Danitech nasce dalla volonta’ di un gruppo di tecnici, con una forte specializzazione nello studio, progettazione e realizzazione di macchine per la nobilitazione tessile maturata in primarie aziende del settore meccanotessile , di proporre al mercato tessile mondiale una linea di prodotti ad altissimo contenuto tecnologico che offra, alle aziende impegnate nella nobilitazione delle fibre tessili, la possibilita’ di affrontare le sfide di un mercato sempre piu’ competitivo  con la necessaria , quanto fondamentale, attenzione all’impatto ambientale. La progettazione e la costruzione di tutti i prodotti danitech è interamente realizzata in italia presso i nostri stabilimenti in Senago (Milano) in viale europa 4b/c


Danitech Srl
Sede Legale: Via Boccaccio, 29 20123 Milano 
Sede Operativa: Viale Europa 4 B/C 20030 Senago (MI)
PEC danitechsrl@legalmail.it
REA MI – 2077891 – C.F. 09237630968 – P. IVA 09237630968 20030 
Capitale sociale in Euro Sottoscritto e Versato: 105.884,67 


Terrot to exhibit globally top-selling machine I3P 154 and exclusive model Sino SL-4 TC for China at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018

Terrot Strickmaschinen

Terrot to exhibit globally top-selling machine I3P 154 and exclusive model Sino SL-4 TC for China at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018  
(Chemnitz, October 2018) From 15 to 19 October 2018 the event of ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 will offer a huge showcase of cutting-edge solutions for textile makers. 

As one of the leading manufacturers of manually and electronically controlled circular knitting machines in the market, Terrot is exhibitor and welcomes visitors from all sectors of the global textile industry in hall NH, booth number D07. Two models of its well-developed machine portfolio will be demonstrated live:

I3P 154 – Terrot 8-lock technology made in Germany for fine rib, interlock and modified structures

The I3P 154 8-lock machine provides maximum flexibility for different fabric applications in the fields of sports and leisurewear, outerwear and technical textiles.

The top-selling I3P 154 is the origin of all Terrot 8-lock and I3P machines suitable for all kinds of textile applications, especially outerwear fabrics and technical textiles. This machine features an impressive delayed timing up to 6 mm and creates fine rib and modified interlock structures with a high level of efficiency. The abbreviation I3P stands for interlock in three different needle positions – knit, tuck and miss. The result is a striking flexibility in application for the production of outerwear textiles. 1.8 feeds per inch and a maximum speedfactor of 900 SF guarantee high productivity.  Its precise adjustment of delayed or synchronized timing allow impressive delayed timing up to 6 mm for dimensionally stable and durable fabrics. Wide cam tracks suit different yarn counts with special characteristics, like spun yarns (wool, linen, silk, Kevlar, etc.) which are necessary for technical applications.

Special sinkerless technology model Sino SL-4 TC – powerful jersey production

The second exhibition model is the sinkerless Sino SL-4 TC. SINO by Terrot is ready to enter the Chinese market. The model SL-4 TC stands for an easy and extremely efficient single jersey production for leisure and outerwear fabrics. Terrot circular knitting machines by SINO are especially designed to meet the technical requirements of the Chinese market, and are therefore exclusively distributed there. They convince with shorter delivery times and offer great value for money in order to serve the demand for high quality machines in China.

This highly productive single jersey machine is designed without sinkers for advanced fabric quality. Its assembly is very easy and significantly reduces cleaning and maintenance operations on the knitting head. The SL-4 model is available with tubular frame or open width frame. 

Visitors can also receive further information on Terrot’s innovative Corizon technology, a special process which combines spinning and knitting to create a new and unique yarn structure. At Terrot’s booth different fabric samples and general sales information materials are available for interested spinners and knitters.

Terrot is looking forward to meeting you in hall NH, booth number D07.


Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

15.10. – 19.10.2018




Mahlo booth is buzzing

Since 9 o’clock in the morning, all eyes of the textile world are on the ITMA Asia. At the biggest trade show for textile machinery in the Asian region, renowned key players of the textile supply chain inform about their sector’s trends and innovations for five days. That Mahlo GmbH from Germany could not have wished for a better first fair day.


“From the moment of the opening on it is rush hour at our booth”, says CEO Rainer Mestermann, who is on site with a large Mahlo delegation from Germany. On 80 square meters, representatives of textile producers and finishers gathered information on the latest developments of the market leader for weft straightening and process control. “Especially our product film about the newest version of our pin wheel and roller straightener Orthomax RFMB-15, which can be seen on a 4×3 meter screen, has attracted many visitors”, reports Sales Director Thomas Höpfl. The reworked software of machine generation 15 has also sparked the interest. “Our visualization is clear, intuitive and freely configurable.” Where which information is displayed is solely in the hand of the user.


