CONVERTECH JAPAN 2017 – 15 – 17 Feb 2017 in Tokyo, Japan ( Visit Mahlo at booth 3B-27 )

Convertech Japanmahlo - trendsetting technology worlwidemahlo - trendsetting technology worlwide

Japanese Coating & Converting Exhibition

At the Convertech Japan 2017 we welcome our guests at booth no. 3B-27.

The Convertech is part of the “Converting Technology Exhibition” which combines six specialized exhibitions to present all of the converting technologies, materials, and equipment required to process webs and sheets such as film, foil, paper, and nonwoven fabric.

Although the converting industry began with packaging materials for snacks and foods, it has since expanded to produce adhesive tapes and wall paper, for example, and more recently to the production of semiconductor components, electronics, and aerospace related items. In this way, their sensitivity to the needs of the day and their drive to commercialize those needs, have led engineers in the field to expand the base of the converting field.

Converting process control solutions from Mahlo

Mahlo displays at the Convertech Japan 2017
Mahlo displays web process control systems at the Convertech Japan 2017 from 15 – 17 Feb in Tokyo

In the Japanese Coating & Converting market we provide renowned on-line measurement and control solutions for film/sheet thickness, basis weight, density, coating add-on, and moisture.

The traversing quality control system Qualiscan QMS is the perfect tool for the demanding manufacturer. It offers non-nuclear sensors plus responsive, professional technical support, and the most reliable, well-built scanning platforms in the industry.

For detailed information about the trade show itself please visit the website:

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