Mastering the challenges of the plastics industry together

Worldwide known, at home in Germany. What applies to the K Show, which takes place from 16 to 23 October in Düsseldorf, also applies to Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. The mechanical engineering company from the Bavarian hall will be presenting its renowned solutions for quality control and regulation of critical process parameters at Stand 10G21 at the world’s most important trade fair for the plastics industry. 


“The challenges for the plastics industry continue to grow,” says Matthias Wulbeck, Area Sales Manager QMS at Mahlo. “Manufacturers should produce more effectively and save resources at the same time”. To make this possible in practice, Mahlo offers concrete solutions with the Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system. The modular system, which is also composed of sensors and measuring frames, measures, records and controls critical parameters such as basis weight, moisture or layer thickness over the entire fabric width. In this way, the energy efficiency of the production systems can be drastically increased, the raw material costs can be optimized and production can be more sustainable.

At the Mahlo booth, visitors can get to know the latest developments “made in Germany” from the comprehensive sensor portfolio. In live operation, the experts will be demonstrating with measurements on various product samples. One sensor used is the Infrascope NIR sensor, which uses infrared radiation to determine measured values. It monitors the absorption of infrared energy of all components on or in the material web in the near-infrared range. “By evaluating different absorption spectra, the moisture content as well as the basis weight of different other materials in the web can be determined simultaneously,” explains Wulbeck.

Answers to challenges in plastics processing

The Optoscope WLI, on the other hand, uses the white light interference method. It can measure minimal application quantities down to 0.4 µm and is therefore the optimum solution for particularly thin layers where other systems reach their limits. In addition, the latest version of the Optoscope WLI offers an even wider range of coating thicknesses thanks to a high-resolution and highly sensitive spectrometer. “The continuous further development of the sensor has ensured that even more accurate measurement results can be obtained,” says Wulbeck. As a representative of the various measurement frames of the Qualiscan QMS system, Mahlo introduces the Webpro XS-II. The measuring bridge is the most compact version of the O-frame. Installation is therefore possible even in confined spaces.

A visit to the Mahlo stand is therefore worthwhile for the trade fair visitors, because: “With our systems, which we would like to explain to the audience at K in more detail, we would like to provide answers to important and urgent questions for the world of plastics processing”.


The employees’ summer party was a real success

It has already become a small tradition: the summer party for the employees of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. Also this year the event was a complete success.

Around 100 Mahlonese came together in perfect summer weather to celebrate a “Bavarian Evening”. That was the motto of this year’s party, which was organised by the works council and supported by the management and the owner family Greenwood-Mahlo. It is meant to be a small thank-you for the work the team does for the company throughout the year.


Matthias Ziegler, Chairman of the Works Council, was pleased to welcome the large number of colleagues and wished them a good atmosphere. This was not long in coming. After all, a traditional Bavarian company knows how to spend a good evening. The catering was based on the classics of Bavarian cuisine. The visitors – most of them in traditional costume – enjoyed roast pork, potato salad, Obatzda and pretzels. The JAV (Jugend- und Ausbildungsvertretung – Youth and Apprenticeship Representation) had really put its foot down during the decoration and the supporting programme. Beer mug lifting, nailing and cans throwing were used to provide good entertainment and a little folk festival feeling in the inner courtyard of the mechanical engineering company. Until deep into the night they ate, talked and laughed together.


CEO Rainer Mestermann thanked the organisers for the successful event and said: “It’s always nice to see how well our employees understand each other in addition to their work”. That’s why the summer party is also firmly scheduled for next year’s calendar.






Mahlo Says: “Thank you ITMA 2019” – THE BEST TEAM !!!!

Mahlo says: “Thank you ITMA 2019”

Mahlo says: "Thank you ITMA 2019"

Mahlo had a wonderful show at the ITMA 2019. We had a great experience and wanted to say "Thank you" to all guests and visitors, our magnificent team, the organizers and Barcelona.With Mahlo our guests could experience the future of weft straigthening and textile process control. Mahlo and Industrie 4.0 are a perfect match.Thanks for a fruitful ITMA – see you in 2023 in Milan! https://www.mahlo.comMusic: Invincible by https://www.frametraxx.de

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Mahlo GmbH + Co KG hosts friendly match with Kelheim Fibres

While the Bundesliga is still in the summer break, the teams of Mahlo and Kelheim Fibres let the ball roll. They played a friendly match on the SV Saal sports field.  After 90 minutes there was a 2:2 draw – and a lot of good mood!


The fans of both teams on the sidelines saw a fair and entertaining game. Twice the Mahlonese had something to cheer, twice the colleagues from Kelheim Fibres. “Both sides can definitely live well with the result,” says Mahlo works council chairman Matthias Ziegler, who co-organised the game. After all, the focus is on having fun anyway. After the final whistle unfortunately no ice tons were found for regeneration, so teams and supporters recovered with cold drinks.



The highlight in the 2019 trade fair calendar

ITMA, the largest and most important trade fair for textile machinery, was on the agenda in 2019. Every four years, the show serves as a guide for the technical and economic development of the sector. Accordingly, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG was very much looking forward to and excited about the seven days of the trade fair in Barcelona.


