WaterNext / Orizaba Abril 2018 – Obra en curso ,  proyecto llave en mano de  planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales textiles, la primera etapa de la construcción y el  desarrollo de un tren de tratamiento con la mejor tecnología.


Obra en curso ,  proyecto llave en mano de  planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales textiles, la primera etapa de la construcción y el  desarrollo de un tren de tratamiento con la mejor tecnología.

TRUTZSCHLER – EcoWipes invests in Voith-Trützschler’s WLS-technology

EcoWipes is a young, innovative company that has become a leading manufacturer and converter of private label products for the hydro-entangled nonwoven segment. The firm, which is located to the north of Warsaw, was established in 2009 and has now already ordered its third nonwovens production line.

EcoWipes has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability and intensively monitors local and global market trends. In view of the rising consumer interest in biodegradable materials, EcoWipes opt for partners Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith to supply the new production line. The progressive and sustainable WLS (wet-laid spunlacing) concept developed by the two companies for manufacturing wet-laid hydroentangled nonwovens is a perfect fit for the EcoWipes product range. It is ideally suited for producing flushable wipes but also recyclable and biodegradable products. These materials meet consumer preferences for greater sustainability at the end of the product cycle.

The sale of this fifth WLS facility is testimony to the successful collaboration between Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith as established technology leaders in the wet-laid hydroentangled nonwoven segment.

The new production line at EcoWipes is a flexible wet-dry nonwoven facility. Voith is supplying the HydroFormer, one of the main components of the new line. The HydroFormer concept builds on Voith’s long experience in the paper and pulp industry. With HydroFormer technology the suspension is highly diluted, so nonwovens can be produced entirely from cellulose, a renewable and cost-effective raw material.

Trützschler Nonwovens is not just responsible for the hydroentangling, drying and reeling up, but will also supply its latest high-speed card. This flexible configuration enables EcoWipes to produce a broad product range of wet-laid/spunlaced or carded/spunlaced nonwovens.


Mahlo solutions for Egyptian textile market

To search for new potential, to foster business relations and to inform about the latest products: those were the most frequently mentioned aim of the participants of Egy Stitch 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. Our trade fair team and our honoured partner Newtrac Trading were happy about many interested parties at the joint booth.


What ‘getting things straight’ means for Mahlo, the experts explained with the weft straightening technology of the German machine builder. The Orthopac RVMC-15 detects and eliminates warping in running webs quickly and reliably. Years of experience paired with innovative developments have made the Mahlo weft straightener the world market leader in this sector.

At the Egy Stitch, producers, buyers and sellers from Egypt and the Middle East could make sure of the trendsetting technology right at the booth.


Mahlo showcases at Techtextil in Moscow

As of today, the Techtextil Russia has opened its gates in Moscow. Till Friday, everything in the Russian metropolis revolves around technical textiles. Of course you will meet Mahlo here! This year, we invite our guest to our booth FE 110!


Only in 2017 the technical textiles sector in Russia has grown by 7 per cent. This shows the importance the industry has. The Techtextil Russia has established itself as a meeting point for key players of the entire branch. The trade fair showcases technologies for the whole textile chain of production: from raw materials and equipment to apparel for every sector.


From March 20 to 23 experts can discover new applications, identify new markets and exchange experience with like-minded specialists.

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the Ji truck



On this truck people will be able to discover the new most compact Generation of Jacquards with integrated dwell, and a Linux based controller with a friendly user interface due to the use of icons. Thanks to his low power consumption the Ji has a low ecological footprint.

KARL MAYER successfully participated in the JEC World trade fair in Paris

06.-08.03.2018: Many visitors, valuable suggestions

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH looks back on a successful JEC World 2018. This textile machinery manufacturer joined the leading trade fair of the composite sector in Paris from 6. to 8. March with a well-attended information stand on the topic of multi-axial warp knitting machines and fiber spreading units. „I am very satisfied with the response to our exhibition in Paris. Not only the number but also the internationality of the visitors was good“, concluded Jochen Schmidt, President of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH. Of course, the guests came from Europe but many of them also from China as well as from the USA, India and Turkey. The discussions confirmed already known trends, but they also provided new ideas.

Affordable lightweight components with adequate performance

Numerous conversations during the exhibition were about lightweight solutions with automated production, high reproducibility and well-balanced price-performance ratio. Carbon fibers are still too expensive, and they are only used if the performance requirements do not allow any other option. This was clearly demonstrated by the specific demands for aerospace applications. But even here cost optimization is needed, focusing on the targeted use of dry carbon fiber layer structures as alternative to the cost-intensive prepregs.

Cheaper than carbon fibers and improved in terms of properties, glass is becoming increasingly interesting for many applications, explained Jochen Schmidt. For the glass processing, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH can offer its COP MAX 4. On this multi-axial warp knitting machine it is possible to produce dry glass layers which, according to Jochen Schmidt, are especially in demand by the wind energy market, but increasingly also by the automotive industry.

Another approach to a cost-optimizd manufacture of composites was presented by KARL MAYER with the „VARIO LAYING“ procedure. This innovative method ensures a mechanical and load path-oriented positioning of the carbon fibers just during the production of dry glass layers.

