Saal based machine builder invites trainees to bowling night

In about four weeks, an exited new phase in life starts for thousands of apprentices. Waiting for them are new workspaces, tasks and of course new colleagues. In order that all trainees of Mahlo GmbH are able to meet before training starts, the Saal based machine builder invited its eleven newbies together with the more advanced trainees and their instructors to a bowling night in Regensburg.


“A great idea”, thinks Eric Schneider. He starts his training as an industrial clerk in September and is happy that he has already made his first contacts. Because among the motley groups, the job starters were quickly integrated, when the hunt for strikes began at the “Superbowl-Center”. “Knowing some faces surely makes the first days easier”, Bastian Kellner, who has decided on an apprenticeship as mechatronics engineer is sure. Thus, instructors Andreas Beil and Eva-Maria Markl, responsible for the industrial and commercial training, achieved the goal they had set for this evening. “With this event, which we have initiated three years ago, we want to make the start at Mahlo easier and want to strengthen the team spirit”, says Markl. How much that thought is appreciated can be seen by the high number of participants: 34 trainees joined in the trip to the Bowling Center with the specially organized bus.


The bowling night however is not all the machine builder does for its young talents. At introduction days, among other things a factory tour, a little Knigge-lessons for work life and – so that the fun is not cut short – entertaining team games are waiting.


Tightly spun together with the Chinese nonwoven industry

Leading German machine builder for automatic weft straighteners and online quality control systems Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is showcasing at upcoming CINTE Techtextil from 4 to 6 September in Shanghai. The show is the daughter show of the well-established Techtextil in Germany and is considered to be one of the most important trade fairs for technical textiles and nonwovens in Asia. 

Mahlo informs with its China representative Frank Fei about   the latest developments in measuring and controlling of quality critical parameters within the running web. The centerpiece, almost everything revolves around at the Mahlo booth, is the web gauging system Qualiscan QMS-12. “The tool gauges parameters such as basis weight, thickness or moisture across the entire width”, Frank Fei explains. To achieve this, up to five sensors are traversing simultaneously on sturdy scanners, constantly collecting data and transmit them to the interface. In use are radioactive sources as well as infrared, laser, microwaves and air permeability sensors.  

“At CINTE, we anticipate a strong interest in our infrared sensor Infrascope NIR”, so Fei. Particularly for nonwoven producers in the spun lace industry – an emerging sector in Asia – the sensor is the ideal tool. It measures the absorption of infrared energy while identifying basis weight and moisture at the same time. Those important parameters can be measured and controlled precisely in a spun lace unit. Due to a very high spectral resolution, the sensor can distinguish between components with very similar IR absorption. This capability allows the highly selective individual measurement of a specific component or layer in the web without interference from other components. And all without the use of radioactive isotopes. With the Qualiscan QMS, not only the product quality is improved but also raw materials can be saved.

Visitors at the Mahlo booth can also find out more on possibilities for web gauging as well as technologies for straightening of 


Mahlo GmbH showcases straightening technology and more atFebratex 2018                                                                       

Worldwide important manufacturer of knitwear, one of the leading producer and consumer of denim and self-sufficient in cotton production: Brazil’s textile industry can barely be beaten in its diversity. For the various demands, the different sectors have, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG has the suitable systems. These will be presented by the German machine builder at Febratex in Blumenau from 21 to 24 August. At booth 39 – Setor 1 the experienced Mahlo trade show team answers every question on straightening technology and process control.

“The main goal of every textile producer is straight goods. No matter what kind of product you make”, says Miguel Lessel, Area Sales Manager at Mahlo. After all, this is a sign for quality and a requirement of customers. Mahlo proves to be a strong partner for textile producers. At Febratex, the world market leader presents its weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15, among others. Based on experience that goes back to the year 1945, the machine impresses with the latest technology for distortion correction. The modular system combines the functionality of a weft straightener with that of a process control system in one compact device. It automatically ensures a straight-thread product before and after the drying or fixing process and optimises the processes all around the stenter.

