Mahlo’s Stephan Kehry delivers a speech at ITTA

India is known for many things: The Taj Mahal is one of the New Wonders of the World, Indian curries are very popular and the many festivities attract people from all over the world to celebrate together.  Technical Textiles cannot keep up with this popularity. Not yet. Just like Germany during the second half of the 20th century, for a big part the Indian economy depends on the textile industry.  And just like in Germany at that time, it is mainly mass-produced goods that leave the production sites in Ahmedabad, Mumbai or Coimbatore. And just like in Germany 40 years ago, local producers of textile web are getting under more and more pressure as far as prices are concerned.


Germany then was able to secure a significant market share thanks to the technical textile sector. The companies that are still operating today have set their course towards functional textiles just in time. Up until now, Germany has remained a market leader in the area of Technical Textiles.

In India a steadily growing price pressure for mass-produced goods is emerging. The country has plenty of experience with textiles. Demand is also sufficiently present. There is also no lack of applications such as road construction, agriculture or tent canvas. But in many places the much needed know-how for realizing these projects is missing.


By now, this know-how is highly in demand. One of the formative intermediaries in this area is the Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA). As the voice of all production facilities interested in Technical Textiles it is their task to pool all the knowledge available for the Indian subcontinent, which is needed for producing these complex goods.


In contrary to mass-produced goods, with Technical Textiles there is only a fine line between “pass” and “fail”. Tolerances are almost non-existent – critical values must be obliged meticulously. Here, the experience of the Mahlo GmbH with measurement and control technology is called for. That is why the Bavarian textile machinery builder was a clear choice to invite to the latest ITTA event.  At the „International Conference on Technology & Machinery Innovations for Technical Textiles“, the modern sensor technology and the innovative interfaces attracted much interest. About 150 participants from science and industry listened to the report of Stephan Kehry, Mahlo’s Area Sales Manager, who emphasized the need  to know and control processes in order to guarantee a satisfying result in his presentation titled „Technical Textiles: Guidelines for a smooth production“.

Especially the different methods of measurement with x-ray or beta emitters caught the attention of the audience and generated many interesting questions. Most likely, the Indian economy will eliminate the current deficits in producing the challenging Technical Textiles quickly, and will soon be able to manufacture high-performance products for construction, agriculture or automotive construction. The possibility that Mahlo systems will be used then is immensely high.



Trade show for Coating & Converting in full swing

In the land of the rising sun, converters from all over the world are meeting right now to discuss the sector’s latest trends. Right in the middle of it: Mahlo GmbH and its honored partner Toyo Machinery Co. Ltd.


At booth 3L-14 in hall 3, the experienced team presents renowned on-line web gauging technology for film thickness, basis weight, density, coating thickness and moisture. The focus therefore is on the quality control system Qualiscan QMS-12. Visitors at the Mahlo booth have the chance to examine the Mahlo sensors Infrascope NIR as well as the sensor Optoscope WLI in detail. Thanks to a special demo-tower, people interested can get an explanation of the sensors’ operating principles by means of several material samples. At the same time the get a glimpse of the clear and user-friendly software visualization.

The trade show team is ready for questions regarding these or other Mahlo systems.



Mahlo presents quality control “Made in Germany” at ICE Europe

It’s ICE time again in Munich! From March 12 to 14, 2019 the international leading trade fair for finishing and processing of paper, film and foil draws a professional audience from all over the world. At stand A5-1510 they can discover for themselves the wide range of quality control technology of the German machine manufacturer, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG.

“Manufacturers are not only concerned about sustainability with the manufacturing process and the end product. In addition, coating processes become increasingly demanding to meet the expectations of the customers”, says Mahlo’s Area Sales Manager, Matthias Wulbeck. The expert for quality measuring technology knows: “With the Qualiscan QMS we offer a solution that facilitates new standards to coating operations.” With the renowned on-line measuring and control solution, sensors traverse on stable measuring frames across the entire fabr


ic width and determine parameters such as thickness, basis weight, density, application thickness and moisture. At the same time, they log and control the required features. Depending on the application and the product, beta, X-ray or infrared emitters are used.


Mahlo’s exhibits at ICE 2019

At the ICE Mahlo also presents the measuring bridge Webpro XS, the most compact version of the O-frames. Installation is therefore possible even where space is at a premium. The Webpro XS manages product width from 0.2 to two metres and can accommodate one Mahlo sensor. Depending on the model, it measures key parameters such as film thickness, moisture or basis weight.

Interested parties can observe on special demo towers how exactly measurements are carried out and how the results are presented in a clearly arranged manner. With them Mahlo introduces two sensors from the comprehensive portfolio, which are used especially with complex requirements. The Infralot IMF measures important product specific parameters such as moisture and coating weight by optical analysis of reflected light energy in the near infrared range without contact. Using the Same Spot Technology makes the analysis in parallel possible. Depending on the application, the Infralot IMF is available as transmission or backscatter sensor.

