Karl Mayer’s Exhibition Full Of Future Opportunities Presented At ITMA ASIA + CITME

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany — July 26, 2018 — At the upcoming ITMA ASIA + CITME to be held October 15-19, 2018, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, Karl Mayer will be present on Stand B 11, H 4, with an innovation show on the mega trends of our time, demonstrating how it is possible to implement such major topics as innovations, digitization and sustainability.

As far as digitization is concerned, Karl Mayer underlines its position as the undisputed number one in the market. For the development of new digital solutions with high customer benefit, Karl Mayer recently set up its own company. Karl Mayer’s new, digital brand will be launched at ITMA ASIA + CITME.

Concerning the topic of sustainability, the company will provide versatile solutions under the motto “Cleaner. Productions“. These include new warp knitting machines which have a lower energy consumption due to their intelligent technology, and application concepts with increased advantages for the environment. One of the highlights will show how it is possible to replace formerly mainly woven articles by warp-knitted textiles as an ecological alternative. An example in this respect is TERRY.ECO for the manufacture of terry articles.

The warp preparation business unit will be displaying a sizing machine with minimum resource consumption. Less demand for water, energy and sizing agents also means less costs and, thus, even more advantages for the customers. The technical core of the machine with focus on the ecological aspect will be presented during the trade fair. Besides, a new direct beamer with improved price-performance ratio will also be premiered at ITMA ASIA + CITME.

For the production of technical textiles, Karl Mayer will be demonstrating comprehensive expertise in Shanghai. Especially in the building and construction industry it is possible to open up new, lucrative areas of application by using textiles produced on Karl Mayer machines. Important keyword here is textile concrete.

Moreover, during the trade fair in Shanghai, Karl Mayer will invite its guests to take part in an in-house show at its plant in Changzhou. Here, the visitors will have the opportunity to see a performance show of the new COP 5 EL equipped with five guide bars, as well as lace raschel machines featuring an excellent price-performance ratio, and new developments in the double-raschel and terry-fabric fields. Besides, the visitors will also have the chance to see market-oriented developments for the warp preparation business, especially for the players in the shirting and sheeting market, and in the denim sector.

In other words: an exhibition full of future chances will be waiting for Karl Mayer’s guests.

Posted July 26, 2018

Source: KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Current trend shoe uppers – Terrot on the road to success

As traditional manufacturer of circular knitting machines, Terrot places great importance on high quality and maximum precision. The wide application spectrum of all Terrot machines ensures fabrics with outstanding characteristics for under- and outerwear as well as technical or home textiles. Terrot’s core competence is the development of modern and innovative technologies, which have been meeting the constantly changing market and customer requirements for 155 years. With a wide range and modern portfolio the German manufacturer is perceived as innovator on the market.

The global knitwear market and especially the demand for knitted fabrics for sportswear are constantly growing. A trend that is on the rise. In order to meet the latest market demands in knitted footwear and sportswear Terrot recently launched several updates.

Im Trend – Rundstrick für die Produktion von Shoe Upper Textilien // Current trend – Circular knitted fabric for the production of shoe upper textiles

Reinforcement for an innovative portfolio

Most recent developments include the new transfer relief model UCC 572-TRE3, especially designed for the knitted footwear market. This technology fits the market requirements for producing advanced shoe uppers providing high productivity and offering maximum flexibility and creativity.

The transfer relief model UCC 572-TRE3 is a newcomer within the Terrot product range. The large potential of this particular model is based on the stitch forming edges, which can produce hole or perforated patterns in combination with continuously designed areas. The model has 2.4 feeds per inch and is therefore at least 50 % more productive than other machines on the market for this application field with only 0.8 or maximum 1.6 feeds per inch.  The 3-way technology in cylinder cam and 2-way technology in dial cam ensure unlimited multi-colored pattern designs.

Due to this specific knitting technology, the model is perfect for designing athletic and innovative shoe wear with a perfect fit. The knitted hole patterned structure giving a lightweight feel and a special designed shape to support active fit. With regard to trends like mass customization the UCC 572-TRE3 together with the suitable design Software “Paint Terrot” realize easy customizable products with a huge profit margin.

Strickkopf der UCC 572-ME3 // Knitting head of the UCC 572-ME3


Conversion kits – Equipped for each production scenario

Another huge advantage is that this machine can be easily converted into a machine UCC 572-ME3. This model was original developed for the production of double jacquard mattress ticking and is one of Terrot’s flagships. Another special conversion kit allows further on the production of special spacer structures, which can be also used in the field of mattress or shoe upper materials. Both machine models offer unlimited numbers of knitted structures and fashionable designs.

