Festivity is a long-standing tradition with machine builder

Out there, through the woods he comes…, and that already for 47 years. That is how long the St. Nicholas celebration is a tradition at Saal-bases machine builder Mahlo. This year, 17 children of employees were pleased with gifts and treats.

In 1970 St. Nicholas parked his decorated sleigh for the first time in the family company’s cafeteria. Then as now, it was packed with surprises. A bright red bobsled, a cozy scarf and of course sweets were waiting for the little ones this time. To shorten the wait until the arrival of Nicholas, a tasty meal and crafting was on the schedule.
The party was first introduced by company founder Dr. Ing. Heinz Mahlo and his wife Renate, as grandson and owner Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo explains: “It was a special cause for both of them to do something for their employees’ children.” As a young boy, Greenwood-Mahlo participated in the festivities, later he joint in with his own son, then as a guest, never missing a year. “The kids’ shining eyes and the excitement just before St. Nicholas arrives is always special, no matter how old you are.” Many Mahlo-employees whose family members have worked here for a long time might feel the same. They had also stood nervously in front of the holy bishop and recited a song or poem for him. Today, it’s the next generation. “To keep this tradition and strengthen the sense of belonging is a great need for the family”, as Greenwood-Mahlo says.

Casting the part of St. Nicholas is also characterized by permanence. For over four decades, former member of staff Georg Neumayer put on mitre, coat and the long white beard. In 2016 he handed over the crosier to Johann Forstner for reasons of age. Forstner takes his duty as serious as his processor. Every single child got his attention and a few nice words. And the promise that St. Nicholas will be back next year.

KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam – Starting from November 2017

Workshop Provides 1 Week WKB Course

With 9 months of sufficient preparation, KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam has officially launched with Grand Opening Ceremony on November 13, 2017.

On the day of opening ceremony, representative from Illies, Kuna Robert and Wu Chun Yan, the Trainers who are providing courses for Vietnam Workshop from KARL MAYER and Eddy Ho, sales manager of KARL MAYER Hong Kong welcomed the participants of the first phase of workshop. The visitors – customers from Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh-City – attended the premiere event held from 13 to 17 November 2017, followed from a second one, held from 20 to 24 November 2017. Each of them took place in Ho-Chi-Minh-City and was attended by six participants.

KARL MAYER is devoting to expand the Southeast Asian market, so more and more Vietnamese manufacturers purchase KARL MAYER warp knitting machines. In order to meet the current market demand, KARL MAYER will provide more product-related learning courses to help customers getting familiar with the theory and operation of KARL MAYER machine.

Trainees of KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam will be attending a 1 week WKB training course, including Machines Theory, Study of warp knitted fabric constructions, Textile calculations and Practical works on training machines. In addition, KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam will offer additional course of Machine Maintenance Introduction and Article Change. Here introduce some detailed information regarding KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam:

  • Introduction „Stitch formation“ Warp Knitting
  • Tricot machine structure, technical features
  • Function and explanation of the knitting element movements and their synchronisation with help of chain links
  • Explanation of the KAMCOS in details and hands on practice of each participant.

A high-fashion look for upholstery fabrics produced on the new RASCHELTRONIC®

The fabric makes a sofa

Since the emergence of the athleisure trend, it has become clear that various synergies existing between specific segments of the textile sector can be exploited. For example, lingerie lace is being incorporated into the shirts of women runners, and functional materials are being used in sexy briefs. Home and household textiles can also profit from the transfer of ideas from one sector to another. For example, the possibilities offered by typical warp knitting machines used in the clothing sector are now bringing a touch of flamboyance to the home.

KARL MAYER has taken up this trend of transferring ideas from one sector to another in the textile industry and has used its tried-and-tested RASCHELTRONIC® machine to produce stable upholstery fabrics. This high-speed jacquard raschel machine has been a firm favourite among producers of sportswear and lingerie fabrics for some time now. These companies are using the RASCHELTRONIC® to produce stretch and non-stretch textiles with functional zones. The model used is designated the RSJC 5/1 EL, and this new collection has made it an interesting proposition for manufacturers of home textiles as well. The fabrics feature an attractive, graphic design with open-work constructions, and are extremely heavy for RASCHELTRONIC® fabrics. The final fabrics weigh between 330 and 400 g/m², depending on the arrangement of the weft lapping. In some designs, the weft runs along the holes, which therefore remain open, and does not join any stitch wales. In other patterns, the ground bars with the weft add to the openings, which affects the appearance and characteristics of the textile. The warp-knitted textiles, with the partially filled-in openings, are denser and more stable in every direction. All the fabrics also have the appropriate abrasion resistance values for use as upholstery fabrics. The results of abrasion tests carried out by textile developers at KARL MAYER lie within the average range of the specific requirements of most manufacturers. The performance of these durable warp-knitted fabrics has also attracted the attention of shoe fabric producers. “The machines are selling very well globally,” says Stefan Gross from the Product Development, Textile Technology Department at KARL MAYER.

Further reasons for the success of the RASCHELTRONIC® include its high level of flexibility, since the EL feature enables different patterns to be worked easily one after the other at an exceptional production rate. At a maximum speed of 1,000 min-1, this new high-speed jacquard raschel machine can produce an average of 48 metres of this new upholstery fabric per hour. The machine gauge is E 18 and the working width is 130″. Textured, tanglelaced polyester is used as the yarn.