The Optoscope WLI is employed for especially thin coats where other systems reach their limits. The sensor is able to measure varnish coats down to a thickness of 0.4 μm using the white light interference method. With adhesive coats on polymer film measurement of minute applications down to 1 μm is possible. What’s more, the Optoscope WLI is able to determine even extremely thin coats in the nm range indirectly with aqueous or solvent-based applications on film, depending on the solids content. The constant ongoing development of the sensor has ensured that practically no passline effect occurs. This guarantees extremely precise measuring results.

Saving costs and energy

“Especially in the finishing industry, transparent production processes help save cost and increase product quality” says Wulbeck. Mahlo possesses comprehensive experience and a wide range of measuring technologies. Eleven different sensors are available for the Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system using also, in addition to the methods mentioned, beta and X-ray transmission, laser triangulation or light band shadowing. Developing the right concept for nearly any application is the goal. The Mahlo Team looks forward to interesting conversations and questions about the latest development at booth A5-1510


German technology meets Peruvian textile industry

Peru has since long been more than an insider tipp – not only for travelling but also for textile machine builders.  Mahlo’s Area Sales Manager Miguel Lessel therefore has taken the opportunity to take part in a business trip, organized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, to fathom existing activities as well as the market potential of the local textile industry. Together with other representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises he established new contacts. For local producers, Lessel introduced the renowned Mahlo solutions for measuring and controlling textile goods.



The Peruvian textile market with its 5000 years long tradition can not only look back to a splendid past: in the future, the sector will also be an important pillar for its country’s success. Over the last few years, Peru has made a name for itself as popular production site for well-known US brands and designers. High quality production facilities, the proximity to the headquarters – compared to Asian competition – and competitive pricing support the South Americans.


BMWi know Peru’s potential and supports small and medium sized enterprises from the texile machinery sector, to find new business contacts. Expert Workshops, company tours and meetings are therefore part of the trip’s program.



Mahlo collecting money with Christmas initiative

Happy start in the New Year for the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School of Abensberg: Principal Wolfgang Niemitz received a check over 300 Euro from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, which work council chairman Matthias Ziegler handed over on behalf the work council and die entire staff.

During the pre-Christmas season, the machine builder employees filled a donation box installed in their cafeteria with Euro by Euro. The Mahlo work council, who had organized this initiative, was happy with such enthusiasm and rounded up the received amount. They quickly agreed that the donation was in good hands with the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School.

The private “Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum” offers diagnosis-related and differentiated support for children and young adults that extend to support classes, pre-school facilities and child day cares. With the money, they can buy devices and teaching material or finance excursions and school fairs.


Wolfgang Niemitz (3. r.), prinipal of Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School, receives the donation made by Mahlo employees, represented by Yvonne Pieper, Matthias Ziegler, Barbara Ipfelkofer and Andreas Neumayer.





Lively discussions and new contacts

For four days, the DTG – the leading fair for textile and garment machinery in Bangladesh – is giving the industry a platform for the exchange of information and the sharing of experiences. At booth 511 the Mahlo trade show team welcomes textile experts from the entire South Asian area. The world market leader for weft straighteners showcases together with its renowned sales partner Tootal Quality Resources Ltd.


Are Sales Manager Adnan Andac is happy about the chance to present Mahlo’s latest trends in measuring and control technology to a broad expert audience. Another focus is on energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC. With that, the German machine builder is always keeping an eye on the clients’ demands for an economical but also sustainable and high-quality production.

Visit Mahlo at DTG until 12 January!



Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of measurement, control and automation systems from Germany, participates together with its long-time agency Toyo Machinery Co. Ltd. in the Converting Technology Exhibition that takes place from 30 January to 1 February in Tokyo. Visitors can discover the latest developments of the German technology forge at booth 3L-14 in East Hall 3.

In order to monitor and control web-type products even better, Mahlo has expanded its already broad portfolio of high performance sensors for its quality control system Qualiscan QMS. Mahlo’s clients can benefit from additional options, with which parameters such as coating thickness, basis weight and moisture can be determined. “Our sensors for basis weight measurement, like the Gravimat FMX and the Gravimat DFI has been established in the Japanese market for many years”, says Area Sales Manager Clemens Kaplan. Those products are mainly put to use in the automotive sector and with technical textiles. At Convertech, the experienced trade show team focuses on the complete application range of coating and converting, including nonwoven, textiles, plastic films, papers, ea.  

Visitors at booth East Hall 3 / 3L-14 have the chance to examine the Mahlo sensors Infrascope NIR as well as the sensor Optoscope WLI in detail. The first mentioned measures the absorption of infrared energy and can identify basis weight and moisture at the same time. Due to its very high spectral resolution, the sensors can distinguish between components with similar IR absorption. That allows the highly selective measuring of a specific component or coat without affecting other components. This way, very thin silicon coatings with 0,3 – 0,5 g/m² can be measured easily and precisely.   

