Mahlo’s Stephan Kehry delivers a speech at ITTA

India is known for many things: The Taj Mahal is one of the New Wonders of the World, Indian curries are very popular and the many festivities attract people from all over the world to celebrate together.  Technical Textiles cannot keep up with this popularity. Not yet. Just like Germany during the second half of the 20th century, for a big part the Indian economy depends on the textile industry.  And just like in Germany at that time, it is mainly mass-produced goods that leave the production sites in Ahmedabad, Mumbai or Coimbatore. And just like in Germany 40 years ago, local producers of textile web are getting under more and more pressure as far as prices are concerned.


Germany then was able to secure a significant market share thanks to the technical textile sector. The companies that are still operating today have set their course towards functional textiles just in time. Up until now, Germany has remained a market leader in the area of Technical Textiles.

In India a steadily growing price pressure for mass-produced goods is emerging. The country has plenty of experience with textiles. Demand is also sufficiently present. There is also no lack of applications such as road construction, agriculture or tent canvas. But in many places the much needed know-how for realizing these projects is missing.


By now, this know-how is highly in demand. One of the formative intermediaries in this area is the Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA). As the voice of all production facilities interested in Technical Textiles it is their task to pool all the knowledge available for the Indian subcontinent, which is needed for producing these complex goods.


In contrary to mass-produced goods, with Technical Textiles there is only a fine line between “pass” and “fail”. Tolerances are almost non-existent – critical values must be obliged meticulously. Here, the experience of the Mahlo GmbH with measurement and control technology is called for. That is why the Bavarian textile machinery builder was a clear choice to invite to the latest ITTA event.  At the „International Conference on Technology & Machinery Innovations for Technical Textiles“, the modern sensor technology and the innovative interfaces attracted much interest. About 150 participants from science and industry listened to the report of Stephan Kehry, Mahlo’s Area Sales Manager, who emphasized the need  to know and control processes in order to guarantee a satisfying result in his presentation titled „Technical Textiles: Guidelines for a smooth production“.

Especially the different methods of measurement with x-ray or beta emitters caught the attention of the audience and generated many interesting questions. Most likely, the Indian economy will eliminate the current deficits in producing the challenging Technical Textiles quickly, and will soon be able to manufacture high-performance products for construction, agriculture or automotive construction. The possibility that Mahlo systems will be used then is immensely high.



Trade show for Coating & Converting in full swing

In the land of the rising sun, converters from all over the world are meeting right now to discuss the sector’s latest trends. Right in the middle of it: Mahlo GmbH and its honored partner Toyo Machinery Co. Ltd.


At booth 3L-14 in hall 3, the experienced team presents renowned on-line web gauging technology for film thickness, basis weight, density, coating thickness and moisture. The focus therefore is on the quality control system Qualiscan QMS-12. Visitors at the Mahlo booth have the chance to examine the Mahlo sensors Infrascope NIR as well as the sensor Optoscope WLI in detail. Thanks to a special demo-tower, people interested can get an explanation of the sensors’ operating principles by means of several material samples. At the same time the get a glimpse of the clear and user-friendly software visualization.

The trade show team is ready for questions regarding these or other Mahlo systems.


ITMA 2019 forums draw strong industry support – Nonwovens, and chemical and colourant forums unveil key speakers

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas y personas sentadas

7 February 2019 – The world’s leading textile and garment technology exhibition, ITMA 2019, will be complemented by several key forums when it is held in Barcelona in June, two of which are the ITMA-EDANA Nonwovens Forum and Textile Colourant and Chemical Leaders Forum.

Mr Fritz Mayer, President of CEMATEX, said: “As technological developments are happening at breakneck speed, and collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary in a globalised economy, the industry has to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends. Hence, ITMA will be staging several forums to help participants be ahead of the competition curve.

“The forums also offer a valuable platform for various associations and professionals to connect and network with the right players. This is especially important as collaboration and partnerships from research institutions to technology, chemical and raw material providers and users are increasingly more critical to business success.”  