Abzieher mit fertig gestricktem Shoe Upper Schuhmuster // Take-down with final knitted shoe upper textile material

Do you want to experience KARL MAYER live at certain events and meet us personally? You will have this opportunity at the following worldwide trade fairs and events. We are looking forward to your visit.

  • Febratex
    21/08/2018 – 24/08/2018


    Brasil / Blumenau
    Stand No 67/68/81/82, Sector 1, Street 6

  • China Composites Expo
    05/09/2018 – 07/09/2018

    China Composites Expo

    China / Shanghai

    05/09/2018 – 07/09/2018


    Usbekistan / Tashkent

  • Exintex
    02/10/2018 – 05/10/2018


    Mexico / Puebla

Highsun and KARL MAYER – a successful team in the direct warping sector

All “yarns” lead to Highsun

Highsun has made a name for itself as one of the world’s largest company groups specialising in the polymerisation and spinning of polyamide and in the production of spandex. The Chinese group focuses on high-quality products and on new innovations. Providing effective support for its end customers in the polyamide and elastane fibre production chain is also important for this synthetic fibre specialist.

The Highsun Group is a modern conglomerate, which combines business operations in synthetic fibres, real estate and financial services under a single umbrella. The synthetic fibre operation employs roughly 5,000 people. The core products include Nylon and spandex yarns, as well as polyamide 6 polymer chips. Highsun also offers one-stop solutions for the textile industry. These include supplying caprolactam as the starting material for the production of polyamide 6, polyamide itself, and spandex, as well as spinning, yarn texturing, direct warping and, last but not least, dyeing and finishing. 40 billion RMB were invested in its subsidiary, Shengyuan New Materials, as a high-end facility for producing caprolactam. This company covers an area of roughly 549,000 m². Its planned annual output is 1 million tonnes and the machinery for producing the first 400,000 t was successfully installed and launched into production in July 2017.

Environmental protection is a top priority for Highsun in all its business operations. Its products are certified in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. They are sold on the domestic market but are also well established globally. Among its customers are textile companies in 30 countries, mainly in Asia, Europe and North and South America.

Experience and expertise in warping

Alongside Shengyuan New Materials, Highsun Warping plays an important part in complementing the range of products for producing polyamide and spandex, i.e. in the processing chain. This arm of the group supplies sectional warp beams of the highest quality to improve the product quality in warp knitting. This is achieved by using high-speed machines and having extensive knowledge and expertise.

Highsun relies on many years of experience in direct warping. An early subsidiary of the company, the GuiFuRen Company, began warping spandex in 1994 using one of the first elastane warping machines supplied by KARL MAYER. In the years that followed, Highsun continuously expanded its research and development operations and improved its product quality. With its high-end, innovative products, Highsun won many customers and set up a number of long-lasting partnerships.

Managers in warp knitting companies were increasingly coming to the conclusion that high-quality warp beams could have a clear, positive influence on their production, but they also knew that extensive experience, technical knowledge and innovative machines were needed. Many warp knitting companies could not meet these requirements, which restricted the development of their businesses.

For this reason, in 2011, Highsun invested in a large number of KARL MAYER’s warping machines for processing warp beams with elastane yarns, and set up its own warp knitting and warping department. Its customers could obtain high-quality warp beams for warp knitting direct from Highsun. Warp knitting companies were keen to exploit this facility, which consequently promoted the expansion of the Highsun Group.

A machine with an impressive performance

20 of KARL MAYER’s elastane warping machines, types DSE HH and DSE 21/21 EC, are currently running in Highsun’s factories. Yarns having counts of from 18 to 640 den can be processed on these warp preparation machines, and beams carrying between 30 and 1,090 warp yarns can be warped. The company also invested in a number of DS 50/32 DNC direct warping machines at the end of 2017 to enable it to produce super-sized beams.

With its flexible and modern warping operations, Highsun can meet the needs of its customers most effectively. Deliveries within the area can be made in less than 24 hours after the order has been placed. This exceptional service and high warp beam quality have impressed many brand names, including Carvico. This well-known warp knitting specialist has been working with Highsun since 2017. The spandex beams are exported directly to Carvico’s factory in Italy and fully meet the stringent requirements of the company’s own quality assurance specifications.

