BLUTEC S.A. de C.V. nueva colaboración con nuestra representada TONELLO Energie.

Tonello Energie born from the industrial tradition of Tonello Srl, a leading worldwide since 1981 in the manufacture of textile machinery.

Tonello Energie was founded in 2008 by the union of skilled professionals who have developed considerable expertise in the field of photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants. In a few years Tonello Energie has become the EPC contractor of reference in the field of renewable energy, through knowledge, experience, professionalism, reliability.

The projects of photovoltaic systems, hydro and biomass created by Tonello Energie enable the production of clean energy in large quantities, totally careful to the reliability and energy efficiency. Tonello Energie sets its foundation on the Company Code of Ethics and on the values that guide method, transparency, respect, team spirit, ability to change, continuing education and safety.

The EPC Contractor, already widely used in the construction industry today is also applied in the renewable energy sector because it offers significant advantages to the investor company. With this contractual agreement Tonello Energie assumes responsibility for the project in all its phases, serving as a single point of contact for the investor. Tonello Energie is aimed at Groups Financial Institutions, Companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, private investors, Italians and foreigners who want to invest in photovoltaic systems, with the guarantee of being able to realize the maximum return on their investment. Such companies or entities may therefore rely on a qualified and skilled group capable of performing quality work, safely and without the risk arising from changing market conditions. Tonello Energie is present throughout the national territory with a hundred operators located in 2 locations, one in Veneto and the other in Puglia. The central headquarters of Fara Vicentino (VI) co-ordinates its activities in strong growth in Italy and Eastern Europe.

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