KARL MAYER monitors the continuously developing Covid-19 virus situation closely and has taken and will take measures focused on the needs of our customers and on the health and wellbeing of our employees and business partners all over the world.

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Your worldwide contact persons at KARL MAYER remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are still here for you!

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This news page will be updated regularly to keep you informed about the measures taken by KARL MAYER.


+++ UPDATE 6 – 04/14/2020 +++

The Indian government has decided that the current nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus will be extended until May 3. Accordingly, our factory in Ahmedabad will remain closed until the next review of the restrictions.

As published in our update 4, your contact persons remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are there to support you!

+++ UPDATE 5 – 04/06/2020 +++

The Italian government has decided that for all non-essential industrial activities throughout Italy the shut down will be extended until 13rd of April. This includes also our factory in Mezzolombardo.

As published in our update 3, your contact persons remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are there to support you!

+++ UPDATE 4 – 03/31/2020 +++

The Prime Minister of India announced a complete and total shutdown of the country, including a very strict curfew like measures. Until April 14, the population is not allowed to leave their homes except for purchasing groceries, medicines and visit to hospitals. All shops and businesses must remain closed except essential humanitarian services as notified by Government of India. This also applies to our organizations in India.

We have closed the productions until further notice. As recommended by the Indian government, all employees will work from home as best as possible and will continue to be available to customers, business partners and colleagues via telephone and e-mail.

+++ UPDATE 3 – 03/25/2020 +++

Despite the very difficult situation in Italy, KARL MAYER ROTAL remained open and fully operational the last weeks. We have constantly monitored the development of the Covid-19 virus and have taken measures at our Italian site focused on our customer’s needs but more importantly safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees and suppliers.

Production in Mezzolombardo shuts down
The Italian government has now decided to implement even more stringent measures to reduce the spread of the virus. All non-essential industrial activities throughout Italy will shut down starting from 26th of March until 3rd of April. This includes also our factory in Mezzolombardo.

Availability still ensured 
While considering the state of emergency as well as the need to ensure the continuation of all our business activities, the employees of many of KARL MAYER ROTAL’s departments work mobile from home: administration, sales, helpdesk and service, product management as well as design & development.

Your contact persons remain available via email and phone. Please do not hesitate to contact them. We are there to support you!

+++ UPDATE 2 – 03/13/2020 +++

Flexible working
For some time now, many employees have had the opportunity to work to a certain extent at locations other than their permanent workplace, i.e. also from home.

Taking into account the increasing restrictions on public life in Europe and the United States (e.g. closure of schools and daycare centers, closure of shops, restriction of public transport, etc.), we have extended these opportunities, especially for employees at the locations affected by this in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. This allows for a high degree of flexibility to maintain business operations even in these times.

+++ UPDATE 1 – 03/09/2020 +++

At the end of January, KARL MAYER started to set up various task forces in its subsidiaries around the world in order to monitor and analyse the rapidly developing situation, first in China and now also worldwide, and to take appropriate action if necessary. 

We are following the recommendations and guidelines issued by the authorities in the respective countries to contain the coronavirus, and have taken appropriate measures to minimize the risk of infection with the virus for our employees and our business partners worldwide.

Use of virtual channels
Restrictions on business travel to and from China have been in effect since the end of January. These are constantly updated in line with the international spread of the coronavirus. In general, business trips to the risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute are prohibited. All other business trips are only possible if absolutely necessary for operational reasons in individual cases. All meetings – both internal with colleagues and external with business partners – should, as far as possible, take place via virtual communication channels. 

Production continues
Our plant in China resumed production on February 14, 2020 after successful inspection by the local authorities. Our plants in Italy and Germany also continue their production. As of today, our ability to deliver from our sites on schedule is assured. We are in contact with all partners in our supply chain to be informed about possible effects at an early stage and to be able to react to possible delays.

We are closely monitoring the current situation and will provide information here on possible further measures.

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