Did the long preparation time and the many working hours for the ITMA 2019 project pay off? The management and staff of the machine builder asked themselves this question at the start of the trade fair on 20 June. After an intensive but very nice week at the Fira de Barcelona, the clear answer was: Absolutely!

“Despite the subdued situation on the world market, our sales representatives, application engineers and developers held very good and concrete discussions, completed new orders and won many new interested parties,” says Mahlo CEO Rainer Mestermann. There was hardly a chance of passing by the stand number C203 in Hall 2. The attractive and modern presentation of the Mahlo systems and machines proved to be a real magnet for visitors.


Clever stand concept

In the mSmart section, the experts were able to convince themselves of the new digitalization concept from the Lower Bavarian think tank and get to know the new control room software mPilot as well as the data analysis tool mLog. “Since the name Mahlo has stood for high-quality automatic straightening machines and process optimization in the textile industry for decades, we presented our bestselling weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 and the RFMB-15 needle straightener in live operation as the heart of our straightening devices and process control,” says Sales Director Thomas Höpfl. Demo units of the process control systems rounded off the concept. In the denim corner, everything revolved around the robust cotton fabric. The ITMA was the perfect opportunity for Mahlo to test market reactions to the new Orthopac GXRVMC-15 high performance weft straightening concept. And another highlight at the stand: the original desk of company founder Dr. Heinz Mahlo, where visitors could have a souvenir photo taken.


Tradition meets innovation

There also was hardly an empty place in the Mahlo-Bistro. But who can resist a cool wheat beer with real Bavarian white sausages and pretzels?! Two traditional costume days also proved to be an eye-catcher for trade fair visitors and other exhibitors. Equipped with Dirndl and traditional vests, the Mahlo team around the owner couple Greenwood-Mahlo caused a sensation. So much so that some ladies were spontaneously engaged as models for photo shoots at the stand of the German braiding machine manufacturer Herzog.


With the successful combination of high-tech and Bavarian down-to-earth attitude, Mahlo presented Mahlo’s appearance at ITMA 2019 was really impressive.


Strong interest in non-nuclear sensors

The Chinaplas lives up to its name as the leading fair for plastics and rubber in the Asian area. The rush of visitors is huge; the halls are full with interested experts and potential clients for the exhibitors. The Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG at booth 5.1 S01 can feel that, too. There, the machine builders’ motivated trade show team presents the Qualiscan QMS system for measuring and controlling important process parameters such as moisture, basis weight and thickness.


“The first day has brought a whole string of promising talks”, Sales Director Thomas Höpfl resumes. Extremely high is the demand for measuring sensors that manage without radioactive emitters. At Chinaplas, Mahlo showcases the Infrascope NIR as well as the Optoscope WLI from its broad sensor portfolio. While the Infrascope NIR uses infrared light to determine basis weight and moisture, the Optoscope WLI works with white light interference in order to measure thickness and coating thickness down to 0,4 µm. “Depending on the application, our clients have way more possibilities with Mahlo”, Höpfl explains. They could get fathom them in a personal interview.

For that, Chinese speaking clients are mostly served by Mahlo’s China Representative Frank Fei and his team. With its representative office in Shanghai, they are the highly competent, local contact point regarding web gauging systems.


The Chinaplas itself is a meeting point for guests from all over the world. “Of course, the majority of visitors at our booth are from China. But we also have welcomed prospects from South East Asia, Israel and the Middle East”, says Höpfl. Now, they are looking forward to the remaining trade show days and more promising interviews.



Mahlo-solutions on display until 17 May

On May 14, the Techtextil in Frankfurt has started its new edition. Until May 17, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG invites for an exchange of expertise at booth 3.0 B42. On the exhibition space, the newest Mahlo systems for technical textiles await the visitors. They can see the thread and mesh density measurement Famacont PMC-15 as well as a model of weft straightener Orthopac CRVMC-12. With its solutions Mahlo hits the clients’ nerve: high-quality goods due to a more efficient production.

Mahlo Sales Director is therefore pleased with course of the fair so far: “The expert audience at Techtextil is always well-versed in interested in new trends and technical possibilities. We have conducted several intense talks so far.” Now they are looking forward to more successful days.

Visit the Mahlo team at booth 3.0 B42 up until 17 May!



Warp knitted alternatives to save water for an environmentally friendly textile production

CLEANER.PRODUCTIONS are intelligent, end-use applicable concepts as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional production methods.

Environmental protection is an important topic for KARL MAYER, and sustainable production is becoming increasingly important in textile production and therefore also at our customers as well as all textile producers. That is why our support is made up of efficient machines that score highly in terms of environmental protection through the latest technological innovations.

Our latest environmental contribution CLEANER.PRODUCTIONS stands for zero water pollution compared to other production methods especially water jet looms. This protects sustainable resources while contributing to a cleaner environment. 

Warp knitted fabrics – ecological advantages for production

Warp knitted fabrics score points, not only with regard to their variety, but also in relation to their ecological benefits.


