Karl Mayer’s Exhibition Full Of Future Opportunities Presented At ITMA ASIA + CITME

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany — July 26, 2018 — At the upcoming ITMA ASIA + CITME to be held October 15-19, 2018, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, Karl Mayer will be present on Stand B 11, H 4, with an innovation show on the mega trends of our time, demonstrating how it is possible to implement such major topics as innovations, digitization and sustainability.

As far as digitization is concerned, Karl Mayer underlines its position as the undisputed number one in the market. For the development of new digital solutions with high customer benefit, Karl Mayer recently set up its own company. Karl Mayer’s new, digital brand will be launched at ITMA ASIA + CITME.

Concerning the topic of sustainability, the company will provide versatile solutions under the motto “Cleaner. Productions“. These include new warp knitting machines which have a lower energy consumption due to their intelligent technology, and application concepts with increased advantages for the environment. One of the highlights will show how it is possible to replace formerly mainly woven articles by warp-knitted textiles as an ecological alternative. An example in this respect is TERRY.ECO for the manufacture of terry articles.

The warp preparation business unit will be displaying a sizing machine with minimum resource consumption. Less demand for water, energy and sizing agents also means less costs and, thus, even more advantages for the customers. The technical core of the machine with focus on the ecological aspect will be presented during the trade fair. Besides, a new direct beamer with improved price-performance ratio will also be premiered at ITMA ASIA + CITME.

For the production of technical textiles, Karl Mayer will be demonstrating comprehensive expertise in Shanghai. Especially in the building and construction industry it is possible to open up new, lucrative areas of application by using textiles produced on Karl Mayer machines. Important keyword here is textile concrete.

Moreover, during the trade fair in Shanghai, Karl Mayer will invite its guests to take part in an in-house show at its plant in Changzhou. Here, the visitors will have the opportunity to see a performance show of the new COP 5 EL equipped with five guide bars, as well as lace raschel machines featuring an excellent price-performance ratio, and new developments in the double-raschel and terry-fabric fields. Besides, the visitors will also have the chance to see market-oriented developments for the warp preparation business, especially for the players in the shirting and sheeting market, and in the denim sector.

In other words: an exhibition full of future chances will be waiting for Karl Mayer’s guests.

Posted July 26, 2018

Source: KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Terrot is world champion in fine gauge transfer fabrics

The football World Cup is in full progress and everybody is observing the football players on the field. Their clothes and abilities are always under discussion. As manufacturer for circular knitting machines Terrot has a great interest in sportswear and football clothing.

UCC 572-T E24 (Breitwickelabzieher) // UCC 572-T E24 (open width take-down)

 The global knitwear market has strategically developed over the past years. The demand of athletic and sportswear is growing year by year and shows great potential. Until 2020 the share of knitwear fabrics is expected to grow further. The sportswear sector will drive the future growth. New technologies like the transfer technology by Terrot are important to support the positive drive.

 The traditional manufacturer from Germany is known for its modern and innovative technologies, which have been meeting the constantly changing market and costumer requirements for 155 years. One of the latest innovations is Terrot’s UCC 572-T which features the production of fine gauge transfer fabrics up to E24. The model is perfect for production of modern and innovative sportswear textiles and can knit combinations of single and double jersey structures in the upper gauge range as well as hole structures. This transfer technology is so precise that it is possible to influence the clothing characteristics during the knitting process – single knit areas boost breathability and double knits are essential for more coverage and adding texture to the final fabric. Experts call this technology “Body Mapping”, which is particularly of importance for creating comfortable sports apparel of perfect fit and functionality.

Transfergestrick in E24 für Sportbekleidung // Fine gauge transfer fabric E24 for sportswear

 Around the world the UCC 572-T und its fine gauge technology enjoys a high level of trust. Leading sportswear brands, e.g. Nike are convinced of this technology already: Nike goes ahead and supplied different National Teams, like Brasilia, Portugal or England for the football World Cup. Their Nike Vapor Kits are specially crafted by applying this knitting technique, called “Nike AeroSwift Technology”. Compared to standard transfer machines up to E18, Nike emphasizes the new technology is lighter, more sweat absorbent and approximately half the weight of traditional fabrics for sportswear.