ITMA-EDANA Nonwovens Forum

The Nonwovens Forum is jointly organised by ITMA and EDANA. To be held on 21 June 2019, it will highlight the latest innovations in nonwovens. The theme of the forum is ‘Nonwovens Manufacturing Processes for the 21st Century: More Flexible, More Efficient, More Sustainable’.

Mr Pierre Wiertz, EDANA’s General Manager said: “The nonwovens industry is a bright spark in the textile world. We are glad to be able to collaborate with ITMA to bring these exciting opportunities to visitors who are involved in or have the intention to move into nonwovens manufacturing.”

Providing the latest industry insights will be keynote speaker Mr David Allan, Editor, Nonwovens, RISI (United States). His presentation is titled ‘Global Trends in Nonwoven Processes under Economic and Sustainability Constraints’.

The forum will feature three sessions:

  • Circular economy/challenges & opportunities for processing bio-based & recycled materials on nonwovens machinery
  • Latest trends and innovation in nonwoven processes – including hybrids and composites
  • Innovations in nonwovens technology

In addition, there will be a panel discussion with experts from leading centres of excellence in nonwovens who will exchange their views on the nonwoven processes of the 2030s.

Textile Colourant and Chemical Leaders Forum

The 3rd Textile Colourant and Chemical Leaders Forum @ ITMA 2019 on 23 June will focus on the circular economy and resource sustainability strategy and how innovation will drive future industry success. Launched at ITMA 2011, the forum, is an industry initiative that draws lively participation from dyestuff, colour and chemical professionals from around the world.

Themed ‘Meeting Resource Challenges in the Circular Economy’, the 2019 forum explores how textile chemicals and innovative and cleaner technologies can help create a more sustainable future for the textile and garment industry.

Presentations at the forum are clustered into three sessions:

  • Resource management and Industry 4.0
  • Responding to sustainability challenges with innovation
  • Envisioning the future of the colourant and chemical industry

Chairing the forum is Mr Andrew Filarowski, Technical Director of Society of Dyers and Colourists. He said: “The forum has been an eagerly-awaited event at each ITMA edition as it is an inclusive industry platform that takes in perspectives from all stakeholders of the textile and garment supply chain. Organised by the industry, it allows like-minded industry players to exchange knowledge on the latest innovations and solutions, understand current issues and trends in a global context.”

Speakers confirmed for the forum include Ms Christina Raab, Global Implementation Director of The ZDHC Foundation. She will speak on the role of chemistry for circularity in textile, leather and fibre production. She will also elaborate on ZDHC’s approach and tools to drive the transition and uptake of safer and more circular chemistry, as well as the current state and findings of circular implementation projects from the sector.

Another speaker is Ms Dunja Drmač, Sustainability Officer of the European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX). Her presentation will enlighten participants on resource sustainability and relevant strategies in the journey towards a circular economy.

In addition to the forums, other knowledge sharing activities include the ITMA Innovation Lab. An important element of the lab is the ITMA Speakers Platform where all ITMA exhibitors have been invited to participate. The Platform will be complemented by a video showcase. A new highlight, the ITMA Innovation Video Showcase will provide a new channel for visitors to learn more about innovative exhibits at ITMA 2019.

Registration for both forums is open at itma.com. Details of other co-located events at ITMA 2019 can also be found on the website.

ITMA 2019 will be held from 20 to 26 June at Fira de Barcelona, Gran Via venue. The exhibition will feature over 1,600 exhibitors who will be showcasing their latest technologies and sustainable solutions for the entire textile and garment manufacturing value chain, as well as fibres, yarns and fabrics.


The European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX) comprises national textile machinery associations from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It is the owner of ITMA and ITMA ASIA. Considered the ‘Olympics’ of textile machinery exhibitions, ITMA has a 65-year history of displaying the latest in machinery and software for every single work process of textile and garment making. It is held every four years in Europe.

