Pinter to launch next-gen spindle monitoring system with Industry 4.0 capabilities

The Pinter Group has through its innovative range of products been able to make deep inroads into several key global textile markets. It is lining up an interesting mix of products, including an exciting new launch, for the forthcoming ITMA 2019 event.

From left, Mr. Ramon, Director Manufacturing, Pinter FA.NI India, Mr. Josep Torrent, Chief Operating Officer, Pinter Group, Spain, Mr. Adria Serra, Chief Executive Officer, Pinter Group, Spain, and Mr. R. Soundararajan, Director Operations, Pinter FA.NI India

We caught up with Mr. Josep Torrent, COO, Mr. Adria Serra, CEO of the group, and Mr. R. Soundararajan, Managing Director of Pinter FA.NI Asia Private Ltd., the group’s Indian subsidiary, based out of Coimbatore, to find out what’s instore for the visitors at ITMA 2019.

Mr. Adria Serra explained: “This time we have a space of 250 sq. m. We will be showcasing five machines. There will be a fashion corner where we will display finished fabric for visitors to see the effects that we provide. There is a space for meetings and the rest of the stall will be used for exhibiting our machines which will be, a new type of mosaic, a machine with TRI core, a machine equipped with mosaic for wool and the fourth machine is the latest version of our ‘fancy tops’ machine. We have changed the insertions and adapted it for the cotton market. The machine’s speed is also higher now.

The highlight of the show will be the latest version of our spindle monitoring system that we will be displaying at the event. As it is well known that the Pinter Group has been a pioneer in this field, we will be presenting a system with new sensors, called ‘OPTIFIL’. This system is equipped with Industry 4.0 capabilities. In fact, everything that we are developing in recent times goes in this direction, to maintain what are known as ‘smart factories’. The trend had already started in the automobile industry. In textiles, the technology was a late entrant. This is an exciting launch with many possibilities.”

Adding to the point, Mr. Soundarajan mentioned: “Last year we have sold 1.8 million spindle monitoring systems and roving stops worldwide, which is a testimony to the leadership position that we enjoy.”

Pointing out the key benefits that Pinter has accrued over the years by participating in ITMA, Mr. Torrent explained: “We want our customers to know that we are a very innovative company and give solutions for core yarn attachments, monitoring systems, slub and color yarn attachments. Besides we also benefit from the orders that we are able to book at the event.”

Continuing further he said: “People come to the event specifically to see the latest in each field and once they see that we have what they wanted, they end up making a purchase decision at the event. So the event not only helps us strengthen our brand image, but also to get orders too.”

Adding to the point, Mr. Soundarajan said: “In ITMA 2015 held in Milan, the Pinter stall was adjudged the best innovative stall and was appreciated by top Indian companies.”

Speaking about his expectations from the premier textile trade show, Mr. Torrent said: “We hope there will be a good number of Indian visitors. Since the event is taking place in Spain, we also expect a lot of visitors from South America, which is also a very important market for us. Visitors are expected from Bangladesh, Turkey and some parts of Europe, which earlier didn’t have much presence in the textile industry. We hope that that there is good footfall and a lot of people learn about our innovations.”

Listing down a few key factors that make Pinter Group’s products stand out from the crowd, Mr. Torrent mentioned: “Our products are robust, we make military electronics and driver mechanics. Everything that we make is robust. Regarding service, we are in Spain, Italy, India, China, etc. Almost all major textile markets globally are covered by our engineers. Our R&D team gets feedback from the market and develops innovative products. We have our exclusive R&D set up in two locations, Spain and Italy. In Barcelona, Spain, we do most of the mechanical components. We have two facilities in Italy for software and research on electronics. We invest heavily in R&D and it has been one of the corner stones of our success story over the years.”

The group’s strong focus on aftersales service can be gauged from the fact that it has set up a separate company, namely, Pinter Service India Private Ltd., for the purpose in India. Mr. Soundarajan while going into this detail, said: “We have around 22 engineers operating out of India and one in Bangladesh. All these engineers handle installation and service calls in neighbouring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Turkey, whenever required.”

“We are keeping the same level of sales from the previous year. We have not grown but been able to maintain the same turnover. Globally we have done well in markets like China. We have also grown in smaller countries like Uzbekistan,” added Mr. Torrent.

“Visitors can take a closer look at our products at Hall-5, Stall No.A-209 at the event. We welcome them to experience the latest in technology and innovation”, he signed off.

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