With especially thin coats, where other systems reach their limits, the Optoscope WLI is used. With the help of white-light interference phenomenon, the sensor is able to measure varnish coats down to a thickness of 0.4 µm. What’s more, the Optoscope WLI is able to determine even extremely thin coats in the nm range indirectly with aqueous or solvent-based applications on film, depending on the solids content. The sensor’s continuous development guarantees exact measurement results. 

“Thanks to the clear software visualization at the control screen of all Mahlo-sensors, the user has the complete features and results at one glance”, says Kaplan. That way, the operators can analyze the obtained values, make changes if necessary and save data. The trade show team is ready for questions regarding these or other Mahlo systems.


9 – 12 January 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Visit Mahlo at booth 820 (main building)

We are looking forward to meeting you at booth no. 820 (main building), a joint booth with our honored partners Tootal Quality Resources Ltd.

Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition

DTG Logo

Bangladesh is the second largest Ready Made Garments (RMG) exporter in the world. Thus, the textile and garment industry is the most important sector of the South Asian state’s manufacturing industry. Each year, Bangladesh exports textiles worth of 15 billion dollars to European chain of stores. Nine percent of all textile imports to Europe come from Bangladesh with rising tendency.

The Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition is the largest of its kind in Bangladesh. Over 35 000 international experts of the textile sector payed a visit to 880 exhibitors. Leading brands take the opportunity to protome their products further on the Bangladeshi market.

DTG showcases new technology, state-of-the-art equipments, materials and services, as well as an excellent avenue for international suppliers and visitors to expand business to the growing market.

For detailed information about the trade show itself please visit the website of the DTG 2019: www.bangla-expo.com/DTG

Mahlo systems for the textile industry

In Bangladesh and the South Asian market Mahlo focuses on straightening technologies with weftstraightener Orthopac RVMC. Another focus is on energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC or the drum dryer control system Atmoset SMT.

Featured Mahlo products at DTG 2019

Orthopac RVMC 15

Distortion correction

Product highlights

  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Operator-friendly
  • Informative process visualization

Customer benefits

  •  Online monitoring and regulation of all relevant parameters
  • Increased productivity
  • High production reliability
  • Optimised process repeatability
  • Documentation of quality
  • Providing a comparative basis for the quality standard
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Short amortisation times

Weft straightening the way it should be

The Orthopac RVMC is the universally employable straightening system from Mahlo for the correction of web distortions for nearly all applications. Available with hydraulic or electrical straightening roller adjustment.

The modular construction allows the system to be configured to meet the demands of changing conditions and requirements.


Mahlo GmbH honors jubilees

Being loyal to the Mahlo Gmbh for ten or even 25 years is what nine staff members of the machine builder have done. Now, in 2018, they have celebrated their service anniversary. The management said thank you for their merits with a small celebration.


“Your experience, your know-how and your commitment are extremely valuable to us”, emphasized CEO Rainer Mestermann on behalf of all executives at the honoring, for that the jubilees came together in the company’s cafeteria for a joint veal sausage breakfast. The honourees are from several different departments of the machine builder, from assembly over sales to engineering. “Together you have achieved a lot and contributed to Mahlo’s success”, so Mestermann further. After all, the employees are the most important pillar of a company. Matthias Ziegler, chairman of the work council, and the responsible managers also congratulated.

In addition to the breakfast, everyone received a small present by the management. For their future, Mestermann wished the jubilees all the best: “Health and of course joy in your profession.”


Their 10th anniversary celebrated Florian Brandt, Lisa Fischer, Dominic Frank, Barbara Ipfelkofer, Bastian Köhler, Stefan Medek, Norbert Thom und Monika Weingartner. For 25 years of service, Thomas Fischer was honored.  


Measure and control technology for Indonesian plastics industry

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”: This is the motto under which the Mahlo GmbH Co. KG showcases at Plastics and Rubber Indonesia from 14 to 17 November in Jakarta. At booth D1-8101 the German machine builder informs about the latest technology in quality measurement and process control.

“Especially in the coating and extrusion sector, transparent production processes help to save costs and to increase the product quality”, Area Sales Manager Stephan Kehry explains. With the Qualiscan QMS, Mahlo offers a measurement and control system that defines parameter such as thickness, basis weight, density, coating thickness or moisture on running web. Suitable for each application, different sensors and scanners are available. The sensors are traversing constantly across the whole fabric width. In doing so, they measure, record and control the required features. Dependent on application and product, beta-, x-ray-, laser- or infrared-radiators are put to use. “We have scanners that can host up to five sensors”, Kehry further clarifies.

Even for special problems in plastics production, where regular measurement systems often reach their limits, Mahlo offers the right solution. For very thin films, for example, the Infrascope NIR is the perfect tool. It measures the reflection of infrared energy and determines basis weight and moisture at the same time. The beta sensor Gravimat DFI is the specialist for determining basis weight of composites. It is not impressed by uneven and fluttering web – often a problem – and produces precise measuring results.

“Our goal is to compose a system that is exactly what the client needs”, Kehry emphasizes. This way, one can reduce energy and raw material while increasing product quality at the same time. “That differentiates the producer from its competition and ensures a significant degree of sustainability.