda and pretzels. The JAV (Jugend- und Ausbildungsvertretung – Youth and Apprenticeship Representation) had really put its foot down during the decoration and the supporting programme. Beer mug lifting, nailing and cans throwing were used to provide good entertainment and a little folk festival feeling in the inner courtyard of the mechanical engineering company. Until deep into the night they ate, talked and laughed together.


CEO Rainer Mestermann thanked the organisers for the successful event and said: “It’s always nice to see how well our employees understand each other in addition to their work”. That’s why the summer party is also firmly scheduled for next year’s calendar.






Integrate to Innovate! – KARL MAYER

The combination of KARL MAYER’s high-tech raschel machines and the software tools of KM.ON set you up for success in our digitized world. First representative is the RSJ 4/1 ON machine with the working width 195 inches.

Fabric development and production need to be perfectly integrated in the textile production value chain. This integration will ensure the time to market and efficiency, required to be competitive in today’s demanding markets.

To meet these innovation challenges, KARL MAYER provides you with the best in class machinery and the best integrated digital solutions.


RSJ fabrics with integrated structure variations – pre-engineered fabrics – have been successfully launched to the outdoor market. Production of pre-engineered fabrics will be perfectly supported by the RSJ 4/1 ON and the integrated digital solutions of KM.ON. Support of the textile development processes is our key to success of our customers. Following find inspirations and textile benefits of pre-engineered fabrics, more detailed information in our Virtual Showroom.


  • Umwelt

Your Benefits Of Engineered Fabrics

Less process steps
Warp knitted fabrics, incorporating complex patterns and zones require less pieces to make an article, leading to less cut and sew, reducing production cost.
Fast development
With less components in an end-product, lead time of design changes will be reduced significantly.
Design freedom
Fashion changes can be translated quickly into new fabric designs. Personalized articles or size variations are imaginable.


RSJ 4/1 ON 195”
The machine is creating 50% more production thanks to the working width 195” while operating at the same production speed as the former model.

Electronic controlled guide bars offer various customer benefits which were reserved for higher value machines before. Electronic guide bar control offers the possibility of producing complex and variable ground structures with long repeats. Pattern data will be provided in the digitized way through KM.ON’s k.ey device.

The RSJ 4/1 ON has got the highest level of integration-maturity for the numerous digital solutions provided by KM.ON to support the progress of the textile value chain.

RSJ fabrics can be applied to a wide range of applications. Beside the mentioned purpose of outerwear, 4-bar RSJ fabrics are well established for swimwear, intimate apparel, lace-like fabrics, spot-nets and tulle constructions.


Increase outputratio of your investment
Earn 37% more output for the same investment compared to former model.
Increase flexibility
Electronically controlled ground guide bars enable immediate changes of ground bar lappings for development work and for regular production.
Pattern Data ON Demand
Pattern data will be provided to the machine through k.ey device for highest flexibility and efficiency in production and development.
Integrate to innovate
The RSJ4/1 ON is the first machine of the KARL MAYER group using the full capabilities of k.innovation to support virtual textile development.



KM.ON’s k.innovation is revolutionizing the product development process in the knitting industry. In the fast-fashion world, innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Our k.innovation solutions support the customers in developing new products and sharing know-how as well as experience.


Using k.production’s state-of-the-art software and digital solutions, the operation of the KARL MAYER machines will be simplified. Sub-processes are digitally supported and improved. An intuitive and mobile logbook and production data acquisition system will be set up, in which tickets can also be created from entries. Thus, “data tags” for the sensor data are generated immediately.


k.management enables you to look at the current production process, regardless of location and in real time. The production data are displayed clearly on a dashboard. This simple way of delivering information improves process transparency and acts as a valid database for decision-making and planning. These advantages are based on KARL MAYER’s own system of machine networking.

Learn more about the KM.ON solutions


KARL MAYER is offering a  wide range of RSJ machines with various functions and possibilities. Please use the tables below to find the suitable product for your future success.

Target application RSJ 4/1 ON RSJ 5/1 EL RSJ 5/1 RSJ 4/1
Sport (non elastic) ++ + + +
Outdoor (non elastic) ++ + + +
Outdoor (elastic) ++ + + +
Intimate (ealstic) ++ + + +
Freecut Intimate (elastic) o ++ ++ o
Functional (elastic) ++ ++ + +
Functional zones (elastic) o ++ o o
Factsheet Download Download Download Download

Machine specification RSJ 4/1 ON RSJ 5/1 EL RSJ 5/1 RSJ 4/1
Working width 195 inches 130 inches 130 inches 130 inches
Gauge E28 E28, 32 E28, 32 E28, 32
EL for JBs and GBs
EL long shog 170mm 2 GBs
connectivity KM.ON
Factsheet Download Download Download Download


Bringing progress to our customers with our new HKS 3-M-ON

No disc, more speed – the first three-bar HKS model with electronic guide bar control allows for immediate pattern changes without any mechanical modification and no delay in production.

Thanks to the innovative ON gear, you can easily choose your patterns by connecting your HKS 3-M-ON through k.ey. Instead of waiting for new pattern disks, it is only necessary to select and exchange data. Simply download the required information from a secured cloud to the machine, and you can immediately start to work new articles. In times of rapidly changing market requirements, it is an asset to be able to react quickly on such demands and be able to access to new patterns.

HKS 3-M-ON offers the same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the current version of HKS 3-M with state of the art technology. By using a new main drive system, KARL MAYER minimize your maintenance costs by reducing wear and tear parts.

HKS 3-M-ON can produce a wide range of applications due to its various working width and gauges. It is a perfect combination of efficiency and precision.

Your Benefits


No disc, more speed – HKS 3-M-ON is the fastest Tricot machine with electronic guide bar control.
Immediate pattern change for less stoppage time, higher productivity and quick reaction to market demands.


Minimize your maintenance costs – reducing wear and tear parts.
Less costs compared to pattern discs.
Easy handling – no more mechanical changes required.


HKS 3-M-ON offers the same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the current version of HKS 3-M, but with more flexibility.


Connect to our secured cloud for more innovative KM.ON services to enhance your business and production.

Learn how to easily change and buy new patterns on your HKS 3-M-ON

Sustainable Denim – KARL MAYER

Saving water and chemicals

Environmental protection and sustainability are an important topic. With our new developed technology for indigo dyeing you can save water and up to 50% of chemicals.

Environmental friendly advantages

Chemical and yarn waste reduction

More than 50% saving in the consumption of chemicals to keep the dyeing bath stable. Reduction of the yarn waste thanks to the short yarn pass.

Water saving

The higher fixation of the indigo on the fibre allows a drastically reduced consumption of water in the washing phase.


Stefano Agazzi

Chief of Technology and ProductsKARL MAYER ROTAL S.r.l.

Via Trento No. 11738017 Mezzolombardo / Italy



In­digo dy­e­ing units

KARL MAYER’s future- and customer-oriented dyeing and sizing machine is an efficient tool for the production of uniformly dyed and sized warps for weaving made at the highest econonomical level and produced during an environmentally conscious process. Due to developments in the last years KARL MAYER has been able to implement a consolidated basic technology to provide optimum solutions and resource savings for any application related to the process of indigo dyeing.