No water pollution during the production process on TM 3 machines, this also means that no of the sizing agent PVA* is drained. (*Polyvinyl alcohol)


This warp knitting machines operate at an impressive level of efficiency – with a speed of 2.000 rpm, the TM 3 has a daily production rate of about 3206 sqm/d – one waterjet weaving machines produces only 12 % of a TM 3


The total energy consumption to produce the same amount of fabric is 2,7 times less than with waterjet weaving.


By using Warp Knitting instead of Waterjet Weaving less than one third of  factory space is needed. This means a 3 times higher GDP value per square meter of factor space (for the same output as with waterjet weaving). It means also less amount of sealed industrial land surface, and less investment cost for purchasing the land!

TRICOT MACHINES – your environmental  friendly alternative compared to water jet loom machines 


Sustainable Production of Terry fabrics. See below how you can save up to 30% of cost with the production of warp knitted terry instead of woven and at the same time contribute in preserving the planet for our children.

KARL MAYER offers a complete range of machines for the production of warp knitted terry fabrics:

  • Warp knitted machines with online brushing
  • Warping machines for filament yarns
  • Warping machines for staple fiber yarns


Mahlo presents its Qualiscan QMS at Chinaplas

One of the leading trade shows for plastics and rubber summons international key players once again. From 21 to 24 May the Mahlo-Team around Chinese representatives Frank Fei welcomes experts from all over the world at booth 5.1 S01.

At the Chinaplas 2019 in Guangzhou plastics and rubber are in the spotlight for four days straight – from raw material over production and converting machinery to coated goods. Over 180 000 visitors gathered information on the latest trends and technologies at last year’s event. This time even more are expected. For a very good reason: the demand for plastic products is steadily increasing. At the same time, sustainability gets more and more important. And that already starts with the production process. Mahlo is up for this challenge with its Qualiscan QMS! “The modular system measures, records and controls critical parameters such as basis weight, moisture or layer thickness over the entire width of the product”, explains Frank Fei.

Visitors at the booth have the chance to examine the Mahlo sensors Infrascope NIR as well as the sensor Optoscope WLI in detail. The first mentioned measures the absorption of infrared energy and can identify basis weight and moisture at the same time. Due to its very high spectral resolution, the sensors can distinguish between components with similar IR absorption. “That allows for a highly selective measuring of a specific component or coat without affecting other components”, says Fei. This way, very thin silicon coatings with 0,3 – 0,5 g/m² can be measured easily and precisely.  

With especially thin coats, where other systems reach their limits, the Optoscope WLI is used. With the help of white-light interference phenomenon, the sensor is able to measure varnish coats down to a thickness of 0.4 µm.

Sound interesting? The Mahlo team happily provides information on individual solutions.


Industry meets at leading fair for textile machinery

The countdown is ticking: when the ITMA show opens its gates on 20 June in Barcelona, the experts of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG present at booth H2-C203 new systems and solutions for efficient and high-quality textile production and finishing. Three topics are on focus in the machine builder’s appearance.


Via the „Gateway to Industry 4.0“ visitors can immerse in the digital world of Mahlo. mSmart is the name of the concept developed by the technology leader from Bavaria, that defines the digital environment. “Our systems generate data, which the client can use immediately to control on-line. In addition to that, those figures are logged in our new data management system and are retrievable at any time in order to optimize processes and minimize weak points in the production”, Sales Director Thomas Höpfl explains. How measuring data are saved, logged and evaluated, that visitors can test in the mSmart control room. The real-time data of all machines displayed come together here, so every change in a machine can be observed.

The Future of Straightening & Process Control

In the textile industry, the name Mahlo is equivalent to high-end automatic straighteners and process control systems. The experts’ recipe for success is decade-long experience paired with the latest technological developments. Exactly this combination has made Mahlo the world market leader for weft straightening. At the ITMA, the company stays true to its strategy and showcases according to the motto “The Future of Straightening and Process Control” the latest advancements. In live operation, the most recent generations of weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 or web gauging system Qualiscan QMS-12, why they enhance every textile production line. Patcontrol PCS-15 for pattern control and Famacont PMC-15 for controlling weft thread and mesh density also contribute to high-quality textile production and finishing. Both are also in live operation at the ITMA. People interested can have the operation principle explained with the help of a demo tower and their own or provided fabric samples at the Mahlo booth.


For especially heavy cases, a separate area is reserved at booth H2-C203: at the Denim-Corner everything revolves around the rugged cotton fabric. The popularity of denim is constantly rising, with no end in sight. Equally increase the end customers’ expectations on design and functionality – and therefore also on the producers. Mahlo introduces in Barcelona a new high-end-solution for straightening the demanding material. “The new technology allows exact and quick controlling even of the heaviest web. In a way unprecedented in the denim industry”, says Höpfl.

A meeting point to connect and establish new contacts will be – just like at previous ITMAs – the Mahlo Bistro. Here, visitors can enjoy Bavarian specialties and recapitulate, how they can improve their production processes.