How do I become an engineer at Truetzschler? –



March 1, 2019

Ralph Thannisch

How do I become an engineer at Truetzschler?

This year’s Valentine’s day was not only about spending time with the loved ones. At Truetzschler it was time to invest in the future. Therefore, 23 students from different schools in Moenchengladbach came around to learn about the tasks and demands on engineers in textile machine engineering.

How do I become an engineer at Truetzschler?

What are the different tasks of an engineer? Which skills and interests do I need for the job? Do I have to study at a university or are there any alternatives? What perspectives do I have working in a family business in the metal and electrical industry? Those and many more questions were answered at the “Business Day Engineering”. Students who are interested in working in (textile) engineering got the chance to spend the morning at our headquarter in Moenchengladbach. After providing some general information about the company, our different business units and locations, we told our guests about the options they have after having finished school. To make the information more lively, we asked some of our young students and employees to report from their perspective.

Beside 11 individual apprenticeships in four different areas, we offer a dual study program called “KIA”. This cooperative engineering training consists of a practical apprenticeship at Truetzschler, combined with a university degree of the University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld. Students undergo two phases. Henrik Klaassen and Matteo Manek are currently in the first stage of their dual studies. Within the first three years they spend three days working in the company and two days at the university. Not only does the KIA program efficiently shorten the training duration, it also provides a great deal of practical experience. 

After having finished the first phase you are a real full-time student. Only during semester break, students work at the company to handle some independent projects. From designing new transport trolleys for the electronics department to adjusting the appearance and functioning of a new product – Stefan Dammer and Andreas Muyres carried out a lot of hands-on projects during their dual studies. The two of them are currently in the final stage of their education and are about to write their bachelor’s theses this summer. 

Tour through technical centre and training workshop

In the technical centre our young employees showed the pupils our different machine types and explained how each one processes the fibres. Afterwards they visited the sheet metal production to demonstrate how the individual parts of the machines are being produced. To show where Truetzschler students spend a big amount of time, the training workshop was the next stop. Especially the 3D printer aroused the interest of our guests.

  • Managing efficiency

As a „manager for efficient processes”, Niclas Maasackers is part of several different applications.  From international production processes to quality assurance and factory planning – his fields of application are versatile. Since he successfully completed his dual studies in engineering and industrial engineering, Niclas works in the production area at Truetzschler. During his studies he enjoyed being coached very well by a mentor of the company. Another aspect he valued is that Truetzschler gives engineer students the special chance to implement and realize their own individual ideas, for example as a final dissertation.

From the idea to the finished product

Britta Luestraeten introduced the students to the work of a development engineer in mechanical construction. Therefore, she explained the winding machine TSL 12 – from the idea to the finished product. Her work is very diverse, because creating a machine requires passing different phases like competition analysis, product requirements, concept creation and construction.

Thank you!

We were very happy with the great interest in the event and are looking forward to see some of our guests again in our training workshop. Many thanks to our partners Agentur für Arbeit Mönchengladbach, MGconnect and ZDI Zentrum Mönchengladbach for this successful event and to our colleagues for their valuable insights.




Mahlo showcased new developments

Cold as ICE: The international leading trade fair for coating and converting of paper, film, foil and nonwoven held with wintry temperatures true to its name. In the halls of Messe München, however, nobody felt the cold. Responsible for that were the industry’s latest technologies and developments – just like those of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG.


At booth A5/1510 the nearly 7.200 visitor from 75 countries could witness firsthand the versatile measure and control technology of the Bavarian machine builder. The Qualiscan QMS-12 identifies important process parameters such as basis weight, moisture or coating add-on on the running web and helps to optimize the production process. Due to the various scanners and sensors available, the web gauging system can be integrated in almost every production line. For especially demanding applications Mahlo brought two re-engineered sensors to ICE, as Area Sales Manager Matthias Wulbeck explains: “For a highly precise measurement of transparent coats, our white light interference sensor Optoscope WLI is the right choice. With it, coating add-on as well as thickness can be determined.” The sensor is used inter alia with film extrusion and multilayer films.


According to Wulbeck, Mahlo is especially proud of its latest addition to its portfolio, the infrared sensor Infralot IMF. The in-house development is available in a reflective and transmitting version. Both designs – despite working with classic filter measurement principle – manage without rotating filter wheel and therefore guarantee a true same-spot measurement of reference and measurement filter. “That leads to a very high accuracy, especially with inhomogeneous products”, says Wulbeck. The web gauging expert instances measurement of moisture as well as the single components measurement on paper and nonwoven.

With the new sensors, Mahlo assures its position as one of the leading manufacturers of web gauging technology. “As a global player we have made a strong development in different industrial branches”, Wulbeck concludes. “With the constantly rising demands of a globalized production, quality control will be even more important in the future.”


For 45 years, a team and a family: TRIVENETA GRANDI IMPIANTI

A future of endless possibilities to be grasped, shaped and assembled to measure. Yours.

For 45 years, a team and a family: Triveneta Grandi Impianti.

Taylor made solutions

The laundry system as a control center, coordination and optimization of works, from washing to drying and then to packaging: for each production line, different combinations of automatic or semi-automatic loading and unloading systems.

Our Past, Our Future

All great stories are made of small, continuous achievements over time. Ours began more than 45 years ago, in 1973, and continues today, even now, all over the world.

TGI overview

A drone overwiev of TGI plant in industrial district in SchioItaly.