The latest developments of the machine builder have hit a nerve with the expert audience. “We have had many intensive talks so far and are looking forward to more successful days”, the Mahlo officials are highly satisfied.


More news on the ITMA Asia will follow

You can watch our product film of the Orthomax RFMB-15 here

Busi Giovanni S.r.l.

Made in Italy fashion design development for new sock collections

Speaking with many of our most affectionate customers, over the past years, we have clearly perceived their requirements to be also supported in designing new sock collections, new high-end, elegant, classical, technical, sophisticated sock styles, that may then be easily achieved by properly working on our top-quality machines.

Based on that, we have recently decided to offer any of our customers an important additional service, specifically aimed to creating customized sock collections for their own brands. Such service will be provided by one of our internal resources, an Italian skilled and experienced fashion designer with already lots of successful creations behind her shoulders.

Please feel free to consult us for any enquiries and you will be guaranteed extreme confidentiality, as well as a typical Made-in-Italy flair in anything you would receive.



Machine builder takes positive stock after EXINTEX participation

From 2 to 5 October, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG showcased at EXINTEX in Mexico. Despite difficult conditions, which the textile market in Central America has to face at the moment, Mahlo officials expressed their confidence after the show.

“We were able to strengthen our relations with important clients and had many interesting talks”, confirms Areas Sales Manager Miguel Lessel who was on site together with distribution partners Blutec and Tecnoeuropa. Back to the German headquarter he brings a promising project; more are expected to follow. The automatic weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 that detects and removes web distortions has won over the visitors as well as Mahlo’s solutions in process control for a more efficient production. “That’s why we are happy with the course of the show, especially with regard to the slightly difficult market situation.”


The Latin American textile producers have to resist cheaper import competition from Asia. The government supports the sector therefore with different funding programs. Additionally, the growing automotive sector brings new opportunities. “With our modular systems we can find the perfect solution for almost all fields in order to make production processes more efficient and optimize the results.”  

WATWERNEXT MEXICO Y EXINTEX 2018 : tratamiento de aguas en la industria textil

WaterNext se enorgullece de participar en la 21ª EXINTEX que se celebra del 2-5 de octubre en el Centro de Exposiciones y Convenciones de la Ciudad de Puebla.

EXINTEX 2018 tratamiento de aguas en la industria textil

WaterNext se enorgullece en participar en la 21ª EXINTEX que se celebra del 2-5 de octubre en el Centro de Exposiciones y Convenciones de la Ciudad de Puebla. En esta feria convergen proveedores y compradores de diferentes partes del mundo interesados en el sector textil.

Gracias a la tecnología y el “know how” que WaterNext a desarrollado y experimentado a lo largo de más de 30 años en el sector, es posible resolver los problemas y retos que representa el tratamiento de aguas residuales y su recuperación en procesos.

Nuestro equipo de expertos a desarrollado proyectos integrales y personalizados a empresas mexicanas e internacionales instaladas en territorio nacional que producen mezclilla, gabardina, camisería, calcetines, hilatura de costura, entre otros. También han realizado proyectos en diferentes países del mundo donde las exigencias gubernamentales en materia de aguas prohíbe la descarga de aguas residuales, por lo que estos proyectos recuperan más del 95% del agua en sus procesos.

Los contaminantes que resultan de procesos textiles en las descargas de aguas residuales son removidos principalmente con sistemas biológicos de diferentes tipos, los cuales tienen costos operacionales muy bajos en comparación con los sistemas fisicoquímicos, alta eficiencia y cumplimiento de normatividad aplicable como NOM-001-SEMARNAT o declaratoría de ríos más rigurosas, así como parámetros internacionales.

Para cada proyecto se realizan análisis de datos, área de construcción, calidad de agua y normatividad aplicable con el fin de proponer un proyecto viable y duradero. Los resultados de cada análisis se toman en cuenta para el dimensionamiento de sistemas como:

  • Tratamiento Biológico
  • Sistema MBR
  • Plantas de descarga cero y recuperación de aguas residuales
  • Sistemas fisicoquímicos
  • Entre otros

Como sistemas ambientales complementarios se desarrollan proyectos de:

  • Neutralización de aguas residuales alcalinas mediante humos de chimeneas
  • Recuperación de SOSA

Estos sistemas además de mejorar las condiciones del agua residual para su posterior tratamiento generan ahorros representativos en el consumo de químicos como el acido sulfúrico en el caso de la neutralización del agua y la recuperación de SOSA caustica en los procesos productivos de la fábrica.

