Dear Sirs,

BUSI GIOVANNI (Italy) has always been committed to adopt and spread the so-called culture of health and safety in our premises, thus promoting responsible behaviour and operating actively in order to safeguard and protect our employees’ health and safety.

In such an emergency situation due to Coronavirus our ethical commitment is equally strong and more solid.

We do want you to be certain and ensure you that BUSI is currently adopting all the preventive and precautionary  measures provided by the Italian Ministry of Health and other Public Authorities.

These measures, which have been approved by the European Union, too, have promptly been taken by BUSI for the sake of protecting all our workers, all our Customers and all people with whom we get in touch every day, although our company is NOT located in the red emergency area.

Please be also notified that for any query and request, you can continue to refer directly to our staff who are keeping being operative as usually.

In this delicate moment BUSI is able and willing to guarantee its usual daily activity by offering constant and continuous full support to all our Customers worldwide, and also to those who are located in the Italian emergency area.

You are then invited to keep in touch both with our commercial team and with our technical staff in order to avoid you any trouble or problem.

Hope the above is explanatory, do not hesitate contact us as you are used to doing.

Thank you for your attention to the above.

Best regards,

Catina Busi
Managing Director

Web Site: www.busigiovanni.com
E-mail: catina.busi@busigiovanni.com
Tel: +39-030 2190304

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