14.05.19 – 17.05.19

14-17 Maggio 2019 Francoforte – Germania Hall 3.0 Stand D46 Techtextil è la principale fiera internazionale per tessili tecnici e tessuti non tessuti. Con oltre 1.300 espositori provenienti da 48 paesi e circa 27.500 visitatori provenienti da 97 diverse…

20.06.19 – 26.06.19

The Integrated Textile and Garment Manufacturing Technology Showcase 20-26 Giugno 2019 Barcellona – Spagna Hall H2 Stand B212 AIGLE parteciperà all’ITMA 2019, la fiera dove l’innovazione è sempre stata parte integrante. Sin dalla sua nascita nel 1951, ogni…


21.03.19 – 23.03.19

21-23 Marzo 2019 Monaco – Germania Nel 2019 l’industria del Floccaggio si riunisce ancora una volta, questa volta a Monaco, presso il 25th International Flock Symposium. Condivisione di notizie, conferenze informative e networking è, come sempre, al centro di questo…

JEC Innovative technical systems for the trends in composites

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien looks back on a successful JEC, held 12.-14.03.2019 in Paris

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH successfully showcased high-tech machines for the composites sector at the JEC composites show, which was held from 12 to 14 March 2019 in Paris. “The mood was upbeat, the number of visitors was high, and I had many in-depth, technical conversations with existing customers and also with people expressing a new interest,” says Jochen Schmidt, the Managing Director of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH. The many technical discussions held with partners from Europe and the USA, as well as India and China, helped to contribute to the successful outcome. The discussions related to specific projects, plans and trends. According to Jochen Schmidt, a general trend away from simple lightweight construction technology towards components having integrated functions could be detected. The costs of increasing performance by using fibre-reinforced composite materials, especially when using carbon, are only justified for the most demanding applications. This managing director and his team had many conversations with suppliers to niche markets on the possibilities offered by the COP MAX 5. This multiaxial warp knitting machine for processing carbon scores points mainly because of its unbeatable productivity and excellent product quality.

On the other hand, the glass composites sector, with its competitive raw materials prices, continues to gain momentum. The driver of this demand continues to be the wind turbine sector, and increasingly industrial applications as well. A great deal of interest was also being shown in the COP MAX 4, an efficient multiaxial warp knitting machine for processing glass.

Dr. Jürgen Trötzsch, the Section Head of New Technologies at KARL MAYER Technische Textilien, was pleased to report that the sector is increasingly focusing on the topic of thermoplastic materials. He and his team have developed a line for producing thermoplastic UD tapes. They will launch this new innovation at ITMA 2019, but they had already started to arouse people’s curiosity about it at the JEC. “This line was the topic of many conversations. Some visitors came to gather information, while others had specific queries about the machinery, but they were all impressed by the quality of our tapes,” says Dr. Jürgen Trötzsch. This new line is the result of many years of expertise gained by the company in spreading technology. It guarantees a unique, homogeneous distribution of uniform, straight fibres, and thus delivers maximum potential for the lightweight engineering sector.


A new player starts in the market for warp preparation machines in India

KARL MAYER, RABATEX INDUSTRIES and A.T.E. set up a joint venture, 29.03.2019

On 29 March 2019 KARL MAYER, RABATEX INDUSTRIES and A.T.E. signed a contract for setting up a joint venture. The legally independent company is called KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited, has its registered office in Mumbai and production facility in Ahmedabad.

KARL MAYER is the majority shareholder and takes responsibility for the management of the new company.

KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited will focus mainly on the manufacturing and sale of warp preparation machines and creels mainly for Indian market, as well as service and spare parts sale for warp preparation and warp knitting machines.

By means of the newly founded entity, the joint venture partners aim to enhance their position and distribution in the Indian market. Moreover, it is intended to make good use of the existing competencies and synergies, especially in terms of purchasing and customer service.

„With the further development of our international organization, and with our proven way to produce in our main markets, we want to continue to make a contribution to the long-term success of our customers. We are really proud of setting up this joint venture. By pooling our strengths, we will be able to even better support our customers, being close to them in the local market“, explains Arno Gärtner, CEO of KARL MAYER.

Fig. from left to right: Anuj Bhagwati, Managing Director of A.T.E., Arno Gärtner, CEO of KARL MAYER, and Haresh Panchal, Managing Partner of RABATEX INDUSTRIES, during the signing of the contract

„The special contribution of KARL MAYER and RABATEX INDUSTRIES to the joint venture will be production know-how and manufacturing capabilities in the sector of warp preparation machines. Both companies are important players in the warp preparation industry“, says Roland Kohn, President of the Business Unit Warp Preparation of the KARL MAYER Group. KARL MAYER is recognized as a leading and innovative machine manufacturer in the world market in all the areas it is active in.

A.T.E. enriches the group due to its proximity to the market and its strength in customer support. The company has already been KARL MAYER’s distribution partner for many years. „We are honoured to deepen our relationship with KARL MAYER and start a new relationship with RABATEX INDUSTRIES with this new joint venture. We thank our many customers that have encouraged us to take this step with their continuous support. We are confident we will be able to serve them better” says Anuj Bhagwati, Managing Director of A.T.E.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Managing Director of KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited underlines this statement: „We are striving for market leadership in India and supporting the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ initiative of the Government of India. By combining our know-how and our resources in the field of warp preparation machines, we can provide solutions to our customers with exactly those things which they require for their competitiveness, from production to customer service and support”.

RABATEX INDUSTRIES also relies on the synergies of the new relationship. „ RABATEX INDUSTRIES is excited about this association with KARL MAYER, a technology leader in warp preparation machine industry and A.T.E., India’s leading customer focused textile machinery marketer. Our respective strengths will help us in providing advanced technology machinery backed by professional aftersales service to the Indian textile industry”, said Haresh Panchal, Managing Partner of RABATEX INDUSTRIES.