Dear customers and friends,

You may be aware about the current situation in Italy in relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Since there are many, conflicting reports about it, we’d like to give your our side of the story.

The situation is changing continuously and positively. Here in Tonello everyone is well, healthy, and we’re all continuing our everyday lives.

We are monitoring the situation regularly and we are guaranteeing normal working activities and follow up from our headquarters in Sarcedo (VI).

This means that our production is not in any way delayed, and will continue to run as usual. The same goes for our Research Center for the developments of samples and collections.

On the other hand, some activities in foreign Countries, like visits and workshops, might be postponed due to possible restrictive policies that go beyond our decision-making power.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but we are sure about your understanding and confident that the situation will go back to normal soon.

Best regards.

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