Art, Colors and Technology coming together to explore new possibilities and create something surprising, sustainable, and in an exclusive edition for the New York Denim Days 2018.

Tonello New York Denim Days 2018

This year the NYDD hosts a really unique event featuring the art of Holly Brown (Clockworks Press) and Juan Manuel Gomez (deverazul), using Recycrom dyes (100% derivatived from recycling textile fibers and production waste) produced by Officina+39, and Tonello technologies like Laser Blaze and the All-in-one System that will give life to an unrepeatable and above all sustainable happening.


Together and in real we will print the creations of Holly and Juan Manuel on limited edition T-shirts that will be the result of a totally ecological process.

Inspiring and creating connections between art, colors, and technology to demonstrate that sustainability is not a utopia, or a limit, but a fantastic opportunity to do something great.

In short, technology meets creativity. Again.


Mahlo presentation at Spunlace Nonwoven Symposium in Jiangyin

That the Chinese market for nonwoves has explodes over the last several years is not a secret anymore. There is hardly an industrial branch that is not dependent on products made of the versatile fiber, no matter if it’s the hygiene sector, the automotive or the construction industry. In order to be always up-to-date on the technical developments, the China Nonwoven Association organizes a seminar for Spunlace Nonwoven every year. Mahlo’s China Representative Frank Fei also had the chance to transmit his profound expertise to the expert audience.

More than 230 visitors responded to the invitation to Jiangyin City in the Jiangsu province to exchange and collect new knowledge. Among the participants were the organization’s responsible persons, managing directors and technical leaders from nonwoven manufacturers, R&D people in and equipment providers. For them, Frank Fei presented in detail the sensor Infrascope NIR for measuring basis weight, moisture and fiber content from the wide product range of Mahlo quality measurement system Qualiscan QMS-12. The sensor measures the reflection on infrared energy and determines the requested parameters. It can simultaneously measure two values and is suitable for many materials. Due to a very high spectral resolution, the sensor can distinguish between components with very similar IR absorption. And all that works without the use of radioactive isotopes. In addition to that, Fei compared the results of a basis weight measurement on Polypropylene Nonwoven with beta-radiation and NIR. Furthermore, the expert presented how one can improve product quality and lower costs at the same time.


The highly interested audience engaged in a lively discussion afterwards and many seized the chance to talk about how the spunlace nonwoven production in China can be promoted further.    


Exintex logo
Puebla, Mexico
2-5 October, 2018
These BUSI models are simply unique in the market…
After several years from our first attempts in this specific and binding sector, we have recently…
Busi Giovanni hemos desarrollado la posibilidad, solo con nuestros…
Nos complace informarle de que nuestro modelo…
Combinando la tecnología de doble capa de nuestro modelo de máquina…

125,000th KARL MAYER machine crowns a 50-year partnership with Dong-Jin Textile from the sports shoe industry

One company has hit the ground running – with a milestone machine

Dong-Jin Textile is one of the most well-known players in the sports shoe fabric sector and works for big brand names worldwide. This company has its headquarters in Busan / Korea, and just like sports men and women, speed and agility are what have made it successful – and this manufacturer also demands the same high performance of its production machines. In the spring of 2018, Dong-Jin Textile expanded its production capacity with the acquisition of one of KARL MAYER’s newest machines. This new jacquard raschel machine has been specifically modified and offers maximum patterning flexibility. It operates at a unique speed of 1,200 min-1 and is also special for another reason – it is the 125,000th machine to be delivered by KARL MAYER and is a measure of the company’s high level of success.

This high-speed machine was sent quickly by air on its way to the customer’s site. It reached Incheon Airport on 14th July and immediately went into production, without first undergoing processing trials in the customer’s research department, which had been the original plan.


Always one step ahead

Dong-Jin Textile exclusively manufactures shoe fabrics for the sports industry and is one of the biggest global suppliers in this sector. This company is also one of the biggest in the country’s textile sector. It has a workforce of 600 and also uses a large number of fabric producers acting as subcontractors in the southeast of the Korean Peninsula especially. Dong-Jin Textile owes its success to its exceptional closeness to the market. The president, Woo Chul, Choi, has excellent contacts with the brand names operating in the sports shoe sector, and provides them with textile solutions so that they are always one step ahead. This entrepreneur has demonstrated his pioneering spirit in his trendsetting collections. He has taken new paths with great decisiveness. “I greatly value Mr. Choi as a business partner. He has a phenomenal knowledge about warp knitting. It is amazing that the president of such a company knows so many details about our machines. He is able to make quick decisions and always keeps his word.” says Rainer Mueller. KARL MAYER’s Sales Director for Asia deals directly with the president when handling machine projects. He relies on high-tech machines to produce his innovative textiles – on the machines manufactured by KARL MAYER.

