Christina Gerl has started her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk 

This is me

I am Christina Gerl, 16 years old and graduated from the State School of Economics in Abensberg in July 2019 with the secondary school leaving certificate. On September 2nd I started an apprenticeship at Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG as an industrial clerk.

In the 9th grade I visited several companies with different professions to find my dream job. Among other things, I did an internship as an industrial clerk at Mahlo.The internship gave me a good insight into the everyday working life of an industrial clerk and into the company. After a week at Mahlo, it was clear to me – this is where I want to start!


Mahlo GmbH + Co KG is a family business and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement, control and automation systems for the textile and finishing industries as well as for the coating, foil and paper sectors.

My 1st working day

On my first day, I was very excited. Our trainers Eva-Maria Markl and Andreas Beil picked us (11 trainees in total) up in front of the head office and introduced themselves together with the CEO Rainer Mestermann and the trainers of different departments in the innovation hall. In this hall, for example, our machines are tested for reliability during test runs or presented to customers. To loosen things up, we played a game after the getting to know each other round. Our trainers told us what we would expect from our training. We were also allowed to share what we expect from the training and what goals we have. Finally, we took a tour of the administration building and then went to our departments – mine is the Technical Documentation/Marketing department.

The Introductory Days

On the second day, there was again a lot of new information for us. First we went to our departments. Before the lunch break, the works council and the JAV introduced themselves to us. Afterwards we were instructed in the general safety regulations. After our lunch break in the canteen we visited the company museum, which was dedicated to Dr. Heinz Mahlo. He founded the company in 1945 and developed the principle of the automatic straightening machine that Mahlo still uses today. We then took a tour of the production area.

The 1st and 2nd year apprentices, the trainers and the marketing employee Stephanie Marchsreiter took a trip to the Super Bowl in Regensburg on Wednesday. Arriving there, we split into different groups and started bowling right away. We had a lot of fun and got to know each other better.

From day to day also the excitement becomes less before the work. Every day at half past seven I clock in, go to my workplace, switch on the computer and complete the tasks. But back to the introductory week: On the fourth day of the introductory week, we were instructed in the fire protection regulations. Later, Mr. Beil showed us the rest of the production area. This gave us an insight into how the machines are produced from start to finish.


Good Prospects

At the end of the 1st week I got to know all the commercial apprentices in a round of introductions. Altogether we are 7 commercial apprentices (3 boys, 4 girls). They are all very nice and told us about their experiences, how the first days with them were in the company and in the vocational school. After the break we met with our trainers to discuss the overall impressions of the whole week. Afterwards we had a barbecue together with all trainees (1st – 4th year of apprenticeship). We were also able to get to know them better.

My overall impressions of the 1st week couldn’t be better. I do not regret it in any case to have begun my training here. We newcomers have been welcomed nicely by everyone. We also get along very well with each other and, for example, meet every day for lunch in the canteen. After my training, I hope that I will be able to work for Mahlo for many years to come.

Now, for me and Nina (trainee from the 1st year as an industrial clerk), the vocational school has already started. We are both eager to get to know our new classmates, our new teachers and our new school better.

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