Time lapse videos of our new Qualiscan QMS buildings site

Thank you for visiting our construction site and your interest in our new building. As you can see, we document the construction process with a camera. We feel obliged to data protection and consider transparency in handling personal data very important. That’s why we want to inform you, why we do this and how you can exercise your rights in this case. Opens internal link in current windowFind the relevant information here (only available in German at the moment)



Mahlo employees collect their fitness bandsMahlo employees collect their fitness bands.

Fitness bands for Mahlo employees

Following upon Mahlos 1st Health Day on April 25, Siemens Health Insurance Fund distributed fitness ribbons to Mahlo employees.

During the previous Health Day, Mahlo employees were given the opportunity to individually learn which muscle regions they need to support as part of a back-check. So back problems can be reduced or avoided.

As part of the SBK action “Show Posture!” for a strong back, the Mahlo workers now picked up elastic gymnastic bands with matching instructions. With these flexible fitness bands, everyone can easily perform the exercises that suit them.

“The health day was well received by our employees. In order to further promote the health of our workforce, we are planning similar actions in the future, “says Managing Director Rainer Mestermann.




US trade experts can convince themselves at NPE
Over the last years, Mahlo has established itself as a valued player in the American plastics and rubber market. At the NPE trade fair in Orlando, held from 7 to 11 Mai, industry experts can get an overview of the German machine manufacturer’s broad portfolio for quality control technology. The proficient team of Mahlo America Inc. will be happy to advice. At booth W 71 91, the latest Version of Scanner WebPro XS makes its trade fair debut.

The traversing frame of Quality measurement system Qualiscan QMS is characterized by its rugged and compact design. It is used for many applications on running web – even if space is restricted. The WebPro XS accomplishes product widths from 0, 2 to 2 meters and can host one Mahlo-sensor, which determines important parameters such as layer thickness, moisture or basis weight.

The methods used here are quite diverse. The coating thickness of almost all materials can be calculated with beta, infrared or X-rays, which penetrate the product or are reflected by it. Mahlo has developed a process for thin film utilising white light interference. For these special scenarios, for example when the surface is structured, coarse, very smooth or shiny, Mahlo has developed a special sensor with the Calipro DMS, which acts largely independently of the material finish.

Choosing from this broad range of products, plastic producers can get an individual system designed that fits exactly their demands. If they then have the data of their production line, they know where there is a need for optimization and can react. That saves not only raw material and thereby costs but also enhances the product quality.

Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG

Estreno en kelheim: por primera vez, este año se celebra en el centro comercial de la educación y la formación. Hoy para todas las escuelas, mañana pueden pasar entre las 10 y las 15 Nuestro equipo de #mahlo se alegra de vuestra visita! #Ausbildung2019

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Mahlo introduces quality control system for plastics industry at Chinaplas

Chinaplas, the biggest trade fair for plastics and rubber in Asia is expecting more than 3.400 exhibitioners and 150.000 visitors in 2018. The exhibition has become an important meeting point for this industrial branch. The Mahlo GmbH with China Chief representative Frank Fei welcomes the visitors at booth 2 J 13 to present the portfolio of quality and process control systems.

China’s plastics industry is growing fast. Automobile, domestic appliances, agriculture, building, electrical-electronic industry, light industry and military industry are the branches most interested in modified plastics. In the process, the demand for high quality products is constantly rising. For this development, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG has the right answer. With proven “made in Germany” manner, the machine builder offers a quality control systems that allows new standards for plastic producers.

Perfect products must fulfill two conditions: being of high quality and cost-friendly. That can be reached by having the correct composition as well as the predefined parameters. “With the Qualiscan QMS, Mahlo offers renowned on-line measure and control solutions for film thickness, application or moisture of coating”, says Frank Fei. The modular system impresses with a broad portfolio of measuring frames in different sizes and sensors for almost every requirement. “Because exactly controlled and regulated process parameters not only improve fabric quality and plant utilization but also save energy and resources”, so Fei further.

The Qualiscan QMS measures material thickness during production. The methods used here are quite diverse. The coating thickness of almost all materials can be calculated with beta, infrared or X-rays, which penetrate the product or are reflected by it. Also for especially thin films or transparent materials, with which other systems reach their limit, Mahlo has apt sensors available.

If the manufacturer is able to check his specifications, he has already established the basis for his success. Only when the exact values are known can they also be correctly controlled thereby optimising the production processes. At Chinaplas, visitors can learn how to protect the environment and their wallet at the same time.


