KARL MAYER launches the COP 5 M-EL onto the market

New edition of the five-bar tricot machine

As of autumn 2017, a five-bar tricot machine will once again feature in KARL MAYER’s machine programme. This new machine is designated the COP 5 M-EL, which says a great deal about its origins. It is a “best of both” machine and is the result of combining the latest, most successful technical components and concepts developed by KARL MAYER with those of the former company, LIBA. The basic design of the COP 5 M-EL is the same as that of its predecessor, which was developed by KARL MAYER’s Naila-based competitor, which it subsequently took over. KARL MAYER has incorporated its tried-and-tested modules from its standard range, such as the EL control facility, the KAMCOS® 1 system and the batching unit. The working width of 186″ also corresponds to the current formats of the well established HKS models. The gauge is currently E 28, but a version having a gauge of E 20 will be available at the beginning of 2018. Several enquiries relating to the coarser version of the machine have already been made by the shoe fabric sector. But producers of sports goods, upholstery fabrics, automotive textiles, coating/backing substrates and apparel fabrics should also find the COP 5 M-EL extremely interesting. The electronic guide bar control facility makes the machine extremely flexible and the five guide bars also allow a large number of designs to be produced. For example, if the two guide bars at the rear of the knitting point are used to process elastane in conjunction with using an additional guide bar for the ground, two guide bars are now available for working the designs. These include, for example, multicoloured patterns worked using multicoloured threading arrangements. But attractive designs can also be worked from counter-notation patterns and partially threaded arrangements. Processing trials currently being carried out at KARL MAYER illustrate the design potential of the COP 5 M-EL. “We have developed and worked several lappings and patterns. Throughout all the tests, the machine was operating at a nominal speed and exhibited smooth and stable running characteristics,” said Rainer Kemper, Senior Manager Product Management, with some satisfaction. Samples are available to examine in the Patterns section of this issue, together with the technical details.

The maximum operating speed of the COP 5 M-EL is 1,200 min-1. Like all KARL MAYER’s products, this new, five-bar tricot machine is extremely ergonomic and of the highest quality. Its durability and reliability are also exceptional. Users will also benefit from all the technical support services provided by the company, such as training courses held by the KARL MAYER Academy, advice on technical matters and usage, and rapid service calls if required.


Buonasera a tutti,

Venerdi scorso abbiamo consegnato il nuovo biologico in Global Denim.

Il lavoro finito risulta una meraviglia, in quanto a montaggi e risultati di processo.

Con questo lavoro al biologico, possiamo vantare che tutto il trattamento acque di Global Denim e’ stato realizzato da WaterNext, Torre raffreddamento, chimico-fisico, trattamento fanghi, biologico.

Buenas tardes a todos , 

El pasado Viernes hemos entregado el nuevo biologico en GLOBAL DENIM .

El trabajo ha resultado una maravilla , en lo que respecta al montaje y los resultados de proceso. 

Con este trabajo Biologico , podemos estar orgullosos que todo el tratamiento aguas de GLOBAL DENIM ha sido realizado por WATERNEXT , torre de enfriamiento , quimico-fisico , tratamiento de lodos , biologico.


Felicidades por un nuevo trabajo bien hecho !!!              

EcoWipes invests in Voith-Trützschler’s WLS-technology

EcoWipes is a young, innovative company that has become a leading manufacturer and converter of private label products for the hydro-entangled nonwoven segment. The firm, which is located to the north of Warsaw, was established in 2009 and has now already ordered its third nonwovens production line.

EcoWipes has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability and intensively monitors local and global market trends. In view of the rising consumer interest in biodegradable materials, EcoWipes opt for partners Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith to supply the new production line. The progressive and sustainable WLS (wet-laid spunlacing) concept developed by the two companies for manufacturing wet-laid hydroentangled nonwovens is a perfect fit for the EcoWipes product range. It is ideally suited for producing flushable wipes but also recyclable and biodegradable products. These materials meet consumer preferences for greater sustainability at the end of the product cycle.