 The UCC 572-T is Terrot’s flagship in the production of sportswear and has an excellent reputation on the market. The model convinces from start to finish with its sophisticated transfer technology and before the end of the football World Cup it will be proven: Terrot and the UCC 572-T are already the world champions in fine gauge transfer fabrics up to E24. With regard to the football World Cup Terrot and its jerseys will be World Champions on the field, because both teams – France and Croatia – wear shirts based on Terrot’s fine gauge transfer technology.    


The first week of June we had the pleasure to spend some time with Serena Conti, one of the great designers of the Denim Gallery. Following her victory, she came back at our Creative Area to claim her prize and create her interesting project.

Specialized in fashion design and illustration, Serena was awarded as the first prize winner of the Denim Gallery competition. “Waterloove” e “Boro Texnology” were the concepts that helped her drawing the attention of the jury, composed by some of the world’s greatest denim makers. Reality and Vision are the two different representations of the same story: on one side the reality as a nostalgic and troubled past; on the other side the connection between technology and romanticism.

Serena moved away from these issues – but not from denim – for a greater attention to craftsmanship and illustration. Once again the result was impressive. Indeed, she succeeded in creating a real denim artwork, defined by handmade details and lasered prints.

An intense week where Serena had the chance to create, experience and have fun seeing her project taking shape. The designer’s illustration has been reproduced with the Laser Blaze that imprinted drawings with an oriental style on large denim canvas. Then, Serena personalized everything manually, with brush strokes of flamboyant colors. A story starring sinuous koi carps and fairy mermaids in a modern retelling, for a remarkable achievement made by a great designer.

La primera semana de junio tuvimos el placer de pasar tiempo con Serena Conti, diseñadora de excelencia de la Denim Gallery. Después de su éxito, Serena regresó a nuestra Área Creativa para recoger el premio y dar vida a su proyecto.

Serena Conti, especializada en fashion design, ganó el premio del concurso de la Denim Gallery del año pasado “Waterloove y Boro Texnology” fueron los conceptos gracias a los cuales logró cautivar la atención del jurado conformado por varios productores de la Denim más grande del mundo. La realidad y la visión son las dos representaciones diferentes del mismo recuento: por un lado expone la realidad de un pasado nostálgico y problemático; y por el otro la conexión entre tecnología y romance.

Serena se ha separado de estos temas, pero no del Denim para prestar más atención a la esfera de la destreza y la ilustración. Una vez más el resultado fue admirable, logró dar vida a una verdadera obra de arte del Denim, definiendo cuidadosamente los detalles a mano y las impresiones a láser.

Una semana intensa donde Serena pudo crear, experimentar y divertirse en contemplar su proyecto tomando forma. La ilustración de la designer fue reproducida con el Láser Blaze que ha estampado diseños de estilo  genuinamente orientales sobre grandes lienzos del Denim. Serena sucesivamente ha personalizado todo con pinceladas de colores llamativos. Un recuento que ha visto como protagonista en diferentes sentidos caroe koi y sirenas de fabulas renovadas para un resultado digno de una grande diseñadora.


Tightly spun together with the Chinese nonwoven industry

Leading German machine builder for automatic weft straighteners and online quality control systems Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is showcasing at upcoming CINTE Techtextil from 4 to 6 September in Shanghai. The show is the daughter show of the well-established Techtextil in Germany and is considered to be one of the most important trade fairs for technical textiles and nonwovens in Asia. 

Mahlo informs with its China representative Frank Fei about   the latest developments in measuring and controlling of quality critical parameters within the running web. The centerpiece, almost everything revolves around at the Mahlo booth, is the web gauging system Qualiscan QMS-12. “The tool gauges parameters such as basis weight, thickness or moisture across the entire width”, Frank Fei explains. To achieve this, up to five sensors are traversing simultaneously on sturdy scanners, constantly collecting data and transmit them to the interface. In use are radioactive sources as well as infrared, laser, microwaves and air permeability sensors.  