About ITMA Services
Headquartered in Brussels with a subsidiary in Singapore, ITMA Services is the appointed organiser of ITMA 2019 and future ITMA branded exhibitions. It is managed by professionals with extensive experience in organising ITMA and other major trade exhibitions around the world. It aims to maintain and expand ITMA’s unique selling proposition and relevance to a global audience.

Issued by CEMATEX and ITMA Services


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Colombiatex 2019 superó las expectativas en negocios y visitantes

La feria textil logró 481 millones de dólares en oportunidades de negocios. La meta era 300 millones

Colombiatex de las Américas

La feria se realizó del 22 al 24 de enero del 2019 en Plaza Mayor                                        Foto:   Cortesía delegación Brasil

Por: Medellín


25 de enero 2019 , 10:19 a.m.

Con expectativas de negocios por 481 millones de dólares (la meta eran 300 millones), cerró ayer la versión número 31 de Colombiatex de las Américas, que se realizó en Plaza Mayor.

De estos negocios se proyectan inversiones en compras de textiles con un 42%, maquinaria con un 20%, insumos con un 15%, hilos e hilazas con un 8% y soluciones técnicas 4%, entre otros.

La feria también superó la expectiva en visitantes con las 22.482 personas de 52 países que asistieron a la Feria, destacando la presencia de 14.424 compradores

Celebramos la dinámica positiva que tuvo Colombiatex de las Américas 2019 empezando por el aumento del ticket promedio de compra, el crecimiento de los compradores internacionales y la efectividad de las más de 1.300 citas con los expositores, que fueron concertadas previamente a través de nuestra plataforma de negocios online y que nos permite hoy tener resultados positivos en expectativas de negocios que dan cuenta de la recuperación de la economía colombiana”,

afirmó Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, presidente Ejecutivo de Inexmoda.


De otro lado, en la Rueda de Negocios de Inexmoda, ProColombia y la Alcaldía de Medellín, se generaron negocios por 6,5 millones de dólares a partir de citas de 65 compradores con 170 expositores. 

Los 300 compradores -que llegaron de 21 mercados con los que Colombia tiene un acuerdo comercial vigente- destacaron como siempre la calidad y variedad, demostrando la confianza que tienen en el país como proveedor, y se interesaron por productos y sectores como telas en tejido plano y de punto, elásticos, ropa interior, vestidos de baño, uniformes y ropa de deportiva,

aseguró Juliana Villegas, vicepresidenta de Exportaciones de ProColombia.

Los 300 compradores destacaron como siempre la calidad y variedad, demostrando la confianza que tienen en el país como proveedor.

Para Lorenzo Velásquez, director de transformación y conocimiento de Inexmoda, el valor agregado, más allá de la parte de moda o lo económico, es que cada vez más los empresarios acuden a Colombiatex para enterarse y aprender sobre cómo está el sector y hacia donde va.

“Muchos de los asistentes nos manifestaron que dejaron de ir a las ferias de Europa para asistir a Colombiatex. Y es que una de las novedades que más llamó la atención fue la Ruta de la Sostenibilidad, que hace parte de un pilar de innovación llamado negocio circular o sostenible, que busca visibilizar mediante el sello Origen Colombia, las buenas prácticas sostenibles de los empresarios, tales como el reciclado de productos como el PET y que lo transforman en textiles, y otras que reutilizan el agua eliminando los vertimientos”, indicó Velásquez.

Pabellón del Conocimiento

l al Pabellón del Conocimiento, que es el espacio académico de la Feria, asistieron 8.470 personas de manera presencial y 7.719 vía streaming.