The sale of this fifth WLS facility is testimony to the successful collaboration between Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith as established technology leaders in the wet-laid hydroentangled nonwoven segment.

The new production line at EcoWipes is a flexible wet-dry nonwoven facility. Voith is supplying the HydroFormer, one of the main components of the new line. The HydroFormer concept builds on Voith’s long experience in the paper and pulp industry. With HydroFormer technology the suspension is highly diluted, so nonwovens can be produced entirely from cellulose, a renewable and cost-effective raw material.

Trützschler Nonwovens is not just responsible for the hydroentangling, drying and reeling up, but will also supply its latest high-speed card. This flexible configuration enables EcoWipes to produce a broad product range of wet-laid/spunlaced or carded/spunlaced nonwovens.

TAYAL – textile mega project in Algeria


BRÜCKNER supplies the dry finishing lines for stage 1
(Denim, non-Denim, knitted fabric)
A joint venture between the state-owned Algerian companies Groupe C&H, TEXALG, SNTA and the Turkish Group TAY with more than forty years of experience in the textile area, founded to build one of the biggest textile mills of the world. This mega project comprises several stages which will be realized within the next years. The project has far-reaching and multi-purpose aims: Algeria shall become as independent as possible of the textile imports in medium terms and this project will create a great number of jobs. On a ground of about 2.500.000 sqm and with an investment volume of 800.000.000 USD, several vertically structured textile plants will be built in the next years, specializing in various categories of textile end products. What is especially great is that the new company is going to have also a huge internal service and training centre for many new workers.
It was a long way before BRÜCKNER was awarded the contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of so many machines for dry finishing. The coordination team for the project was selected very carefully. The result was a highly experienced and competent crew, compiled with the aim to select the suppliers according to many different criteria and always striving for the highest standards.
First of all, the technological concept, the number and the individual specifications of the required machines had to be chosen. Many meetings and a comprehensive exchange of opinions and experiences led to an optimization of specifications. On the one hand, the machines should allow an easy operation and on the other hand they have to be able to offer many possibilities for automation, quality control and remote maintenance. The selection of possible machine suppliers was made according to three main criteria: productivity, quality of the products and highest possible energy efficiency. In addition, the team focused on the available local service as well as on fast and flexible after sales services.

BRÜCKNER was chosen in dry finishing as best option in all the above mentioned points and could convince the coordinators with a long-lasting and reliable cooperation in the past. As family-owned and family-run company BRÜCKNER imparts trust and confidence in a faithful cooperation in future, too.
The first step of the project has been divided into a Denim, a non-Denim and a knitwear section. The machinery in question are complete, fully integrated production lines for the production of 12 million trousers, 6 million shirts and 12 million t-shirts each year. The scope of supply comprises several stenters, sanfor ranges, thermosol dyeing and highly flexible Denim finishing lines. All these machines are custom-made and are provided with many options.
The preparations to realize the next stage, which comprises the production of home textiles, are already under way.

Press Contact: Verena Ruckh – Head of Advertising & Marketing Department

Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Benzstrasse 8-10, 71229 Leonberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 7152 120 Fax: +49 7152 12 9254
E-Mail: mail@brueckner-textile.com


Damos la mas cordial bienvenida a la Sede del Consulado Honorario  de Italia en Puebla , Mexico .

Nos complace    informar   que  Blutec S.A. de C.V. a   puesto   a disposición del Consulado Honorario  Italiano en Puebla,  una área especifica para su sede.


(circoscrizione: Stato di Puebla e Tlaxcala)

Sr. Stefano STORTONI
Calzada Zavaleta n. 3920, local 2
Col. Sta. Cruz Buenavista
C.P. 72170 Puebla, Puebla
Tel.: (222) 2834.169
e-mail: puebla.onorario@esteri.it


Sr. Stefano STORTONI
Calzada Zavaleta n. 3920, local 2
Col. Sta. Cruz Buenavista
C.P. 72170 Puebla, Puebla
Tel.: (222) 2834.169
e-mail: puebla.onorario@esteri.it


International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, and will next be held in Frankfurt am Main from 9 to 12 January 2018. The first trade fair of the year for its sector, it is a climate and trend barometer for the new business year.