Cooperation that benefits the customer

This Chinese company intends to continue cooperating with KARL MAYER in the future in order to fulfil its obligations as a reliable partner. “Highsun will strengthen and consolidate its strategic cooperation with KARL MAYER in the future. Our company group will continue to concentrate on the production of and research into top-quality polyamide and spandex, as well as high-end products to put us at the forefront of healthy development within the sector,” says Mei Zhen, the General Manager of Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technologies Co. Ltd, one of the companies in the Highsun Group.

As part of this partnership, Highsun employees and their warp knitting customers can attend courses held by the KARL MAYER Academy China. During these training courses, instructors and service specialists at KARL MAYER (CHINA) provide the customers of both companies with useful information on setting up, operating and maintaining warp knitting machines. On 7 May 2018, a four-day course was again held in Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd. Alongside of the warp knitting introduction given by KARL MAYER instructors, the Head of the warp preparation section there, Wang Wenyong, provided additional information by speaking about how to improve the warp quality and on the relationship existing between warp beam quality and warp knitting efficiency. “There is every reason to take part in the courses to enable us to promote the success of our mutual customers,” says Wang Wenyong.

Warping elastane on KARL MAYER’s DSE machines

The DSE HH and the DSE 21/21 EC produce warp beams from elastane and deliver an exceptional level of performance. Their vertical process management system enables even very fine yarns to be processed gently, the freely running yarn permits the machines to be operated easily, and the machines are extremely flexible in terms of the stretching conditions. Stretching of the warp yarns on the beam can be selected from between 15 and 100% and is adjusted in three stretching zones. In the pre-stretching zone, the yarn coming from the creel is stretched by between 50 and 210%. Following this, the yarns pass via a positively driven overrun roller system in an intermediate zone, where they can contract again. In the final stretching zone, the yarn is given its final stretch up to the winding point, and this may be between 15 and 100%.

A camera monitoring system interrupts the machine operation in the event of any yarn breakages. If the machine is stopped at full speed, a sophisticated system for synchronising the brakes guarantees reliable control of the yarn sheet. A computer-based circumference control system ensures that all the beams in a set are absolutely identical.

A Sustainable Improvement of the Production and Efficient Use of the Resources

Brückner presented in Frankfurt a wide range of application examples for Technical Textiles which can be finished on the tailor-made and resource-saving Brückner machines. A great number of special machines for very specific purposes show the competence of the creative Brückner team. The Southwest of Germany is a center for Technical Textiles which amount to about 50 % of the textile production. The family-owned company Brückner, managed in the second generation by the owner Regina Brückner together with her husband Axel Pieper, is just in the right place in Leonberg in Swabia and Tittmoning in Bavaria.

The proximity to textile research institutes such as e.g. the ITV in Denkendorf allows many joint projects and developments which are used in the special machines made by Brückner. Manifold product examples invite to discussions with the Brückner experts. Models of a Supra-Flow BX double belt oven for nonwovens and of the innovative Etro bow-shaped dryer which is particularly suitable for the coating with PVC or adhesives show only two of the machines offered by Brückner for the finishing of nonwovens and foils. In addition Brückner offers very different application systems for the coating of technical textiles and one of them is the Eco-Coat minimum application unit (in the picture). In the Technology Center in Leonberg the customers can develop their own innovations on different machines. Also padders, drying, heat-setting and curing ovens with maximum production capacity and lowest possible energy consumptions and the highest precision in the temperature distribution and air circulation are part of Brückner’s product range. Various cutting and winding machines to give a shape to Technical Textiles of any kind round the product portfolio.

A company strengthens its presence on the market

Successful technical symposium on sizing technology held by KARL MAYER in India, 23.06.2018

KARL MAYER develops groundbreaking innovations for the warp preparation sector and recently presented a number of specially selected systems at a symposium in Coimbatore. The subject of this technical event on 23 June 2018 was the PROSIZE® technology for efficient and ecological sizing – an extremely interesting topic. More than 100 participants from large weaving and textile companies in southern India travelled to the event, mainly from Coimbatore, Erode, Palladam, Madurai and Namakkal. The welcoming address was accompanied by an introduction to KARL MAYER and a traditional lamp lighting ceremony. The main protagonists in this good-luck ritual were the customers, management and sales representatives of KARL MAYER India and its regional agent, A.T.E.