Mahlo showcases at IndoIntertex and Saigontex

For a long time, the Asian tiger states are trying to tie up with China’s economic success. And in many aspects, they have achieved just that today: Indonesia is probably the most diverse country with regard to ethnic groups. No surprise with 255 million inhabitants spread among the world’s largest island archipelago. If a Muslim Aceh from the West met up with a native from the East that would be much more exciting than a Bavarian meeting an East Frisian.

As exciting is also the situation in the textile market: The internal market alone is huge. Corresponding to that, over the last few decades capacities have been built up whose best years are now almost over. The need for replacement investments is growing every month but the political situation still is an impediment for the clients’ investment plans. Next year, elections are held. Hopes are that those bring the desired safety and that Indonesian investments are not strangled by politics.

The IndoIntertex, held from 4 to 7 April for an interested expert audience, took up those topics: most talks revolved around cost saving and service; with new investments, the price was the main focus. Yet, one could feel that the textile industry is preparing for the moment when the next generation of machines brings a fresh breeze into textile production. And Mahlo with its innovative solutions will be ready for this time.

Updraft in Vietnam 

Quite different are the circumstances in Vietnam: due to cleverly chosen trade agreements the country is in the upswing touristically and economically. Many well-known companies lately have invested in new production sites and continue to do that. One indicator is also the hustle and bustle on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Mass tourism has discovered the exotic country and replaced the backpackers to a great extent. Compared to Thailand or the direct neighbour Cambodia, Vietnam has gotten quite expensive. Rents and real estate prices in the big cities have reached European standards and at some places you pay more for one beer than you do at the “Bayerische Hof” in Munich. Nevertheless, wage costs are still on an attractive level for the Vietnamese textile industry, which make the products extremely valuable for export.

Because of the latest investments, Vietnam is well equipped with modern machines – a lot of them by Mahlo – and therefore can offer high quality products at attractive prices. The success of the Saigontex trade fair confirms this development. The local Mahlo agency Thach Anh Vang, who again has prepared a perfectly organized booth, benefits from that. To ensure the quality of the Vietnamese products in the future, the focus this year lies on process control. Among different sensors, the Optipac system as well as the basis weight management system Famacont PMC is showcased. With those, Mahlo will make a major contribution to Vietnam’s growth.


Mahlo solutions for Egyptian textile market

To search for new potential, to foster business relations and to inform about the latest products: those were the most frequently mentioned aim of the participants of Egy Stitch 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. Our trade fair team and our honoured partner Newtrac Trading were happy about many interested parties at the joint booth.


What ‘getting things straight’ means for Mahlo, the experts explained with the weft straightening technology of the German machine builder. The Orthopac RVMC-15 detects and eliminates warping in running webs quickly and reliably. Years of experience paired with innovative developments have made the Mahlo weft straightener the world market leader in this sector.

At the Egy Stitch, producers, buyers and sellers from Egypt and the Middle East could make sure of the trendsetting technology right at the booth.


Mahlo showcases at Techtextil in Moscow

As of today, the Techtextil Russia has opened its gates in Moscow. Till Friday, everything in the Russian metropolis revolves around technical textiles. Of course you will meet Mahlo here! This year, we invite our guest to our booth FE 110!


Only in 2017 the technical textiles sector in Russia has grown by 7 per cent. This shows the importance the industry has. The Techtextil Russia has established itself as a meeting point for key players of the entire branch. The trade fair showcases technologies for the whole textile chain of production: from raw materials and equipment to apparel for every sector.


From March 20 to 23 experts can discover new applications, identify new markets and exchange experience with like-minded specialists.

Get more information here!


New construction of Mahlo assembly hall in full swing

In November 2017 the first cut of spade took place, today the first steel girders of the new assembly hall of Saal machine builder Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG rise up into the sky. Moving in in the summer is firmly planned. Because up until now, everything is on schedule, production manager Oliver Kastl says.


“The earthworks and foundation work were completed at the end of last year right on time, as well as the building of cable routes.” The mild weather in the first winter months surely was helpful. Now, the steel construction, that is the basic structure of the hall, will be finished. Then base installation, wall covering and the roof follows. “The cold temperature of the last weeks were a challenge, of course”, so Kastl. “But the staffs of Probst Company, that install the girders high up in the air, were not impressed by sub-zero temperatures.” The next big step in the construction plan is the installation of the indoor crane, which will transport heavy parts or complete machines from point A to point B.

But before men and machines can move into their new home, the interior construction for twelve work places in assembly and the offices are made in midyear. Of course with regards to work place ergonomics and environmental protection, as Kastl confirms.

With the modern extension, Mahlo meets the need of an increased demand for measure and control technology in the world market. In addition to that, they want to further strengthen the head quarter in Saal as the only production site.