Mahlo booth is buzzing

Since 9 o’clock in the morning, all eyes of the textile world are on the ITMA Asia. At the biggest trade show for textile machinery in the Asian region, renowned key players of the textile supply chain inform about their sector’s trends and innovations for five days. That Mahlo GmbH from Germany could not have wished for a better first fair day.


“From the moment of the opening on it is rush hour at our booth”, says CEO Rainer Mestermann, who is on site with a large Mahlo delegation from Germany. On 80 square meters, representatives of textile producers and finishers gathered information on the latest developments of the market leader for weft straightening and process control. “Especially our product film about the newest version of our pin wheel and roller straightener Orthomax RFMB-15, which can be seen on a 4×3 meter screen, has attracted many visitors”, reports Sales Director Thomas Höpfl. The reworked software of machine generation 15 has also sparked the interest. “Our visualization is clear, intuitive and freely configurable.” Where which information is displayed is solely in the hand of the user.


The latest developments of the machine builder have hit a nerve with the expert audience. “We have had many intensive talks so far and are looking forward to more successful days”, the Mahlo officials are highly satisfied.


More news on the ITMA Asia will follow

You can watch our product film of the Orthomax RFMB-15 here


Machine builder takes positive stock after EXINTEX participation

From 2 to 5 October, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG showcased at EXINTEX in Mexico. Despite difficult conditions, which the textile market in Central America has to face at the moment, Mahlo officials expressed their confidence after the show.

“We were able to strengthen our relations with important clients and had many interesting talks”, confirms Areas Sales Manager Miguel Lessel who was on site together with distribution partners Blutec and Tecnoeuropa. Back to the German headquarter he brings a promising project; more are expected to follow. The automatic weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 that detects and removes web distortions has won over the visitors as well as Mahlo’s solutions in process control for a more efficient production. “That’s why we are happy with the course of the show, especially with regard to the slightly difficult market situation.”


The Latin American textile producers have to resist cheaper import competition from Asia. The government supports the sector therefore with different funding programs. Additionally, the growing automotive sector brings new opportunities. “With our modular systems we can find the perfect solution for almost all fields in order to make production processes more efficient and optimize the results.”  

Mahlo showcases straightening and process control systems at EXINTEX2018 ( 02.10 -05.10 )


Mahlo showcases straightening and process control systems at Exintex

No matter of textile, knitwear or leather: at the Exintex show in Mexico all important branches of the textile industry will come together from 2 to 5 October. The competent audience from all around the world can gather information from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG at booth 706-711 on how they can get the most out of their production processes.

Area Sales Manager Miguel Lessel, who welcomes visitors at the joint booth with Blutec and Tecnoeuropa, knows the special challenges for the Central American market well: “The climate for textile producers has not always been friendly. Especially the cheaper competition from Asia has bothered the sector.” But for the past several years one could see an upward trend. “To pull ahead of the competitors, producers strive to be more efficient and quality oriented. 

Mahlo offers the right solutions to fulfill these goals. The automatic weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 detects and eliminates warping on running web with speeds up to 250 meter per minute. For production that means less rejects and therefore lower costs. End user in return gets high-quality products. Contributing to that is also the Famacont PMC for control of weft thread and course density. People interested can hear all about the operating principle with the help of a demo tower and different web samples at the Mahlo booth. Another big topic at Exintex is process control. The modular system Optipac VMC optimizes drying or fixing processes as well as the processes all around the stenter. Translated to the service life of a stenter, the energy costs amount to roughly 10 million euro. With the right straightening ad control technology, up to 30 % of this sum can be saved. The Mahlo team is looking forward to find the best solutions together with their clients.



Mahlo presentation at Spunlace Nonwoven Symposium in Jiangyin

That the Chinese market for nonwoves has explodes over the last several years is not a secret anymore. There is hardly an industrial branch that is not dependent on products made of the versatile fiber, no matter if it’s the hygiene sector, the automotive or the construction industry. In order to be always up-to-date on the technical developments, the China Nonwoven Association organizes a seminar for Spunlace Nonwoven every year. Mahlo’s China Representative Frank Fei also had the chance to transmit his profound expertise to the expert audience.

More than 230 visitors responded to the invitation to Jiangyin City in the Jiangsu province to exchange and collect new knowledge. Among the participants were the organization’s responsible persons, managing directors and technical leaders from nonwoven manufacturers, R&D people in and equipment providers. For them, Frank Fei presented in detail the sensor Infrascope NIR for measuring basis weight, moisture and fiber content from the wide product range of Mahlo quality measurement system Qualiscan QMS-12. The sensor measures the reflection on infrared energy and determines the requested parameters. It can simultaneously measure two values and is suitable for many materials. Due to a very high spectral resolution, the sensor can distinguish between components with very similar IR absorption. And all that works without the use of radioactive isotopes. In addition to that, Fei compared the results of a basis weight measurement on Polypropylene Nonwoven with beta-radiation and NIR. Furthermore, the expert presented how one can improve product quality and lower costs at the same time.