Fig. from left to right: a celebration to mark the start of the symposium with Kevin Socha, the Managing Director of KARL MAYER (H.K.) Ltd., Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, the Managing Director of KARL MAYER India Private Limited, Peter Obrist, Senior Sales Manager of KARL MAYER, Milind Mirkar, the Head of Service of KARL MAYER India Private Limited, Navin Agrawal, the Business Head of A.T.E.’s Fabric Forming Division, Beat Schnurrenberger, the Vice President of Spare Parts in the KARL MAYER Business Unit Warp Preparation and Mr. CT. Valathappan President (operations) VSM Weavess India( p) Limited, Erode

A marked interest in efficient technology

Navin Agrawal, the Business Head of A.T.E.’s Fabric Forming Division, was responsible for presenting the PROSIZE® technology and explained its technical features and advantages over previous technologies. The people in the auditorium were clearly impressed by the 10% lower consumption of sizing agent, the much higher yarn coverage zone in the size box, the higher production rate and increased weaving efficiency – and these features have already impressed the Indian market. In fact, Navin Agrawal was proud to say that more than 30 PROSIZE® machines have already been installed in India and this is likely to increase. This speaker illustrated his speech with statements from users of the PROSIZE® technology, who cited the positive effects on their productivity, costs and weaving performance.

The participants in the event also listened very attentively to Navin Agrawal’s second session on the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS system.

Even greater acceptance on an established market

KARL MAYER has a large share of the market in the south of India and enjoys an excellent reputation among commission sizing and weaving companies. The quality and reliability of the machines manufactured by this global market leader are particularly impressive. Some of the participants in the symposium said that models installed in the region 15 and 20 years ago are still running optimally. Nevertheless, there was a great deal of interest in the new technology. The Regional Sales Manager, Peter Obrist, and his sales colleagues at A.T.E. are expecting to receive a large number of enquires about orders following the symposium. The event was a huge success for everyone concerned.

So wide so good

KARL MAYER wowed a Chinese business delegation with the widest HKS in the world.

On 2 July 2018, KARL MAYER, the number one manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, welcomed a 14-member delegation from China’s warp knitting stronghold Haining, Zhejiang province, with the world’s widest high-performance tricot machine.

The record HKS 3-M has a working width of 280″. Compared to the previously available standards, the width expansion makes it possible to produce webs of different widths with a higher number of webs. This performance impressed the visitors.

The delegation consisted of heads of the Haining Economic and Information Technology Bureau and managing directors of companies in the textile industry and other sectors.

KARL MAYER will be showing an HKS 3-M

German Village Park in Blumenau on stand 67/68/81/82, sector 1, street 6 at Febratex, 21.-24.08.2018

Febratex, the Brazilian Textile Industry Fair, will again take place from 21 to 24 August 2018 for the 16th time. This leading textile machinery will is open to visitors in the German Village Park in Blumenau (SC) and will show innovations for the entire global production chain. More than 2,400 national and international companies will be exhibiting, including KARL MAYER. This global company will be showcasing its Warp Knitting Business Unit on the stand 67/68/81/82, sector 1, street 6, of its regional agent, MBR – Máquinas Têxteis Bernhard e Rampani. One of the first high-speed tricot machines, type HKS 3-M, with a working width of 130″ and featuring the KAMCOS® 2 computer platform, will be on show.

The Warp Preparation Business Unit will also be exhibiting at Febratex 2018 on an infostand showcasing products that can be manufactured on a variety of machines and equipment for producing warp beams.

Scoring points with country-specific machines

For KARL MAYER, Brazil is a market with a long tradition. Many small warp knitting companies are located there, as well as many larger ones that are becoming increasingly well established, thanks to their vertical production strategies and willingness to invest. “We also want to appeal to smaller customers in order to increase the range of products on offer,” says Nelson Da Cruz, a Regional Sales Manager at KARL MAYER. As a result of national protectionist policies, most of the products manufactured in Brazilian warp knitting companies are sold on the domestic market. The market been experiencing a recession since 2015, but this now seems to have bottomed out. “We are hoping for a recovery in the near future,” says Nelson Da Cruz. His expectations are supported by the number of orders placed for tricot machines over the last few months. This Sales Manager hopes to get an even better understanding of the market, so that he can offer his customers new business opportunities. “We must supply products for niche sectors and meet the specific requirements of this country,” explains Nelson Da Cruz, since domestic manufacturers do not focus on mass production, nor are they innovative pioneers. Instead of this, they tend to follow trends in areas that are already well established and where there is no strong competition.

KARL MAYER is also targeting its exhibits at weft knitting companies at Febratex. In Blumenau, an HKS 3-M will be processing elastane to produce a stretch filet fabric for use in sportswear. This product and the performance of the machine are designed to offer producers of weft-knitted fabrics an attractive, alternative technology.