A long-standing partnership

Dong-Jin Textile and KARL MAYER have been working together for 50 years. The company founder, Byung Kil, Choi and his son, Woo Chul, Choi, who now manages the company, have bought more than 250 warp knitting machines – exclusively from KARL MAYER with the support of its long-term partner Illies. The company has invested in high-speed tricot machines, double-bar and jacquard raschel machines as well as warping machines.

The machines are operating in several factories in South Korea and Vietnam. Dong-Jin Textile also intends manufacturing in Indonesia from the second half of 2019. KARL MAYER is ready to give Mr. Choi the utmost support for this new challenge.

Interview statements by Woo Chul, Choi, President of Dong-Jing Textile, on the occasion of the handover of the anniversary machine:

The KARL MAYER Digital Factory completes its leading management

Maximilian Kürig strengthens the management of the KARL MAYER start-up company

KARL MAYER relies on digitalisation, for this purpose the company pursues a broadly structured strategy, and focuses, among other things, on the development of new digital solutions. The necessary competence comes from an efficient network. In March 2018 KARL MAYER joined ADAMOS, an alliance of industrial and software companies. Moreover, in November 2017 this market leader and sector’s pioneer set up its own software start-up company for the development of advanced digital competences. The new member of the KARL MAYER Group, the KARL MAYER Digital Factory, develops groundbreaking digital business models, products and services, representing the future success. „The management relies on the KARL MAYER Digital Factory. This new enterprise is the most important basis for our ability to quickly provide the best digital solutions with maximum benefit to our customers“, says Arno Gärtner, CEO of the KARL MAYER Group.

In July 2018 the KARL MAYER Digital Factory received an additional Managing Director. In the future, Antonia Gottschalk, Head of Digitalisation at KARL MAYER, will be supported at top executive level by Maximilian Kürig. The graduate mechanical engineer is committed to KARL MAYER’s pioneering spirit. „I would like to establish a profitable subsidiary that sets the pace of innovations for software and digital solutions in machine and plant engineering, at the same time giving our customers the certainty to be able to make best use of the chances offered by digitalisation.“ The KARL MAYER Digital Factory is the company’s fourth Business Unit, in addition to Warp Knitting, Warp Preparation and Technical Textiles, and its aim is to ensure the success of the KARL MAYER Group.

To achieve his goals, Maximilian Kürig relies on his staff members. He sees himself as pioneer and wants to be an example for his employees, leaving them enough room for creativity, progress und foresight. Besides, the new Managing Director has gained extensive professional experience in the sector. Over several years he has successfully been managing a lot of software projects in different industrial branches, and he has made a name for himself in the fields of software and innovations. This expert knows how it is possible to successfully establish a digitalisation and software business. „I have accompanied the preparation and implementation of numerous software and digitalisation solutions, and in the course of this I have developed an in-depth technical, sector-specific and entrepreneurial understanding. However, I have also come to know the pitfalls of the topic“. In other words: Maximilian Kürig took over a new position, but he does not break new ground. With his know-how and commitmet, he offers important requirements for achieving the success of the KARL MAYER Digital Factory.

About the KARL MAYER Digital Factory

The KARL MAYER Digital Factory was founded on 3. November 2017, with registered office in Frankfurt/Main. Main aim of the enterprise is a fast and flexible development of new digital solutions, offering perceptible added value for the customers.

The company employs a team of software specialists and technology experts.

It can rely on the sound financial basis, on the know-how and on the capacities of the KARL MAYER Group. The innovative world market leader, KARL MAYER, is the sole shareholder of the young software start-up company.

Contact details:

KARL Mayer Digital Factory GmbH

Carl-Benz-Str. 21, D-60386 Frankfurt

Marlies Müller

Tel.: +49 172 209 2137