Para conocer más sobre los diferentes sistemas y tratamientos que WaterNext ofrece navega por la página web o visítanos en los stands 706-811 de la EXINTEX .

Más notas

Desarrollo de proyecto 100% biológico

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EXINTEX 2018 tratamiento de aguas en la industria textil

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Nuevo proyecto Cola de Lagarto

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Nuevo proyecto Fábrica San Martín

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De 15/10/2018 desde 19/10/2018 en National Exhibition and Convention Centre con ocasión del evento Itma Asia 2018, PLM Impianti estará en la Hall 06 Stand C48. Siguiendo la continua innovación, en nuestro Stand estaremos presentando la ultima tecnológica para la industria textil, NWT, textiles técnicos y para el sector de la automoción. Esperamos su visita en nuestro stand para descubrir una nueva generación de máquinas inovadoras.
Estarán a su disposición:
• Luca Ravasio – Managing Director        (luca@plmimpianti.com / +39 335 6345936)
•Renzo Colombino–Sales Manager  (r.colombino@plmimpianti.com / +39 331 7962896)


Mahlo showcases straightening and process control systems at EXINTEX2018 ( 02.10 -05.10 )


Mahlo showcases straightening and process control systems at Exintex

No matter of textile, knitwear or leather: at the Exintex show in Mexico all important branches of the textile industry will come together from 2 to 5 October. The competent audience from all around the world can gather information from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG at booth 706-711 on how they can get the most out of their production processes.

Area Sales Manager Miguel Lessel, who welcomes visitors at the joint booth with Blutec and Tecnoeuropa, knows the special challenges for the Central American market well: “The climate for textile producers has not always been friendly. Especially the cheaper competition from Asia has bothered the sector.” But for the past several years one could see an upward trend. “To pull ahead of the competitors, producers strive to be more efficient and quality oriented. 

Mahlo offers the right solutions to fulfill these goals. The automatic weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 detects and eliminates warping on running web with speeds up to 250 meter per minute. For production that means less rejects and therefore lower costs. End user in return gets high-quality products. Contributing to that is also the Famacont PMC for control of weft thread and course density. People interested can hear all about the operating principle with the help of a demo tower and different web samples at the Mahlo booth. Another big topic at Exintex is process control. The modular system Optipac VMC optimizes drying or fixing processes as well as the processes all around the stenter. Translated to the service life of a stenter, the energy costs amount to roughly 10 million euro. With the right straightening ad control technology, up to 30 % of this sum can be saved. The Mahlo team is looking forward to find the best solutions together with their clients.


LAWER al Tire tecnlogy Expo – Hannover 2019

LAWER al Tire tecnlogy Expo - Hannover 2019

 “LAWER è lieta di annunciare che sarà presente Tire tecnlogy Expo 2019 ad      Hannover dal 5 al 7 marzo.”


Marangoni e Lawer insieme per l’innovazione : 

Marangoni e Lawer insieme per l’innovazione

Nuova tappa nel processo di ammodernamento del reparto mescole all’interno dello stabilimento Marangoni di Rovereto

 “Il Gruppo Marangoni è tra i principali operatori a livello mondiale nel settore della ricostruzione degli pneumatici “

Nel 2015 era stato installato un mescolatore Intermix dotato di rotori compenetranti a distanza variabile; ora è la volta di una nuova unità per la dosatura automatica ‘Supersincro’, di ultima generazione, fornita dalla biellese Lawer.

Il completamento di questo investimento – afferma l’azienda – permetterà di innalzare ulteriormente gli standard qualitativi e la precisione di un sistema di mescolatura all’avanguardia a livello nazionale e internazionale.

“Il settore del pneumatico industriale è caratterizzato dal continuo emergere di nuove esigenze da parte degli utilizzatori finali e da una notevole velocità dell’evoluzione tecnologica – commenta Gianluca Merlo, Direttore Operations Italia di Marangoni -. Questo nuovo salto generazionale per la sala mescole di Rovereto eleverà ulteriormente il livello qualitativo garantito dal nostro stabilimento. L’investimento dimostra inoltre, ancora una volta, come Marangoni rappresenti un riferimento per società orientate all’innovazione dei processi produttivi come Lawer, che mirano a realizzare progetti di altissimo valore tecnologico”.

Fondato nel 1947 a Rovereto (TN), il Gruppo Marangoni è tra i principlai operatori a livello mondiale nel settore della ricostruzione degli pneumatici e nello sviluppo di tecnologie e macchinari per la produzione di pneumatici nuovi e ricostruiti, con 10 stabilimenti e 1.300 dipendenti in tutto il mondo.