Another useful tool, the Mahlo-team is going to present at Febratex, is the process control system Optipac VMC-15. With its support, the manufacturer can measure and control critical parameters like dwell time, thread density or residual moisture. “Our solutions have established themselves as first choice for producers all over the world, who want to ensure high-quality goods for their clients”, so Lessel. In addition to that, the systems help to save raw material and reduce energy costs. Due to the modular combination, even in such a diverse textile market like Brazil, there is the right solution for every customer, no matter if denim or knitwear.

Febratex as mainstay

Inside Brazil, you find everything that you need for textile and apparel production – from fibers to ready-to-wear goods. That’s why Mahlo is interesting and important for many key players. Febratex gives over 2,400 national and international companies the chance to get information on the newest developments and talk about the latest trends.


21 – 24 August 2018 in Blumenau, Brazil

Visit Mahlo at booth 39 – Setor1

For the 16th time, the Febratex trade show will take place in Blumenau, Brazil, for 4 days from Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 August.  Be sure to visit us at booth 39 –Setor 1! In Brazil, we concentrate on web gauging with our Qualiscan QMS-12 and our weft straightening technology with our straightener Orthopac RVMC.

Trends and Innovations

The Brazilian textile industry impresses with numbers that reflect its strength and potential for growth: the South American country is not only the second largest producer and third largest consumer of denim worldwide but also the fourth largest producer of knitwear and self-sufficient in cotton production. In contrast to many other countries, you can find everything you need for textile and apparel manufacturing within Brazil – from fiber to finishing.

It is therefore not surprising that this industrial branch with 29 000 companies and 1,5 million jobs as second largest employer is an important economic factor.

The Febratex shows a representative cross section of the Brazilian textile industry. The trade show is a must for all players in the market. Target audience for the fair is expert visitors, who want to get the latest news on technical innovations in the areas of cutting and sewing, punching, weaving, raw material, machines and applications for dry cleaning, automatic cutting, and printing. They have the chance to get in contact with more than 2400 national and international brands that are distributed to five pavilions at the Vila Germanica Park in Blumenau.   

Miguel Lessel

Miguel Lessel
Area Sales Manager Spain, Portugal, Latin America
Tel.: +49-9441-601-113
Fax: +49-9441-601-166


Exhibition: Febratex Brazil
Mahlo: 39 Setor 1
Country: Brazil
City: Blumenau
Venue: Centro de Eventos Vila Germanica
Date:  21 – 24 August 2018
Open: Daily


            Football game for fun

Right in time with the football world cup’s kick-off, the Mahlo soccer squad was also on the field. The veteran team of FC Hausen was the opponent, 3:1 the final score after 90 minutes. Surely, the colleagues that cheered from the sidelines had an important role in the victory. But most of all, fun and fairness were the main points for the match that was organized by the Mahlo works council. That became also clear, when Mahlonese Franz Ottl slipped on the jersey of the opposing team after an injury of one of their players and became an Hausen substitute. Very much in the spirit of sportmanship, both teams and their fans got together after the game for barbecue and drinks.





At the Plast in Milan Mahlo answers questions about their quality control systems

Live on camera Michel Bruni, CEO of Mahlo Italia and Matthias Wulbeck, QCS Product and Sales Manager at Mahlo give insights on the Qualiscan QMS, the QCS system of Mahlo for Coating & Converting, Extrusion, Calendering, Nonwoven and Textiles.

Preeminent Exhibition for Plastics

The plastics production in Italy set new records in 2017. With a value of 4.5 billion euros, as many as 900 manufactureres employed 14 000 people. The export rate of 70 per cent of all goods shows that Italian plastic is purchased by converters all over the world who require high quality products.

Italian manufacturers of plastics and rubber processing machinery could be pleased with increasing sales to Germany, France and Spain, three traditionally strong markets. A jump in demands was also recorded for Russia with an increase of 109 per cent and for the African market with 22 per cent.

Now the Italian plastic industry is preparing for its most important exhibition. By gathering the whole industrial chain of plastic from raw material to finished products, PLAST is most prominent European event this year for the plastics and rubber industry. Over 1,100 exhibitors have registered, representing more than forty countries.