The highly interested audience engaged in a lively discussion afterwards and many seized the chance to talk about how the spunlace nonwoven production in China can be promoted further.    


Mahlo is satisfied with CINTE participation

From September 4 to 6, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG showcases at CINTE Techtextil in China. At the end, the leading German manufacturer of quality measurement systems, process control and weft straighteners is happy with the show’s outcome. “The CINTE might not be one of the biggest fairs in its sector but the quality of its visitors and exhibitors is very high, especially in the nonwoven area”, says Clemens Kaplan, Area Sales Manager East Asia at Mahlo.


The in-depth conversations, which Kaplan as well as China Representative Frank Fei and its team held, revolved around the possibilities of a more efficient and high-quality production and therefore around the Mahlo Qualiscan QMS-12. The quality measurement system can depended on the type of sensor record important parameters such as basis weight, thickness and moisture. Up to five sensors that traverse on sturdy scanners continuously collect data and report them to the interface. That way, nonwoven and technical textile producers can check and control their product specifications at any time. Due to the broad portfolio of sensors, almost every requirement can be covered during the quality-conscious production of technical textiles and nonwovens.


Especially the NIR sensor based on infrared technology appeals to nonwoven producers because it can measure the two most important parameters basis weight and moisture at the same time. In addition to that, importing the NIR is way easier compared to beta or x-ray sensors because it does not emit harmful radiation and is therefore not subject to radiation protection.


“The nonwoven industry in China is market with huge opportunities”, says Kaplan. The state shows immense growth and ambitious plans in this sector. The overall production of technical textiles and nonwovens is set to be more than 22 million tons and 30 per cent of global production in the year 2020.


Area Sales Manager Stephan Kehry reports his impressions from Southeast Asian Debut

Since the ICE show in Munich had become more and more popular, the organizers have expanded their activity radius to Southeast Asia. The Metropolis Bangkok seems to be the perfect location for the coating and converting industry.


Even if it can take hours until the masses of cars move forward several inches in the city center of Bangkok, distances within Asia are relative. Boarding a plane to get to Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam is often easier than taking a cap in a city. Therefore, it is only consequential that one city can cover an area which surpasses the economic power of Europe. After all, with India and Indonesia two of the most populated countries are in direct vicinity. And everyone around here is hungry for new ideas and concepts.

Over the last few years, the region has emancipated itself from plagiarism and cheap products. Even though tourists can still buy a Rolex for 20€ but the high priced sector is also occupied by now. These are sectors where quality and reproducibility rank before price. And these companies are growing fast and successfully. The incentive: they want to get on eye-level with the European market, which serves as the ultimate reference. Two things are essential here: transparency and reproducible quality.

Both demands are covered by Mahlo’s broad QMS portfolio. With a multitude of different sensors that are installed in sturdy traversing frames, parameters such as thickness, weight, moisture, air permeability and other important values of the production process can be retrieved quickly and easily. These data is uses to build closed control loops with the application machines and can be made available to top management. According to the motto ‘you can only manage what you can messure’ they are the foundation for crucial strategic and operative decisions.

To choose Bangkok for the first ICE trade show is a stroke of luck for several reasons: first, the exhibition center is right next to the Skytrain so visitors and exhibitors can avoid city traffic. In addition to that, Bangkok is a well-established hub and knows how to host a big trade show.


Febratex attracts numerous visitors

Since Tuesday, the Febratex fair in Blumenau, Brazil has opened its gates for an expert audience from all over the world. At the traditional textile exhibition, the signs point to upswing. The show has begun successfully with a pleasingly high number of visitors, Mahlo Head of Sales Thomas Höpfl thinks.


He is on site together with Area Sales Manager Miguel Lessel to present the broad Mahlo portfolio of straightening technology as well as process and quality control. With its systems for detecting and correcting warping on line at almost every application, like the Orthopac RVMC-15, the German machine builder is a world market leader. Especially interesting for the Brazilian market, which has established itself as the second largest producers for denim: the weft straighteners are available in special versions for heavy goods with high strain.

“Mr Lessel and I had some interesting talks about current projects”, Höpfl describes the course of the first exhibition day. That indicates a trend that the market is on the rise after several difficult years. For the next few days, the Mahlo team is looking forward to meet more expert visitors and to discuss the latest developments at the textile market.