“At CINTE, we anticipate a strong interest in our infrared sensor Infrascope NIR”, so Fei. Particularly for nonwoven producers in the spun lace industry – an emerging sector in Asia – the sensor is the ideal tool. It measures the absorption of infrared energy while identifying basis weight and moisture at the same time. Those important parameters can be measured and controlled precisely in a spun lace unit. Due to a very high spectral resolution, the sensor can distinguish between components with very similar IR absorption. This capability allows the highly selective individual measurement of a specific component or layer in the web without interference from other components. And all without the use of radioactive isotopes. With the Qualiscan QMS, not only the product quality is improved but also raw materials can be saved.

Visitors at the Mahlo booth can also find out more on possibilities for web gauging as well as technologies for straightening of 


FEBRATEX Blumenau Brasil 21. – 24. agosto 2018
CINTE TECHTEXTIL Shanghai China 04. – 06. septiembre 2018
CAITME Taskent Uzbekistan 11. – 13. septiembre 2018
KTM Kahramanmaras Turquia 27. – 28. septiembre 2018
EXINTEX Puebla Mexico 02. – 05. octubre 2018
ITMA ASIA Shanghai China 15. – 19. octubre 2018
Vliesstofftage Hof Alemania 07. – 08. noviembre 2018


Do you want to experience KARL MAYER live at certain events and meet us personally? You will have this opportunity at the following worldwide trade fairs and events. We are looking forward to your visit.

  • Febratex
    21/08/2018 – 24/08/2018


    Brasil / Blumenau
    Stand No 67/68/81/82, Sector 1, Street 6

  • China Composites Expo
    05/09/2018 – 07/09/2018

    China Composites Expo

    China / Shanghai

    05/09/2018 – 07/09/2018


    Usbekistan / Tashkent

  • Exintex
    02/10/2018 – 05/10/2018


    Mexico / Puebla

Promising product developments in LEISUREE.FASHION from KARL MAYER

Fabrics with style, power and suppleness in their DNA

In the fashion world, the boundaries between the different types of clothing are being increasingly broken down. Garments featuring an unusual hybrid mix of styles are generating good business for textile companies. They are eye-catching on the street and keep machine developers busy. The production machines must also be extremely flexible and KARL MAYER’s LEISUREE.FASHION is precisely that. This multibar jacquard raschel machine produces stretch and non-stretch all-over lace and tapes, as well as light, elegant lace creations catering for the trend towards Chantilly lace. Completely new products, which come somewhere between classic lingerie lace and complex sportswear fabrics, can also be produced.

The configuration of the guide bars on this machine is mainly responsible for the versatility of the machine. The MJ models have one jacquard bar and three ground guide bars for optionally processing elastane, one of which works the stitches

In search of new possibilities

Knitting elastane in the ground is nothing new, but there was little demand for it on the volume-oriented market of the past and also meant that the yarn feed had to be modified. A high level of technical know-how is important. Valentina Krel, who works in textile product development at KARL MAYER, discovered during the course of processing trials that lightweight elastane cannot currently be processed because it is not strong enough. Processing elastane with very high yarn counts in both the ground and pattern bars requires further knitting trials to be carried out in order to be able to fully utilise the speed potential of the machine.

“If our expectations of the trials are met, we will step up our product development in the LEISUREE.FASHION sector significantly. Our customers have already signalled that they are very interested in this,” says Valentina Krel. Her job means that she already has an insight into the machine’s applications and has many new ideas.

Market launch

So far, textile product innovations in the LEISUREE.FASHION sector have been extremely promising. At one of KARL MAYER’s 80th anniversary celebrations, an unusual, stretch fabric for shapewear brands was being produced on an MJ 52/1 S. This fabric is lighter and more feminine than normal fabrics, creates transparent and opaque effects and, with its relief-like, superimposed design, is reminiscent of lace. A dense fabric with a light, two-way-stretch ground produced by the jacquard bar and the stitch-forming ground bar at the rear was also being produced on the MJ 52/1 S. Valentina Krel is currently working on customer trials involving the production of pre-made-up items directly on the machine.