Get more information on PLAST by visiting

Film & Extrusion solutions from Mahlo

You are welcome to our booth 11 B 121 at PLAST 2018 in Milan, Italy. We will show you the latest technology of non-radiometric coating and film measurement. 

In the international Film & Plastics market we provide renowned on-line measurement and control solutions for film/sheet thickness, basis weight, density, coating add-on and moisture. You will find non-nuclear sensors plus responsive, professional technical support, and the most reliable, well-built scanning platforms in the industry.

Measurement without radiation protection requirements!

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including weight per unit area, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.

Innovative coating & thickness measurement for extruded film!

Have you ever wondered how to measure thin layers and coatings straightforward and accurate? Whoever wants to measure thickness and coating of extruded film precisely can’t get past the quality controls systems of Mahlo!

Our team will advise you personally to all challenges posed by this topic.

Featured Mahlo products at PLAST

Qualiscan QMS 12

qms sensors – details

Gravimat DFI

Basis weight / thickness

Product highlights

  • Intelligent sensor with ultrafast microprocessor for preprocessing measurements
  • Precise measurements as a result of using extremely efficient beta radiation detectors
  • Four temperature-compensation sensors along with air pressure compensation

Customer benefits

  • Non-destructive, continuous determination of the weight per unit area of product webs
  • Highly stable and accurate measurement along with a minimum need to calibrate
  • The DFI allows wider measurement gaps and avoids damage to soft webs or wet coatings

Transmission of beta rays

The weight monitoring and control system measures the weight continuously, without contact, destruction-free and on moving product. The measurement is based on the attenuation of rays from a radioactive isotope through the substrate located in the measuring gap. This attenuation in intensity is an indication of the weight of the product.

The Gravimat uses a target weight to reduce the range of different m2 weights and thereby ensure a more consistent product.

Product highlights

  • Modern construction with intelligent sensors and traversing frames
  • Based on industry standard hardened computers running Windows embedded operating system
  • Components communicate through digital interfaces

Customer benefits

  • Savings in raw materials and/or energy at the manufacturing stage
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Improvement in product quality, especially in conjunction with control

Web process control

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.


NICE TO MEET YOU, MAI – Marketing staff member Stephanie Marchsreiter visits subsidiary Mahlo America Inc.

Marketing staff member Stephanie Marchsreiter visits subsidiary Mahlo America Inc.

Ready for take off

Well, now the time has come: after being almost a year with the department for Marketing and Media Relations, my first trade show visit lies ahead. The NPE in Orlando is my destination, one of the most important exhibitions in the plastics industry worldwide. To get there, a 12 hour journey is inevitable. The trip starts in Munich with a short layover in Frankfurt. The plane ride only takes 35 minutes; I need almost as much time for getting from one gate to the other.  Here, you truly can see that FRA is Germany’s biggest airport. Luckily the flight is on time, so the journey can begin. The ten hours across the pond go by quicker than I hoped and we are already touching down in Orlando. Here, sunshine and 32 degrees are waiting for me. The entry also goes smoothly, a taxi is found quickly, too. Now off to the hotel so that I am ready for NPE the next day…

More on this later… :-)

Welcome to NPE

The Mahlo-Team at NPE

First thing in the morning, I meet all the other Mahloneses:Alan Lavore, the Executive Vice President of Mahlo America Inc., Eric Reber, David Jillson and Frank Fei. Together, we drive to huge exhibition center. The NPE has been in full swing for two days already and lasts another three. The complete plastics industry is meeting here, from extruders over equipment providers to end users. Looking at the rush at the Mahlo booth, you can see that we made a name for ourselves in the US market. Many company key holders have concrete questions regarding their application and the best Mahlo solution for them. The team has its hand full all the time.

Regardless, the Technical Sales Manager Eric Reber takes the time to tour the trade show with me. He explains different production processes to me, where our products come to use, and shows me the booths of our partners and competitors.

But the end of a trade show day doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the day. One evening, for example, we go out for dinner with long term clients in a delicious seafood restaurant. Why not combine business with pleasure?

