Tonello showcases its sustainable finishing systems

By Jessica Owen 27 October 2020

At Innovate Textile & Apparel, Tonello is showcasing its sustainable garment finishing technologies.

These include the Wake and OBleach systems – two ‘revolutionary’ patent-pending processes, which can be applied to the same garment, at the same time, to create sustainable effects.

Wake is the ‘first’ totally natural dyeing system. It uses only plants and vegetable waste such as flowers, berries and roots which are left to dry and infuse, without harmful chemical additives. The company says it’s as easy as making herbal tea and represents a ‘real paradigm shift’.

What’s more, the system uses 100% organic and compostable raw materials, drastically reduces CO2 emissions, allows for great water and energy savings, and supposedly guarantees the safety and health of both the process and the garments in dyeing for the operators as well as for the final consumers.

“We thrive impossible challenges, lateral points of view, and even upside-down ones,” the company says.

“Because without ideas, ours would just be machines. Instead they are dreams that become reality, processes that constantly change and improve the way we work, and insights that come from research that increasingly raises the bar of sustainability and responsibility.”

OBleach is essentially bleach without the bleach

Elsewhere, the company is exhibiting its OBleach process. This is a new technology developed by Tonello which essentially is bleach without the bleach. The main advantages of this product are the contrasting effects, maximum repeatability, and respect for the fibres and the environment thanks to a room-temperature process.

Founded in 1981, Tonello is a global leader of garment finishing technologies. Thanks to its ‘cutting-edge’ machines and its ‘one-of-a-kind’ service, the company acts side by side with its customers creating a link between the stylists and the companies dyeing and finishing the garments. With more than 8,500 machines sold worldwide, Tonello is considered ‘the reference point for the garment finishing industry’.

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