De otro lado, el Foro de Tendencias contó con las últimas tendencias en insumos, textiles y Denim para la temporada Primavera-Verano 2019 y concentró todas las miradas con lleno total en sus 11 charlas. Más de 2.000 personas se actualizaron en este espacio

Fuente :https://www.eltiempo.com/colombia/medellin/colombiatex-2019-supero-las-expectativas-en-negocios-y-visitantes-318990




Lively discussions and new contacts

For four days, the DTG – the leading fair for textile and garment machinery in Bangladesh – is giving the industry a platform for the exchange of information and the sharing of experiences. At booth 511 the Mahlo trade show team welcomes textile experts from the entire South Asian area. The world market leader for weft straighteners showcases together with its renowned sales partner Tootal Quality Resources Ltd.


Are Sales Manager Adnan Andac is happy about the chance to present Mahlo’s latest trends in measuring and control technology to a broad expert audience. Another focus is on energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC. With that, the German machine builder is always keeping an eye on the clients’ demands for an economical but also sustainable and high-quality production.

Visit Mahlo at DTG until 12 January!



Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of measurement, control and automation systems from Germany, participates together with its long-time agency Toyo Machinery Co. Ltd. in the Converting Technology Exhibition that takes place from 30 January to 1 February in Tokyo. Visitors can discover the latest developments of the German technology forge at booth 3L-14 in East Hall 3.

In order to monitor and control web-type products even better, Mahlo has expanded its already broad portfolio of high performance sensors for its quality control system Qualiscan QMS. Mahlo’s clients can benefit from additional options, with which parameters such as coating thickness, basis weight and moisture can be determined. “Our sensors for basis weight measurement, like the Gravimat FMX and the Gravimat DFI has been established in the Japanese market for many years”, says Area Sales Manager Clemens Kaplan. Those products are mainly put to use in the automotive sector and with technical textiles. At Convertech, the experienced trade show team focuses on the complete application range of coating and converting, including nonwoven, textiles, plastic films, papers, ea.  

Visitors at booth East Hall 3 / 3L-14 have the chance to examine the Mahlo sensors Infrascope NIR as well as the sensor Optoscope WLI in detail. The first mentioned measures the absorption of infrared energy and can identify basis weight and moisture at the same time. Due to its very high spectral resolution, the sensors can distinguish between components with similar IR absorption. That allows the highly selective measuring of a specific component or coat without affecting other components. This way, very thin silicon coatings with 0,3 – 0,5 g/m² can be measured easily and precisely.   

With especially thin coats, where other systems reach their limits, the Optoscope WLI is used. With the help of white-light interference phenomenon, the sensor is able to measure varnish coats down to a thickness of 0.4 µm. What’s more, the Optoscope WLI is able to determine even extremely thin coats in the nm range indirectly with aqueous or solvent-based applications on film, depending on the solids content. The sensor’s continuous development guarantees exact measurement results. 

“Thanks to the clear software visualization at the control screen of all Mahlo-sensors, the user has the complete features and results at one glance”, says Kaplan. That way, the operators can analyze the obtained values, make changes if necessary and save data. The trade show team is ready for questions regarding these or other Mahlo systems.


Visit us at ITMA 2019


ITMA is the trendsetting textile and garment technology showcase where the industry converges every four years to explore fresh ideas, effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth. It is a one-stop international sourcing platform for end-to-end solutions across the entire textile and garment manufacturing value chain, from raw materials to machinery and fabrics.

Featuring a wide array of sustainable technologies and solutions, the upcoming ITMA will be held from 20 to 26 June 2019 in Barcelona at Fira De Barcelona, Gran Via, Spain.

ITMA 2019 provides an unrivalled marketplace and knowledge platform. It is expected to feature:

  • 200,000 square metres of gross exhibition space
  • Over 1,500 exhibitors from some 45 countries
  • Visitorship of over 100,000 from about 140 countries

Our stand location: Hall 4, stand A206


Visit us at TECHTEXTIL 2019

Leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens

From 14 to 17 May 2019, international exhibitors will be presenting the entire spectrum of technical textiles, functional apparel textiles and textile technologies at Techtextil in Frankfurt am Main. Texprocess, the leading trade fair for the garment manufacturing and textile processing industry, will take place at the same time as Techtextil.

Our stand location: Hall 3 stand B21