Mahlo showcases at IndoIntertex and Saigontex

For a long time, the Asian tiger states are trying to tie up with China’s economic success. And in many aspects, they have achieved just that today: Indonesia is probably the most diverse country with regard to ethnic groups. No surprise with 255 million inhabitants spread among the world’s largest island archipelago. If a Muslim Aceh from the West met up with a native from the East that would be much more exciting than a Bavarian meeting an East Frisian.

As exciting is also the situation in the textile market: The internal market alone is huge. Corresponding to that, over the last few decades capacities have been built up whose best years are now almost over. The need for replacement investments is growing every month but the political situation still is an impediment for the clients’ investment plans. Next year, elections are held. Hopes are that those bring the desired safety and that Indonesian investments are not strangled by politics.

The IndoIntertex, held from 4 to 7 April for an interested expert audience, took up those topics: most talks revolved around cost saving and service; with new investments, the price was the main focus. Yet, one could feel that the textile industry is preparing for the moment when the next generation of machines brings a fresh breeze into textile production. And Mahlo with its innovative solutions will be ready for this time.

Updraft in Vietnam 

Quite different are the circumstances in Vietnam: due to cleverly chosen trade agreements the country is in the upswing touristically and economically. Many well-known companies lately have invested in new production sites and continue to do that. One indicator is also the hustle and bustle on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Mass tourism has discovered the exotic country and replaced the backpackers to a great extent. Compared to Thailand or the direct neighbour Cambodia, Vietnam has gotten quite expensive. Rents and real estate prices in the big cities have reached European standards and at some places you pay more for one beer than you do at the “Bayerische Hof” in Munich. Nevertheless, wage costs are still on an attractive level for the Vietnamese textile industry, which make the products extremely valuable for export.

Because of the latest investments, Vietnam is well equipped with modern machines – a lot of them by Mahlo – and therefore can offer high quality products at attractive prices. The success of the Saigontex trade fair confirms this development. The local Mahlo agency Thach Anh Vang, who again has prepared a perfectly organized booth, benefits from that. To ensure the quality of the Vietnamese products in the future, the focus this year lies on process control. Among different sensors, the Optipac system as well as the basis weight management system Famacont PMC is showcased. With those, Mahlo will make a major contribution to Vietnam’s growth.

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