Visit to Seaworld


Because the last day of a trade show is usually a slow one – some exhibitors already begin to dismantle their booth – Alan Lavore, the Executive Vice President of Mahlo America Inc. – gives me a day off. And what are you going to do in Orlando?

Right! You visit one of the numerous amusement parks. I choose Sea World. The park is a mixture of oceanarium, featuring sea lions, dolphins and killer whales, and theme park with different roller coasters and shows. Riding them is as much fun as watching the fascinating show with their famous orcas.

Is it Flipper?
Posing for some pictures?

Goodbye Orlando – Hello Spartanburg

After exciting days at the trade show, now we are off to the Mahlo America Inc. headquarter in Spartanburg. Are the other colleagues as nice as the ones I already know? How does a typical American workday run? That’s what I’m most curious about. The first question is answered easily with yes! The welcome is warm and friendly, the famous “Southern hospitality” palpable from the beginning. That continues over the next days. I’m included in all lunch plans; furthermore, my colleagues Ann, Mary and Mary make sure to introduce me to Krispy Kreme Donuts. One of the THE sweet sins here in the South.

The work day is – not totally surprising – similar to a German one. Especially after a week at the trade show, everyone has their hands full. Nevertheless, my co-workers have time for my questions: John explains how the service works here, Mike shows me the Pilot Line with which client samples are tested. Everyone identifies with Mahlo and is fully committed to the company, in some instances for more than 20 years. So there surely is enough material for up-coming stories! With so many new impressions, the week flies by, and before I know it, it is already time to say goodbye. I’ve met so many nice and generous people here that I hopefully have not seen for the last time.  

So with this in mind: Take care Spartanburg, see you!



Time lapse videos of our new Qualiscan QMS buildings site

Thank you for visiting our construction site and your interest in our new building. As you can see, we document the construction process with a camera. We feel obliged to data protection and consider transparency in handling personal data very important. That’s why we want to inform you, why we do this and how you can exercise your rights in this case. Opens internal link in current windowFind the relevant information here (only available in German at the moment)



Mahlo employees collect their fitness bandsMahlo employees collect their fitness bands.

Fitness bands for Mahlo employees

Following upon Mahlos 1st Health Day on April 25, Siemens Health Insurance Fund distributed fitness ribbons to Mahlo employees.

During the previous Health Day, Mahlo employees were given the opportunity to individually learn which muscle regions they need to support as part of a back-check. So back problems can be reduced or avoided.

As part of the SBK action “Show Posture!” for a strong back, the Mahlo workers now picked up elastic gymnastic bands with matching instructions. With these flexible fitness bands, everyone can easily perform the exercises that suit them.

“The health day was well received by our employees. In order to further promote the health of our workforce, we are planning similar actions in the future, “says Managing Director Rainer Mestermann.




US trade experts can convince themselves at NPE
Over the last years, Mahlo has established itself as a valued player in the American plastics and rubber market. At the NPE trade fair in Orlando, held from 7 to 11 Mai, industry experts can get an overview of the German machine manufacturer’s broad portfolio for quality control technology. The proficient team of Mahlo America Inc. will be happy to advice. At booth W 71 91, the latest Version of Scanner WebPro XS makes its trade fair debut.

The traversing frame of Quality measurement system Qualiscan QMS is characterized by its rugged and compact design. It is used for many applications on running web – even if space is restricted. The WebPro XS accomplishes product widths from 0, 2 to 2 meters and can host one Mahlo-sensor, which determines important parameters such as layer thickness, moisture or basis weight.

The methods used here are quite diverse. The coating thickness of almost all materials can be calculated with beta, infrared or X-rays, which penetrate the product or are reflected by it. Mahlo has developed a process for thin film utilising white light interference. For these special scenarios, for example when the surface is structured, coarse, very smooth or shiny, Mahlo has developed a special sensor with the Calipro DMS, which acts largely independently of the material finish.

Choosing from this broad range of products, plastic producers can get an individual system designed that fits exactly their demands. If they then have the data of their production line, they know where there is a need for optimization and can react. That saves not only raw material and thereby costs but also enhances the product quality.

Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG

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