Mahlo trainees get degree certificate

The first workday of their career is still present in the minds of the five apprentices from Mahlo GmbH. Now, three or three and a half years later, this chapter is already closed. At the end of their successful training, Mahlo CEO Rainer Mestermann handed every junior employee his or her diploma of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


“Now it is in your own hand what you will do with your professional future. With your certificate diploma, you have the adequate tool.” Mestermann directed these words to industrial clerks Franziska Berr and Tamara Schäffer as well as Kevin Schumacher, Thomas Thaler and Resul Yaylagül, who can call themselves Electronic technician for industrial engineering, mechatronics engineer and industrial mechanics for machine and system engineering from now on. All of them have happy memories of their apprenticeship and are sure to have chosen the right profession. They emphasize the good working atmosphere. “We were allowed to work self-reliantly but could always ask more experienced colleagues or our trainers for help”, says Berr. With Resul Yaylagül, his joy in his profession and his apprenticing company has transferred to his family: in September, his sister will also start her training as an industrial mechanic at Mahlo. “Of course it is positive for us as a company if family members join us. That means we are doing something right”, so the CEO.
Mahlo generally focuses on training young skilled staff. At the moment, the machine builder is employing 26 apprentices, in September, eleven more entrants start and the application period for next year is already in full swing.

In order to make the apprenticeship not only educational but also enjoyable, trainers Eva-Maria Markl and Andreas Beil frequently come up with special activities. These include for example a bowling event or the introduction days for getting to know each other at the beginning of the apprenticeship.


Mahlo staff completes hydraulic lift training

Safety and responsibility for its staff is written in capital letters at Saal based machine builder Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. Therefore, employees regularly take part in trainings and further education that are necessary to fulfill their tasks safely. Six colleagues from production and facility management now have completed training for hydraulic lifts in accordance with DGUV.


“That’s like the driver’s license for lifts”, says Jochen Zellner, commissioner for work safety at Mahlo. For an entire day, Biberger Company with its staff member Frank Bernhardt has come to Saal to train the Mahloneses on-site. First, theoretical lessons were on the agenda, for example about safety regulations, equipment technology and the dangers dealing with lifts. The newly acquired knowledge was evaluated in a test afterwards. Then, the participants could put what they had learned into practice. In addition to lifting, lowering, rotating and slewing, they also practiced working safely at the platform as well as driving. “With this training, all participants got the so-called System-Card as a certificate”, so Zellner. The certificate is valid for five years. After that, a short-term training and another test are necessary.



Mahlo GmbH exhibits at ICE Southeast Asia in Bangkok


At the ICE Southeast Asia, held from 5 to 7 September in Bangkok, industry experts can get an overview of the German machine manufacturer Mahlo’s broad portfolio for quality control technology at booth 118 in hall 106. 

“Apart from presenting concepts on how to save money in the demanding coating and converting market, we’ll mainly listen to the challenges that are being brought forward from the visitors of the exhibition”, says Mahlo Area Sales Manager Stephan Kehry. Consulting the customers and advising them for the right process in order to optimize the entire manufacturing setup is one of the major subjects of Mahlo when it comes to customer partnership. The quality control system Qualiscan QMS-12 is just the right tool for this task. With the renowned on-line measurement and control solution, parameters like thickness, basis weight, density, coating add-on and moisture can be determined. The modular system impresses with a broad portfolio of measuring frames in different sizes and sensors for almost every requirement.

“Southeast Asia is on the turning point towards quality oriented products”, Kehry explains. Whilst commodities with low prices were defining the pace of the market in the past, the requirements now have shifted towards a more quality- oriented focus. This paradigm-shift serves two main targets: first, saving cost by creating a higher efficiency and a better transparency. Second, producing an overall better quality to have a better reputation in the market and finally achieving a higher profit. “Both the points can be easily achieved by Mahlo equipment. And on top of that we can share the experience of a family-owned business with a history of more than seven decades.” For an industry that has started to strike a new path, that knowledge can prove to be substantial. A lot of Southeast Asian companies want to enter the European market. To do so, they have to meet the quality standards for this segment. “It’s our aim to help the Southeast Asian customers meeting these standards. It’s our task to make processes more transparent, to provide close loop systems, to avoid mistakes”. According to the expert, it’s those little deviations from the standard or the goal, which make a difference. For the success in the European market as well as for the individual profit.

The ICE Southeast Asia, as the world’s leading paper, film and foil converting industry Exhibition, is the ideal meeting place for exchanging ideas and discussing the best investments. Always up to date, this year’s event will focus strongly on quality, sustainability and on industry 4.0. And Mahlo is providing valid and proven solutions around these topics already today.