Alexander Wegner from KARL MAYER’s exhibition team and Senior Manager Application Technology, explained that the use of glass is also becoming increasingly interesting for another trend area of the composite industry: namely for thermoplastic applications. He went on to say that in the overall production process, thermoplastic composites made from glass layers are cheaper than duroplastic composites, but for their manufacture they require a special know-how, in particular during spreading. Nevertheless, with its fiber spreading unit UD 700, KARL MAYER is well positioned for the future. „The market is increasingly demanding for glass layers with low surface weights. For this purpose, the glass fibers must be spread as homogeneously as possible. And precisely this brings our technology into play“, concluded Alexander Wegner.

For this applications engineer and his colleagues, the information and ideas gathered during the tradeshow in Paris are a valuable source of inspiration for further innovations with benefits for the customers.

Establishing contacts and showing presence – KARL MAYER’s successful participation in DTG Bangladesh, 08.-11.02.2018 in Dhaka

After four days, the DTG Bangladesh ended successfully on 11. February 2018. This leading trade fair for machines of the textile and clothing industry took place at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka, and had roughly 1,100 exhibitors from 36 countries. KARL MAYER was also among the exhibiting companies; this enterprise belongs to the leading manufacturers of the international textile machine construction. The global player attended the event on the stand of its regional agent, the Pacific Associates Ltd., and was very satisfied with its participation in the trade fair. „We were able to present us and our products, and could make a lot of new contacts“, said Mark Smith, Sales Manager of KARL MAYER’s Warp Knitting Business Unit. In the course of the numerous discussions during the exhibition he noticed the trend towards reorientation to in-house production. A lot of manufacturers who have traditionally imported fabrics for making garments, are now cosidering to set up their own in-house textile production. Warp knitting and, thus, KARL MAYER plays a significant role in their considerations.

The experts of KARL MAYER’s Warp Preparation Business Unit also had interesting and fruitful discussions during the event, mainly with customers who are already operating KARL MAYER machines. As a whole, the company draws a positive trade fair summary.

KARL MAYER is becoming a partner in ADAMOS and will reap the benefits of joining a strong global alliance

As far as KARL MAYER is concerned, digitization is an important driver of growth, productivity and innovation. This manufacturer is one of the innovative market leaders and driving force for innovations in textile machinery building. KARL MAYER offers solutions for warp knitting, technical textiles and warp preparation.

KARL MAYER has now joined the ADAMOS alliance of industrial and software companies as its seventh partner. ADAMOS is a strategic alliance of machinery and plant engineering firms and stands for ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions. This joint venture was set up to tackle Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which are key issues for the future. As part of this, ADAMOS is committed to close cooperation and the exchange of expertise.

According to Arno Gärtner, CEO of the KARL MAYER Group, “Joining the strategic ADAMOS Alliance is the next step in our digitization strategy. ADAMOS brings together experts in mechanical engineering and information technology to help provide high added value for customers. With this involvement we will gain access to an open IIoT environment which is specifically focused on the needs of machinery and plant construction.”

As a pioneer in textile machine building, KARL MAYER pursues a broadly conceived digitization strategy: for one, the aim is to boost productivity within the company’s own added value chain to the customers’ benefit; and secondly, the intention is to develop new market-supporting business models, products and services involving digitization.

Back in November 2017, the company founded KARL MAYER Digital Factory GmbH in order to develop advanced digital competences in an agile environment. And now KARL MAYER Digital Factory GmbH too has taken a stake in ADAMOS GmbH.

This means that the company can access digital skills quickly and develop new digital solutions and services at the speed required.


ADAMOS was founded as a strategic alliance for the future topics of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). ADAMOS stands for ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions. ADAMOS is the first alliance of global market leaders in machinery and plant engineering. The ADAMOS alliance aims at combining the know-how from mechanical engineering, production and information technology to produce a high level of added value and establishing standards for digital production.

ADAMOS is specially tailored to the needs of machinery and plant engineering companies and their customers. ADAMOS offers machine builders an open, manufacturer-neutral IIoT environment based on leading technologies. Every ADAMOS partner smooths its customers’ path to digitization and offers them opportunities to use tried and tested solutions for digitally networked production at moderate expense.

Toyota Industries Issues Senior Unsecured Notes Denominated in U.S. Dollars

Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi, “Toyota Industries”) announced today that it has determined to issue senior unsecured notes denominated in U.S. dollars (the “Notes”) in the overseas securities markets. The key terms of the Notes are described below.

In response to its growing global operations, and to diversify its funding sources in foreign currencies, Toyota Industries aims to gain access to overseas securities markets which encompass a broad universe of investors and to strengthen its funding base by expanding its funding options and broadening its investor base.

  U.S. dollar-denominated
senior unsecured notes due
U.S. dollar-denominated
senior unsecured notes due
1. Issue Amount US$500 million US$500 million
2. Maturity Date March 16, 2023 March 16, 2028
3. Coupon 3.235% per annum 3.566% per annum
4. Issue Price 100% of the principal amount 100% of the principal amount
5. Settlement Date March 16, 2018
6. Offering Method The Notes are being offered in overseas markets mainly in the United States, Europe and Asia. Within the United States, the Notes are being offered only to qualified institutional buyers in reliance on the exemption from registration requirements provided by Rule 144A under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
7. Listing To be listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading


8. Expected Rating AA- (S&P), A1 (Moody’s)
9. Use of Proceeds Toyota Industries intends to use the net proceeds from the offering of the Notes for general corporate purposes, including capital expenditures and investments in research and development.
Note: This news release does not constitute an offer or sale of securities in the United States. The securities referred to above have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”). The securities may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration requirements under the Securities Act. The securities referred to above will not be publicly offered or sold in the United States.