These BUSI models are simply unique in the market.

These BUSI models are simply unique in the market.

Their peculiarity consists in the possibility of transferring not only from the dial needles to the cylinder, but from the cylinder needles to the dial too.

Both models, therefore, are the only single-cylinder machines that can replicate the typical, extremely elegant, broad-rib socks knitted by double-cylinder ones.

 DOPPIO and DOPPIO TERRY can also knit double welt, followed by true rib in the leg and foot (whereas double-cylinder machines simply cannot do that)

They have 4 pattern colours plus ground, can be equipped with our renowned RIMAGLIO automatic toe-closing device (, and DOPPIO TERRY can knit a superb quality sandwich terry, by using a very stable and precise sinker cap equipped with a double sinker.

 Please let us know whether you were interested in receiving self-explanatory sock samples knitted on the above mentioned models.


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