Using large sectional warp beams to produce warp-knitted cotton terry towels efficiently

KARL MAYER develops and manufactures high-performance warp preparation machines for both weaving and warp knitting and, in order to do this, uses the synergies that exist between the two sectors. The WKD-SP is the latest result of this know-how and technology transfer. This direct warping machine is based on the WARPDIRECT® machine for the weaving sector, and processes staple-fibre yarns. Producers of warp-knitted, cotton terry towels should find this particularly interesting. This new machine delivers all the performance features of its predecessor but, above all, its advantages can be exploited by using back beams, with their wider widths, as sectional warp beams (SWBs) in the warp knitting sector.

Efficient warping with the WARPDIRECT®

Die WARPDIRECT® is a universal direct warping machine for processing every type of staple-fibre yarn. It produces high-quality beams for the slasher dyeing process in denim dyeing, for combining all the yarns on the warp beams on the assembling machine, and for processing in a sizing machine with subsequent warp beam production. The back beams for these various processes are of the highest quality. The beams are completely cylindrical, thanks to an intelligent press roller system and optimum yarn laying, and the yarns are arranged extremely accurately. A computer-controlled length measuring system delivers a length accuracy of 0.1 %. The yarns are also handled very gently. Other advantages of the WARPDIRECT® include its low maintenance costs and high productivity. The maximum warping speed is 1,200 m/min. The easy-to-use, graphic touchscreen guarantees optimum machine usage. All these advantages enable the WKD-SP to now be used for the production of SWBs for the warp knitting sector as well.

Efficient production of towels using the WKD-SP and TM 4 TS EL

The starting point for modifying the WARPDIRECT® to create the WKD-SP were the demands made by the TM 4 TS EL during use. An efficient direct warping machine was needed to match this efficient machine for producing warp-knitted cotton terry towels. The modifications that were needed relate mainly to the software. The program changes enable constant yarn tension levels and completely uniform SWB circumferences to be produced. SWBs with the same circumferences and yarn tension levels are needed, since several of them are processed at the same time on the TM 4 TS EL.

The SWBs of the new direct warping machine have the same width as back beams. This means that the number can be reduced when loading the machine, and the direct beaming process becomes more efficient. For example, with a TM 4 TS EL with a gauge of E 24, a working width of 186″ and the normal threading arrangement of 1 in, 1 out, eight SWBs per axle of the beam frame can be reduced to two large-format ones.

KARL MAYER is putting the emphasis on flexibility by concentrating specifically on the width of the SWBs. For example, the extra-wide SWBs can also be used on its tried-and-tested direct warping machine and, for the WKD-SP, this manufacturer enables back beams to be processed to suit customer requirements. Customers are, therefore, able to use beams supplied by both local and global suppliers.


Desde 1981 investigamos, experimentamos, innovamos. Y hacemos much más que fabricar máquinas de acabado.


Core es una nueva tecnología aplicable a lavadoras y máquinas de teñido Tonello, capaz de crear efectos homogéneos o contrastantes sobre denim y prendas listas para el teñido. Permite además aplicar una amplia gama de productos auxiliares de forma totalmente automática.



Core es una tecnología especial, capaz de crear efectos homogéneos o contrastantes que van más allá del efecto moda y liberan toda la potencialidad de una prenda. El proceso es rápido, completamente automático y programable; asegura mejores rendimientos durante su aplicación y se realiza en la máquina, sin preparaciones especiales ni conexiones. Core está íntegramente interconectada con la máquina y se puede emplear en cualquier ciclo productivo sin tener que interrumpir el proceso. Core a su vez reduce drásticamente el empleo de agua: de hecho, permite realizar por primera vez teñidos de bajísimo impacto medioambiental, con una relación de baño de 1:1. Core va más allá de los efectos moda para liberar toda la potencialidad de una prenda; según las necesidades y los resultados deseados, permite aplicar también productos auxiliares, como suavizantes, resinas para bigotes 3D, resinas hidrófugas, productos antibacterianos, etc.


EFI-Reggiani Soft Signage digital&rotary Printers

EFI Reggiani ONE 180
The greatest value on the market if you are looking to aggressively develop and drive more profitability into your soft signage business.
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Max. Prints Width: Up to 70 in. (180 cm) wide
Resolution: Up to 2400 dpi
Max. Speed: Up to 3,336 sqft/hr (310 sqm/hr)
Fabric Weight: From 30 to 450 gr/sqm
Dryer: 1 industrial chamber (gas or electric)
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EFI Reggiani PRO 180
EFITM Reggiani PRO series printers are the superior choice for established soft signage producers looking to further grow business with industry-leading image quality and higher volume capacity.
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Max. Print Width: Up to 70 in. (180 cm) width
Resolution: Up to 2400 DPI
Max. Speed: Up to 6,135 sqft/hr (570 sqm/hr)
Fabric Weight: 30 to 450 gr/sqm
Dryer: 1 industrial chamber (gas or electric)
Brochure: Click to download
EFI Reggiani PRO 180
EFI Reggiani PRO series printers are the superior choice for established soft signage producers looking to further grow business with industry-leading image quality and higher volume capacity.
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Max. Print Width: Up to 133 in. (340 cm) width
Resolution: Up to 2400 DPI
Max Speed 8H: Up to 4,305 sqft/hr (400 sqm/hr)
Max Speed 16H: Up to 8,611 sqft/hr (800 sqm/hr)
Fabric Weight: 30 to 450 gr/sqm
Dryer: 1 industrial chamber (gas or electric)
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