What you can expect at Heimtextil

What you can expect at Heimtextil


Everyone comes to us: Architects, bed retailers, designers, internal decorators, project planners, interior decorators, visual merchandisers.
Discover the trends of the coming season: Our expertly curated Theme Park is the perfect source of inspiration for your next product collection.
Here you’ll meet key decision makers: High-calibre buyers from over 130 countries visit Heimtextil each year.
Big but clearly organised: Exhibitor directories and easy-to-follow signage in the exhibition halls provide excellent orientation.

That was Heimtextil 2017

We took a tour of the halls at Heimtextil 2017 and gathered numerous views on the products, events and special moments. Watch the Heimtextil film, which presents a review of some of the highlights of the trade fair in Frankfurt.


Rotex Fabrics – risen like a phoenix

Rotex Fabrics (Pty) Ltd is a knitter, dyer and finisher of high quality fabrics for fashion and sports-wear, who believe in establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. The purpose built production
facility is situated in the Atlantis industrial area, 50 km north of Cape Town CBD/ South Africa. The company
was incorporated in 1980. Rotex prides themselves in the fact that they are constantly developing new fabrics to
keep up with the ever-changing fashion and technical requirements of their customers. The fabrics are circular
knitted in house, exhaust dyed and then finished in open width. The majority of the fabrics produced contain elastane
with a combination of cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon or acrylic. All cotton/elastane fabrics are bio-polished
using enzymes.

In October 2016 there was an unfortunate fire where the complete dye house and finishing departments were destroyed,
but fortunately nobody was injured. After re-constructing the damaged buildings, the company started
with the installation of the new machinery by the end of April 2017, with the last of the new machines being commissioned
exactly one year to the day after the fire. Three months prior the fire, Rotex started their partnership
with Brückner, and commissioned a new 8-chamber, thermal oil heated stenter to complement the two existing

The Technical Director, Martin Rohner says: “We were impressed with the new machine, as well as the service
and back-up from Brückner, so much so, that when we had to replace the damaged machines, it was an easy decision
to make, with the result that we installed two identical Brückner stenters. The new investment has enabled
us not only to install the latest technology throughout our dyeing and finishing facility, but also to optimise the
plant layout and grow our capacity to meet our customers’ growing need for high quality, fashion forward, quick response fabrics.”
Regina Brückner, Owner of Brückner Textile Technologies states: “It was really a great pleasure for us to support Rotex as fast as possible after this terrible fire. We admired the energy and the strength of the whole company when they re-built the factory. The cooperation with this special and very expert customer was more than agreeable and we are proud that we could convince Rotex of the quality of our machines and of our service.”

From left to right: Sam Schaffer (CEO and shareholder of Rotex), Regina Brückner (Owner Brückner), Siegfried Rohner (Director and Shareholder of Rotex), Martin Rohner (Technical Director Rotex), Axel Pieper (CTO Brückner)



Dispositivos de manipulación modulares automáticos que disponen de cintas de transporte y cintas de acumulación para ocupar solamente el lugar de producción necesario establecido por el cliente.


Dispositivos de enrollamiento y desenrollamiento y máquinas de inspección y medición que aseguran una mayor cantidad de producto de alta calidad en las fases de producción sucesivas.


Máquinas y sistemas de enrollamiento automáticos para rollos, tejido doblado y tejido doblado de precisión, que garantizan una elevada productividad por medio de un exclusivo sistema patentado que cambia automáticamente el ancho del polietileno según las dimensiones del rollo para embalar. 


Sistemas robotizados para la paletización en formas diferentes segun los productos para procesar. 


Sistemas informáticos para el registro de los datos de produccion durante los procesos de inspección y embalaje.


Dispositivos para la manipulación y el embalaje en contenedores de cartón.